William Sinclair [II]

Sibling of Captain Colin R. Sinclair, see the latter’s Family Network page for additional details: http://bit.ly/S6bc1

  • 1. SINCLAIR, William [II], aka ‘Credo.’ Hudson’s Bay Company Chief Factor. Born “in the Service” c. 1798/99; died 12 October 1868 at Brockville, Ontario.

Mary McKay Sinclair, 1863

— spouse possibly McKAY, Mary. Daughter of William McKAY and Josette LATOUR HALDANE. Stanley Hulme notes: “Josette is identified in the Dictionary of Canadian Biography, Volume VI, page 465. According to this reference she married William [McKay], according to the customs of the country, sometime between 1796 and 1807. After William retired she became the ‘country wife’ of John Haldane.”

– or – WADIN-McKAY, Mary. Possibly born c. 1804 to Marguerite Wadin McKay McLOUGHLIN and Alexander [Angus?] McKAY; bapt. 21 June 1823; died 23 August 1893 in Brockville, Elizabethtown Township, Leeds County, Ontario.

2. SINCLAIR, Catherine ‘Kate’/Charlotte. Born c. 1824 at Rainy Lake; bapt. 9 June/July 1827/1828; married  10 August 1842 at Fort George, Columbia District, Oregon Territory [reputedly age 16]; died 1876 at Red River Settlement.

— sp. ERMATINGER, Francis. Edward. Born 1798 Lisbon; died 1858, Upper Canada. Previous marriages: 1823 to ‘Cree woman’ of the Severn District, a daughter was born at Severn and remained there – marrying David Bird in 1841; c. 1826-1831 Cleo, an Okanogan woman, son Lawrence born 1828, a daughter born 1831 died shortly after; 1835 Mary Three Dresses, a Pend d’Oreille [‘Flathead’] woman, a son was born c. 1836, and a daughter, Mary, was born 1838, married Peter Ashley of Montana, and died 1940.

3. ERMANTINGER, Frances ‘Fanny’ Maria. Born on 3 June 1843.

— sp. CRAWFORD, John. ‘of St. Thomas’.

— affair de coeur [CHRISTIE, Alexander Jr.?]

3. [daughter]. Born 1849.

2. SINCLAIR, William [III]. Born 25 September 1827 at Lac la Pluie; married at the Cowlitz Farm, by Dr John McLoughlin; died 30 October 1899 at Fraser Lake BC; buried 3 November 1899 at the same place.

— sp. KITTSON, Eloisa Jemima. Born 1836, daughter of William KITTSON (Born 1792 Lower Canada – died 25 December 1851 Fort Vancouver), a fur trader and militia officer and his second wife, Helene McDonald [daughter of Finan McDONALD, and subsequently married to Richard GRANT in 1845]. Eloisa died in 1927.

3. SINCLAIR, Mary Helen.

— sp. MEDINA, Paul.

3. SINCLAIR, Katie.

— sp. RUDGE.

3. SINCLAIR, James William.

3. SINCLAIR, Elizabeth Margaret. Born 1869; died 1960.

— sp. ACKERMAN, Joseph Whitford.


— sp. KIPPEN, Walter Alexander. Born 1865; died 1949.

3. SINCLAIR, Julia Jessie. Born 1863; died 1946.

— sp. BOWSER, Francis. Born 1857; died 1929.

3. SINCLAIR, Christina Darling. Born 1864; died 1928.

— sp. WATSON, Thomas.

3. SINCLAIR, John.

— sp. ROLAND.

2. SINCLAIR, Mary. Born 1833; married 1849 at York Factory; died 1900.

— sp. CHRISTIE, William Joseph [HBC Inspecting Chief Factor]. Born 19 January 1824; c.1873 “selected by Sir John A. MacDonald, then prime minister of Canada, as one of the commissioners to make the treaty with the Indians of Saskatchewan”; died 22 October 1899. See “Men of the Hudson’s Bay: Old Time Fur Trade Officers of ‘The Great Company’, VII,” The Beaver 3, no. 11 (August 1923): 402, which has a photograph; and “The Christie Family and the H.B.C.: Builder of Two Fort Garrys and His Seven Descendants Gave Total of 238 Years’ Service to the Company,” The Beaver 3, no 11 (August 1923): 417-419.

