Thomas Sinclair

Thomas SinclairThomas ‘Old Tom’ Sinclair

1. SINCLAIR, Thomas [‘Old Tom’]. Born c.1809/ 1812; One of “of the most eminent citizens at Red River,” a boat brigade captain, miller, carpenter, and merchant, [see also “To Red River and Beyond (Third Paper),” Harper’s New Monthly Magazine 22 (1861): 312; and W.J. Healy, Women of Red River (1923), 36, 42, 184, 200, 203]; Member of the Council of Assiniboia [see mention in Henry Youle Hind, Narrative of the Canadian Red River exploring expedition of 1857: and of the Assinniboine and Saskatchewan exploring expedition of 1858, Volume 1 (Longman, Green, Longman and Roberts, 1860), 185]; died 5:30 pm. 22 March 1870.

— sp. CUMMINGS, Hannah. Born 1812, daughter of former North West Company clerk Cuthbert CUMMING/ CUMMINGS and an Aboriginal woman known as  Susette [possibly Susette McKEE/ McKAY?] Hannah was sister to Cuthbert CUMMINGS Jr. and four to five other siblings; Hannah died 23 October 1846; burial St. Andrews, Red River Settlement.

2. SINCLAIR, William. Born 6 December 1832; died 1897.

Scrip affidavit for Sinclair, William; born: 6 December 1832; father: Thomas Sinclair (Métis); mother: Hannah Sinclair (Métis); claim no: 323; scrip no: 2434 to 2441; date of issue: May 1, 1876; amount: $160 =

— sp. MACDONALD, Jane Jennie. Born 24 October 1838/ 1839 to Donald McDonald and Jane Beaudry; died 1932.

Scrip affidavit for Sinclair, Jane; born: October 24, 1839; husband: Wm. Sinclair; father: Donald McDonald (Scot.); mother: Jane Beaudry (Métis); claim no: 324; scrip no: 2442 to 2449; date of issue: May 1, 1876; amount: $160 =

3. SINCLAIR, Hannah. Born 1857; Died 1875.

3. SINCLAIR, Margaret Jane. Born 1864; died 1901.

— sp. COWIE, Isaac. Born 1848, Lerwick, Shetland Islands, Scotland,; HBC servant; author, The Company of Adventurers: A Narrative of Seven Years in the Service of the Hudson’s Bay Company during 1867-1874, 1913; died 1917.

4. COWIE, Margaret Cecelia Euphenia. Born 1886; died 1889.

4. COWIE, Jean Sinclair. Born 1888; died 1982.

— sp. HARRY, Wilmont/ Wilmot [?] Earl [Lieutenant]. Died 1941.

4. COWIE, Ruby Beresford. Born 1889; Died 1994.

— sp. JOHNSTONE, Edward B. [Captain].

5. JOHNSTONE, Barbara Ann. [‘of Selkirk’]

4. COWIE, John Colin. Born 1890; died 1892.

4. COWIE, William Cecil. Born 1892; died 1965.

— sp. Mabel.  Born 1886; Died 1975.

4. COWIE, Jessie MacFarlane. Born 1894; died 1912.

4. COWIE, Mary Frances. Born 1895; died 1975.

— sp. PRATTENTON, Edward H.

4. COWIE, Victor Isaac. Born 1899; died 1961.

— sp. SPAIRS, Helen.

3. SINCLAIR, Charles Cuthbert. Born 1870; HBC Clerk promoted to District Manager 1887-1931; died 1944. See family photos:

— sp. COLCLEUGH, Islay Mary. Born 1871; died 1949.

4. SINCLAIR, Moray McDougal. Born 21 February 1900, Prince Albert [Saskatchewan]; died 1964.

Listed in the 1901 Census [line 36 ]; and the 1911 Census of Canada as grandson of Flora Bruce COLCLEUGH, 15 Cambridge Apartments, Vancouver City, British Columbia [see].

— sp. McCARTHY, Madelane.

4. SINCLAIR, Islay Ramona. Born 1905; singer and actress; married 1950; died 13 August 1978.

Winnipeg Free Press – Deaths – August 18, 19 , 1978

Suddenly, While on a visit to Vancouver, Islay Ramona McBean (nee Sinclair) dearly loved wife of William Dawson McBean, 53 Hibberson Crescent, Victoria, B.C., died on August 13, 1978.