3. CHRISTIE, Anne Margaret/Marguerite. Born 1852; married 1870 “in an impressive ceremony at the fort [Edomonton]. Malcolm [Groat, her finace] insisted that a Presbyterian minister perform the marriage and the minister travelled on Red River Cart from Fort Garry — another three month journey“; died 1915.

— sp. GROAT, Malcolm Alexander. Born 1836; died 1952. See Lawrence Herzog, “A Man named Groat,” Edmonton Real Estate Weekly, http://bit.ly/4gAv8I.

4. GROAT, Malcolm Forbes. Born 1871; died 1937.

4. GROAT, Alexander Eric. Born 1872; died 1952.

— sp. ECCLES, Anabella Matilda. Born 1866; died 1944.

4. GROAT, John Osborne. Born 1873; died 1917. As an HBC servant he was described as: “Fairly good trader, speaks Cree well & has sufficient education to keep the accounts of one of the minor Posts. Would be useless where he could procure liquor.”

— sp. FRASER, Adelaide. Born 1874; died 1949.

4. GROAT, William Charles. Born 1876; died 1897.

4. GROAT, George Clare. Born 1878.

— sp. MACDONALD, Barbara Young. Born 1884 Inverness, Scotland.

4. GROAT, Nancy Margaret. Born 1880.

— sp. BROWN, Donald.

4. GROAT, Margaret. Born 1882.


4. GROAT, Thomas Anderson. Born 1885; died 1949.

— sp. MOBERLY, Clarissa. Died 1943.

3. CHRISTIE, Lydia Catherine. Born 1853.

— sp. McTAVISH, Donald C. [Chief Factor, Norway House]. Son of Maria MacTavish CAMPBELL (remarried after the death of her first husband), who was the daughter of HBC Governor Sir George SIMPSON.

4. McTAVISH, Edith. Born 1876 Norway House; married 1898; Member of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba 1920-1932; died 1947. “While she appears to have been a fiscal conservative, Rogers was an ardent and successful advocate of the passage of the Child Welfare Act, and its concomitant Mothers’ Allowance Schedule, intended to alleviate child poverty and passed in 1922. A supporter of bills on issues of particular interest to women such as public health nursing, she also supported legislation to give widows increased power over their late husbands’ estates (dower rights), and to incorporate the Winnipeg Foundation, a charitable funding organization. Rogers served as the Manitoba government representative on the Social Welfare Council of Winnipeg, responsible for distributing unemployment relief during the economic recession which followed World War I.”

— sp. ROGERS, Robert Arthur. Born 1862; died 1929.

5. ROGERS, Margaret McTavish. Born 1899; married 1922; 1946 awarded the Order of the British Empire; 1963-1965 Member of Parliament forWinnipeg South. “Her platform included the expansion of technical schools and of retraining programs for workers and the provision of additional financial aid for students. She wanted Winnipeg to participate more prominently on the national scene and to see Canada more active in international affairs. Konantz was the first woman M.P. from Manitoba and one of the four women elected that year.

In 1963 she was appointed to the 18th General Assembly of the United Nations Third Committee on Social, Economic and Humanitarian Problems. In this capacity she helped formulate a declaration regarding the elimination of racial discrimination. Two years later, she was again chosen as a UN delegate. In August of 1963, as part of her parliamentary duties, she toured some of the Indian reservations of Northern Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia.”;

1965 elected as National Chairman of UNICEF and represented Canada when the organization was awarded  the Nobel Peace Prize ceremonies in Oslo, Norway; died May 1967.

— sp. KONANTZ, Gordon.

4. McTAVISH, Grace.

— sp. McCullough, J. [Dr.].

3. CHRISTIE, William Joseph [Dr.]. Born 1856; HBC surgeon at Moose for 3 years; died 1899. See “The Christie Family and the H.B.C.: Builder of Two Fort Garrys and His Seven Descendants Gave Total of 238 Years’ Service to the Company,” The Beaver 3, no 11 (August 1923): 417-419, which includes a photograph.

3. CHRISTIE, John George McTavish. Born 27 June 1857; 1874-1921 HBC Servant; married c. 1918; died 25 May 1930. See “The Christie Family and the H.B.C.: Builder of Two Fort Garrys and His Seven Descendants Gave Total of 238 Years’ Service to the Company,” The Beaver 3, no 11 (August 1923): 417-419, which includes a photograph.

— sp. LEWIS, Lilly Kathleen. ‘Of Brockville, Ontario’; Died 1952.

3. CHRISTIE, James Grant. Born 12 September 1863; HBC Servant 1881-1919; died 1919. See “The Christie Family and the H.B.C.: Builder of Two Fort Garrys and His Seven Descendants Gave Total of 238 Years’ Service to the Company,” The Beaver 3, no 11 (August 1923): 417-419, which includes a photograph.

— sp. Isabelle. Died 1929, possibly in  in Sorrento, Florida.

4. CHRISTIE, Ida. Died 1926.

4. CHRISTIE, Ronald. Born 1891; died 1972.

— sp. FORSTER, Lillian Grace. Born 1894; died 1988.

3. CHRISTIE, Charles Thomas. Born 4 December 1865; died 25 February 1944. See “The Christie Family and the H.B.C.: Builder of Two Fort Garrys and His Seven Descendants Gave Total of 238 Years’ Service to the Company,” The Beaver 3, no 11 (August 1923): 417-419, which includes a photograph.

— sp. McSWAIN, Nellie. Died 1918.

4. CHRISTIE, Sybil Grace. Born 1911; died 1986.

— sp. HUGHES, Leslie Michael. Died 1987.

4. CHRISTIE, John Charles Grant. Born 1914; died 1941.

— sp. WALKDEN, Doreen.

— sp. CAPAZO, Augustine. Died 1918.

4. CHRISTIE, Edith. Born 1918.

— sp. BENDER, William Joseph. Died 1969.

3. CHRISTIE, Mary Anne. Born 1859; died 1865.

2. SINCLAIR, Maria. Born c. 1832/33; registered 1878 as a ‘Halfbreed’ head of household, widowed (although some lists indicate her former husband had remarried); died 1902.

— sp. CALDER, William. Born c. 1838/1840, baptized 15 November 1840 Edmonton House, son of Peter CALDER (who was born 1799, son of James CALDER and Nancy LINDSAY) and his 2d wife, Louise GABOIS dit BOUSQUET (Peter’s 1st wife was Marguerite CASSINO, a First Nations woman,  and his 3d wife was Isabelle Lussier); William reputedly married a second time to Marie Madeleine Betsy HAMELIN; William was posthumously recorded as a ‘Halfbreed’ 1878.

3. CALDER, William Alexander. Born 1852; baptized 10 October 1853 St, John’s.

— sp. L’HIRONDELLE, Madeleine. Born 1858/1859 St. Albert, daughter of Joseph L’HIRONDELLE dit NESOTEW and Marguerite NEPISSING; married 1875/1876 Edmonton; residing at Slave Lake, and applied for Halfbreed Scrip in Calgary 1885 .

4. CALDER, Catherine. Born 24 December 1875.

— sp. BALLENDINE, Henry Budd. Son of Robert BALLENDEN and Flora BUDD.

4. CALDER, William. Born/baptized 15 April 1879, St. Albert.

4. CALDER, John. Born/baptized 10 January 1881 Edmonton.

?4. CALDER, Henrietta. Born c. 1882, Lac Ste. Anne; baptized 7 January 1882; married August 1895 St. Albert.

— sp. PETIT-COUTEAU, John. Son of Sti-i-nie PETIT-COUTEAU and Margeurite a First Nations woman.

4. CALDER, Mary Victoria?. Born 8 June 1883/1884; baptized 1 July 1884, St. Mary’s, Calgary.

4. CALDER, Flora. Born 18 January 1885, Lesser Slave Lake; died 9 January 1896, St. Albert; buried 10 January 1896 St. Albert.

4. CALDER, Marie Victorie?. Born 15 June 1885.

4. CALDER, Margaret. Born 13 December 1887.

4. CALDER, Mathilda. Born 21 April 1890; died 21 March 1894. 

4. CALDER, Amelia. Born 24 May 1892.

4. CALDER, James Alfred. Born 21 March 1894.

?4. CALDER, Jacques. Born 1895.

John Calder, 1863

3. CALDER, John James [John Sinclair?]. Born 1855.

?– sp. PICHE/KENDWATCH, Jane. Died 1892.

?4. CALDER, James. Born 1891.

?4. CALDER, John Edwin. Born 1883; died 1885.

?4. CALDER, Mary. Born 1885.

3. CALDER, Catherine ‘Kate’ Sinclair. Born 14 September 1860 Lake St. Anne; died 3 September 1872; buried St. Andrews.

3. CALDER, Mary Margaret. Born 14 April 1861/1862/1863; baptized 14 June 1863 St. Joachim, Fort Edmonton; married 22 August 1882 Battleford; died 30 November 1944.

— sp. PARKER, William [Staff Sergeant; Inspector]. Born 15 August 1853 New Romney, Kent, England; “He joined the NWMP in 1874 and was posted to Fort Macleod October 23, 1876 where he accompanied The Treaty Commissioners to Blackfoot Crossing for the signing of Treaty No. 7. He married Mary Margaret Calder, a Metis girl, in August 1882, and they had three children, Maud, Gordon Sinclair, and Reginald John. In 1905, as Inspector, he was transferred to Medicine Hat to take charge of the District of Southern Saskatchewan and Alberta. Upon retirement he opened a Real Estate and Insurance office. He died 16 May, 1945 and was buried beside his wife Mary in Medicine Hats Hillside Cemetery.” See “Pioneer Profiles, P,” http://bit.ly/SaFHe.

4. PARKER, Edith Maude.

4. PARKER, Gordon Sinclair.

4. PARKER, Reginald John.

2. SINCLAIR, John. Born 5 October 1836 at Fort Frances; bapt. 29 November 1836; married 1859 at Fort Pitt; died 24 August 1913 Edmonton, Alberta.

— sp. ROWLAND, Elizabeth ‘Betsy’. Born 1841 Charlton House; died 25 March 1923 Edmonton District. Daughter of William ROWLAND Jr. (born 27 October 1799 in Greeny Banks, Birsay, Orkney; married 21 August 1838 Norway House [country marriage was in 1812 at Cumberland House]; died November 1873 at Fort des Prairie), and Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ BALLENDINE/BALLENDEN (born c. 1805 at Cumberland House; died 7 July 1894 Edmonton District.

3. SINCLAIR, John. Born 1864; died 1864.

2. SINCLAIR, Alexander. Born 1840; died 1882.

— sp. Caroline.

3. SINCLAIR, Alexander Gordon.

2. SINCLAIR, James Nicol. Born 1843/1844 Ontario; HBC Servant; 2d marriage c. 1880; died 1908. The 1891 Green Lake Census lists among the people in James’ household: ‘Sussette’ age 47, married, wife to James; their children [see below]; Eliza Merasty age 18, lodger; Mary Merasty age 14, lodger; and hunter Basil Deroche, widower, age 50, lodger.

— sp. DUROCHER-MIRASTY, Josephte. Reputedly her first marriage was to Bazil MERASTY, and she took treaty in the Green Lake adhesion to Treaty Six. According to Scrip records, Bazil/Basile and Josephte had several children prior to his death, among them: Francoise MERASTE (born 6 July 1875 at Green Lake; died 26 October 1885 at Ile a la Crosse); Marie MERASTE (born August 1877 at Green Lake, who married Moise PEE-KAH-KEW/KEE-KAHKEW).

3. SINCLAIR, John. Born 1880/1881.

3. SINCLAIR, Catherine. Born 1882.

3. SINCLAIR, Flora. Born 1883.

3. SINCLAIR, Rosa. Born 1885.

3. SINCLAIR, George. Born 1886/7.

— sp. KENNEDY, Katherine.

4. SINCLAIR, Alfred. Born 1912; died 1960.

— sp. LALIBERTE, Helen. Born 1914; died 1993.

3. SINCLAIR, Alexander. Born 1889.

2. SINCLAIR, Margaret. Married at Norway House 1848. “Eliza McLoughlin Eppes’ niece” [Eliza McLaughlin, daughter of Dr. John McLaughlin, Hudson’s Bay Company Chief Factor for the Columbia District and niece of Mere Henri, Mother Superior of the Ursuline Convent in which she had been raised. Eliza married in 1832 to William Randolph Eppes born 14 Oct 1794 in St. John’s, Newfoundland to William Isham Eppes (of Salem, Massachusetts) and Elizabeth Little Randolph (of Gloucester, England). Epps became Deputy Commissary General, Corfu. See http://www.victorianwars.com/viewtopic.php?f=82&t=2303]

— sp. DARLING, Montague William [Deputy Commissary General, Army]. Born 1819 St. John, New Brunswick; “In 1848, Darling was one of two Deputy Assistant Commissary Generals at Fort Garry. Later in 1848, on his way back to England, Darling married Margaret Sinclair at Norway House, Manitoba. … On 26 Dec 1840, he had been admitted to the staff of Commissariat Department for the British Army for St. Lucia. By 1842 he was serving in Van Dieman’s Land, modern day Tasmania. It is likely that Darling was kin to the rest of the Darling clan that filled the ranks of the Commissariat Department in Australia in the first half of the 19th Century” [http://www.victorianwars.com/viewtopic.php?f=82&t=2303]; retired to France c. 1898; died 1901 in Bulogne, France (there is a headstone, see Michael Darling’s comment below).

3. DARLING, Grace E.J.M. Born c.1860 in Castries, St Lucia, West Indies.

3. DARLING, Arthur Manners Montague. Born March 1857 in Lewisham (London), Kent, England.

3. DARLING, Ralph Montague Sinclair. Born September 1859 in Lewisham (London), Kent, England; listed in the 1881 census as 22 years of age, and a soldier in the Colchester Barracks, St. Giles, Essex; died 1904 Chicago, Illinois [ref. descendant Michael Darling, comment below].

— sp. CRAWFORD, Emily Ermatinger. Died 1938. [See comment of descendants Michael Darling and Gail Darling below.]

4. DARLING, Lawrence Ermatinger. [See comment of descendant Gail Darling below.]


29 Responses to William Sinclair [II]

  1. Michael Darling says:

    Montague William Darling born,1821–died 1901 Bulogne France-, I have picture of head stone in France.
    Ralph Montague Darling born 1859 died Chicago Ill 1904.
    Ralph M. Darling is my grandfather.

    • hallnjean says:

      Hi Michael, good to hear from you. I would love to know more about M.W. Darling and R.M. Darlings stories — they seem to have been carefully remembered and admired people to Wpg. branches of the family. Do you know anything about their service?

  2. Michael Darling says:

    I have a copy of Ralph’s journal, difficult to read. My cousin just pasted away she had the original which I am going to attempt to get a better copy. I hope.

    Ralph pasted away as I said in 1904 and my grandmother passed in 1938 before I arrived.

    As you would guess many stories however few documents. We do have some pictures of Montague and Margaret as well as Ralph and Emily Ermatinger Crawford. As far as service it’s only bits and piece’s that is available on line. Montagues Military records told to one of my brothers while visiting London that they are located in Ottawa, CA The reason for my search was to find the parents of MWD (checked Archives no luck. take care talk to you later if I can supply any data in your search just ask.

  3. Gail Darling says:

    I am a descendant of Lawrence Ermatinger Darling
    My relatives are Ralph Montague Darling/ Emily
    Ermatinger Crawford of Bologne, France. Want to know more about Margaret (CREE:Nahovway) my ancestry. Any more information? Do I know any of you? Gail Darling – San Diego-CA Thank you

    • hallnjean says:

      Hi Gail, nice to meet you, and thank you for the added info. I used it to update the Darlings — did I get it right? I’m working on a little write up on Nahovway and will post it when done. Unfortunately there isn’t a whole lot of solid information about her, but a fair bit of speculation (which is sometimes just as fun to sort through).

      The post is now up: see In Search of Nahoway: Conflicting Family Traditions and the Question of Paternity

      • Gail Konantz says:

        Hi, I know quite a bit about Nahoway as she was my husband’s ancestor and Donna Sutherland has written a whole book on her. Called Nahoway with a picture on the cover of Jean Inkster whom she thought was Nahoway as revealed in a dream to her. Sorry It’s Jean Inkster – sister of the Sheriff.

    • Cecily Rood says:

      To Gail Darling – I’m daughter to Emily E. Darling Coakley (niece to Michael on this page( – my mother’s youngest brother)). It’s been a long, long time since I looked into the Sinclair/Ermatinger/Darling clan but I just stumbled onto this page. Regarding Lawrence E. Darling, that was my Mom’s “Uncle Pete”. I never asked why he had that nickname but possibly you know.
      To All Interested: A friend recently handed me some info on the Ermatinger Clan that went from Francis (Frank b 1798) to Daniel born 1585. According to my Swiss friend, the last name no doubt comes from the town Ermatingen, Switzerland – although most listed lived in Schaffhausen, Sw.
      Something else, my Mom use to refer to Nahovway as having the original last name of Holden. How true….. not sure!
      Hate to repeat if you all know this info: but Emily E. Crawford Darling and husband Ralph were 2nd cousins. Ralph’s Mom Margaret Sinclair was sister to Frank Ermatinger’s wife Catherine Sinclair (they had daughter Frances who is mother to E.E.Crawford Darling). This certainly makes it easier to read the family tree by making it a little shorter.

  4. Greetings: This month I visited Fort Vancouver in Washington State. The archealogists gave me the Hudson Bay Co.archives of the Sinclair’s and Ermatinzer’s. In Oregpn City, I visited the Ermatizer historical home and saw the old photos of my relatives. Driving along the Columbia River. I stopped at a historical site-Fort Cascade, where James Sinclair was killed by the Indians and their Fort burnt dowin in 1856 This weekend I went to Astoria, Oregon to see where the American Fur Trading CO. was established by John Jacob Astor -a competitor of the Hudson Bay company
    It is exciting to walk the path of my ancestors and read about them. SO, if anyone has further info, please contact me. at ejdarling@yahoo.com I am a decendent of the Sinclairs and Ermatizer’s from the Hudson Bay Company. Thanks,Elaine Darling

  5. Buck Hughes says:

    I’m the great grandson of Charles Thomas Christie. I found this web page really interesting and I’m curious where all the information was found. Thanks


  6. Patricia Long says:

    I live in Orkney, only a few miles from the Sinclair family home at Eastaquoy, Harray and research interesting Orcadians. I have written biographical articles on the first William Sinclair and his son James. I hope to have them on-line before too long and in the meantime would be happy to share them with anyone who is interested.

    • Susan Mollica says:

      Patricia! I have been searching and searching for information on William (the elder) Sinclair and anything about his life in Orkney. My heart skipped a beat when I read you lived near the old farm! If you have any-thing, anything at all on his life or family, or information on the old farm, I would be so grateful. I could send you my email address?


    • Kevin McGuire says:


      I have recently started a genealogical search for a friend of mine in Canada, There is a large quantity of information on the net however my friends family line has been missed by all those researching the family. He is a direct descendant of William Sinclair of Harray, Orkney. I do have one concern and that is while some researchers claim that William Sinclair is a descendant of the Earls of Orkney, I have yet to find a family tree that links the gentlemen to the Earls of Orkney. Having researched my own family for years, that fact sends my alarm bells ringing if it cannot be substantiated. Can you help?

      • hallnjean says:

        That William is a descendant of the Earls appears to have been a family tradition (though how accurate is unknown). The tradition was repeated by Isaac Cowie in his book, Company of Adventurers. Not only is there no tree linking William directly to the Earls, I am not sure there is even a definitive tree on his parentage — a problem arising from his having purchased the farm mentioned in his will (from people of the same family name), rather than inheriting it. William could have relocated his brother and two sisters to the farm from anywhere. The fact that William had all his personal papers destroyed on his death does not help matters.

        Tracing lines of descent in the other direction is tricky too — given that the only solid document listing William’s children is his will. All other additions of children (and various people have added many more) lack a formal document to make the link. The fact is, there were numerous William Sinclairs of Orkney employed by the Hudson’s Bay Company at the same time, some of whom were related, and many of whom no doubt had Aboriginal spouses in Rupert’s Land (who might well have been baptized ‘Margaret’) and children with similar names and birthdates. Unfortunately, it seems little effort has gone into untangling references in the Hudson’s Bay Company Archives that would straighten out some of the other William Sinclair family histories.

        Happy researching, 🙂

      • Jeff Kunold says:

        May I ask if that means there are family trees that you have access to (whether your tree or others) that definitively link people to the Earls of Orkney? Based on what I know, I appear to be a descendant of William Sinclair of the Hudson Bay Company and such information would be interesting for me to know about. While I assume that people could have adopted the name of Sinclair without literally descending from the Sinclair Earls of Orkney, I also assume the Sinclair Earls could have so many descendants that it would be impossible for everyone to trace back far enough to know for sure. Another thing I will mention is that I obtained a copy of William Sinclair’s will. On the third page it has his name printed out with some information about him. Toward the bottom of the description is the following wording: “FOREBEARS / EARLS OF ORKNEY:” I am not sure if that was typed on the will at the time it was made or if someone added it later.

      • hallnjean says:

        Hi Jeff,

        Over the years, I have come across suppositions that there are connections — mostly in family trees posted on the web. There was one statement, made by Isaac Cowie, page 110 in his book, The Company of Adventurers (1913), that “This old Governor Sinclair [meaning William Sinclair I] is said to have descended from the old Earls of Orkney.” Cowie was originally from the Shetland Islands, but married into the family (one of William I’s granddaughters), so was likely repeating family lore (which doesn’t make it true or untrue).

        William’s original will is handwritten, by James Swain, not typed. It is housed at the Archives of Manitoba. There is no note written on the original about William’s parents, ancestry, or connection to the earls. A number of descendants have traced the farm that he mentions in the will and have concluded that he bought it from a family named Sinclair, but that there is no way of telling from the documents relating to the sale whether he was related to them.

        I agree with you that there is every probability that William was born a Sinclair in a long line of Sinclairs and descended one way or another from the original Sinclairs who were earls. What is missing is the link — who were the people that connected him to the earls? Answer that question with an original document that proves who William’s parents were and you will make kazillions of descendants very happy (including me).

    • MSurbey says:

      Dear Patricia, Not sure if you are still online–but I am a 3x great granddaughter of William Sinclair and would love to know where the Sinclair family home in Eastaquoy is–as I am visiting the Orkneys soon and would like to find it. Also–am very interested in your stories of William and James. Many thanks, M. Surbey

      • Anita Steele says:

        Dear M., You’ve contacted Anita Grant Steele. I’m presuming you’re trying to reach the Woodruff sisters? I have not been in touch with them for a number of years & no longer have a correct address for them. I believe they are still dedicating energy to Kittson research, so perhaps searching for them online will be successful. Good luck. Anita Grant Steele

    • Lynnda Rygaard says:

      I am a line to the sinclair’s from the Orkneys that settled in the red river area here in Canada I have gone as far back to my gggggrandfather William who married a Nohoway in1792 . It is an interesting journey on both the Scottish and First Nations side . My mother was a Sinclair her fathers name was John Sinclair . Several of my family worked for the Hudsons Bay company.

  7. I would like to reach you and many of the readers here. I just found your site tonight. I was at the same June meeting at Ft. Vancouver that one of your writers mentioned. I am not sure if we met or not, but if we did not meet, we needed to. I am a descendant of William Kittson & Marie Walla Walla through their son Peter Kittson. I have been communicating with the Sinclair descended from William Sinclair III & Jemima Kittson Sinclair. They had 11 children, but I mostly keep in touch with the one line descended from one of their twins, Christine. They still live up there in Victoria and I live down here in Portland, OR. My web pages were begun 13-14 yrs ago, but a few years back Geocities closed down. Another site tried to save many of the pages and renamed the site reocities so that the addresses would not change very much. I unfortunately did not write so much on the Sinclairs as the family had put together a book and I felt that I would mostly just be copying their info, but now as they and I age I think they would have liked to see the history on the web. They collected many newspaper clippings through out the years which built their stories. We communicate with another Ermatinger descendant and have the book of Ermatinger’s letters. Kittson and Ermatinger were friends until Kittson asked him to watch over our gg grandmother and he instead took advantage of her….another story noted in his letters. I will make sure to get the web address (I was looking for a picture which led me to your site) and reconnect with all of you. My web pages can only be viewed and many errors were never corrected and a lot of lost links. I wish I could edit them, but the owner said they had not been able to get the OK to allow for this or fix it to make that possible. I hope some time to resubmit my pages to a site so that I can up date with many pictures and history. Take care. Roxanne

  8. David Courchane says:

    I am a descendent of Francis Ermatinger and Mary Three Dresses and would like to exchange information, etc.

    David “Chalk” Courchane

  9. Jeff Kunold says:

    I thought I would post a link that seems to give reliable information on the ancestors of William Sinclair of the Hudson Bay Company (http://www.british-genealogy.com/forums/archive/index.php/t-63757.html). I compared it to a chart that someone emailed me in the past and was excited to see that there appears to be solid information to support what was read in the chart. I have not been able to find the link myself to the Earls of Orkney. I would still be interested in discovering the link if the information is available. I will also add that in the past I read a posting that gave me the impression that the father of William Sinclair was an Alexander Sinclair born in 1740. It said, “Allegedly, the great-grandfather of Alexander Sinclair was William, Earl of Orkney.” (http://www.cursiter.com/pages/guestlog.htm) Based on the chart mentioned above it shows William’s father as Alexander Sinclair who was born after 1717. Alexander’s paternal great-grandfather is another Alexander Sinclair based on the chart. The maternal lines do not go far enough on the chart to know if the posting above might be based on accurate information.

  10. Gail Konantz says:

    My records say that William, father of William Credo Sinclair was the son of Thomas Sinclair of Estaquay parish of Harray, in the Orkney Islands.
    His house and 1 byre were still standing in 1951 – stone with slate floors, and the farmer is a Mr. Yule.

  11. I am wondering if there are any descendants of William Sinclair lll and Jemima Kittson who will contact me. I am a descendant of HBC Fort Hall Chief Tader, Richard Grant, who married Jemima’s mother, Helene MacDonald Kittson following the death of William Kittson. I am also trying to determine whereabouts of descendants of Helene & Richard’s two surviving daughters, Julia Grant (married CP Higgins) and Adelina Grant (married Lachlin/Variation of). I also have a photo I think includes Jemima and 2 sons, which I would love to verify. Please contact me at: anitas@northwestel.net

  12. Sherry Stussi says:

    Hi iam wondering if my gggrandfather William Sinclair born in Scotland in about 1846 lived in ontario canada married to Mary jane whitthal is related to the Sinclair clan of scotland and who his parents where if anyone has this info please contact me at sstussi@hotmail.com thankyou

  13. Barb Single says:

    I am a decendant of Captain James Calder and his wife Nancy Linday of York factory. I am in Selkirk Manitoba.

  14. Hello All…
    I am George Sinclair Secretary to Clan Sinclair Canada and have been researching the family and descendants of William & Nahoway for some time. I have catalogued data on 7 of the 10 siblings of W&N and would be interested in more input particularly on Phoebe & Thomas Bunn; Jane & James Kirkness and Betsy (Elizabeth & 1st m George Simpson & 2nd m Robert Seaborn Miles. We are planning a reunion and Gathering of Sinclairs worldwide for Winnipeg 2019. Please contact me at George@clansinclair.ca if you are interested. Thank you.

  15. I am George Sinclair of Clan Sinclair Association Canada. I am interested in exchanging information on William & Nahoway Sinclair’s descendants. We are planning a reunion and Clan Gathering in Winnipeg 2019. Contact me at George@clansinclair.ca if interested.

  16. I am George Sinclair of Clan Sinclair Canada CSAC. I have been researching William & Nahoway Sinclair’s descendants for several years and would like to share information. We are holding a reunion and Sinclair Worldwide Gathering in Winnipeg in 2019. I have data on 7 of the 10 descendant siblings & families. Please check our website at http://www.clansinclair.ca for other information about the Clan.

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