Born in Winnipeg in 1905, Ramona McBean, younger child of Charles C. and Islay (Colclough) Sinclair, grew up at Norway House, Edmonton and Winnipeg, her father being a Northern Districts manager in the fur trade of the Hudson Bay Company and was predeased by her greatly loved brother , Moray “Spook” Sinclair.

Beginning in Edmonton in her early teens, in Winnipeg Montreal and Victoria , Ramona McBean was for 38 years , well known as an accomplished amateur-professional singer in light operas and for her many theatrical roles from the days of the Winnipeg Philharmonic, Lyric, Society, and Little Theatre (“The Immortal Hour”, “The Chocolate Soldier”, etc.) to M.T.C. with whom she played lead roles in “Arsenic and Old Lace”, “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”, “The Glass Menagerie”, “Death of a Salesman”, and ” Hedda Gabler”, etc. During recent years she had played with the Neptune Theatre Halifax, and in a number of productions of Bastion Theatre Victoria. From very early radio days, she preformed on CBC and other networks, her last radio performance being a few months ago on a CBC special show about “Bungee; the Red River Dialect” or “talk”.

For many years she was employed by the Sun Life in Montreal. During the Second World War she was secretary to the Deputy Minister of National Defence (Army), Ottawa, and to the G.O.C. of M.D.10, Winnipeg; until her marriage in 1950 to Bill McBean

Besides her husband, she is survived by three nieces and nephews, Dr. Colin Sinclair, Piedmont, Calif., Donald Sinclair, Melita Man., and Judt (Mrs. David) Hughes, Toronto; and by four cousins; Mrs. Dorthy B. Garbutt, Winnipeg; Murray Colclough, North Vancouver; Mrs. J. S. Harry, Maple Creek; and Mrs. Edwin B. Johnstone, Selkirk, Man.

Her funeral service will be held Saturday, August 26, 1978 at the beloved church of her father’s, Old St. Andrews-on-the-Red, St Andrews, Manitoba, at 2:00 p.m., where her ashes will be buried in the family plot. The rector the Rev. R. O. Brownlee, will officiate.”

— sp. McBEAN, William Dawson. Born c. 1906, son of Henry McBEAN and Letitia THOMPSON.

3. SINCLAIR, Colin. Born 1873; died 1916.

2.SINCLAIR, Elizabeth. Born 1834.

2. SINCLAIR, Cuthbert Cummings. Born 1835; HBC Chief Trader; died 1900.

— sp. MOWATT, Mary Jane. Born 1858; died 1938.

3. SINCLAIR, Thomas Andrew. Born 1878.

— sp. SEABORN, Edith Pearl.

3. SINCLAIR, Lillian. Born 1878; died 1910.

3. SINCLAIR, Cuthbert. Born 1881; died 1919.

3. SINCLAIR, James Sidney. Born 1883; dies 1940.

— sp. BLOXHAM, Winifred.

4. SINCLAIR, Patricia.

— sp. HAUSER.

4. SINCLAIR, Edith Ruth.

3. SINCLAIR, Stanley.

3. SINCLAIR, Colin. Born 1888.

3. SINCLAIR, Florence. Born 1893.

3. SINCLAIR, Lawrence Charles. Born 1896; died 1917.

3. SINCLAIR, Margaret. Born 1897; died 1938.

— sp. GODDARD, Fred.

4. GODDARD, Gerald.

4. GODDARD, William.

4. GODDARD, Margaret.

3. SINCLAIR, Clifford. Born 1899.

— sp. BEAUDRY, Ethel.

2. SINCLAIR, Anne. Born 1839; died 1840.

2. SINCLAIR, Thomas [‘Young Tom’]. Born 9 April 1841 Red River Settlement; baptized 10 May 1841; member of the Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia in the Provisional Government of 1870; after 1870, was appointed a magistrate, the first registrar of land titles, and Councillor of Assiniboia in the new province of Manitoba; took scrip; took patent for Lots 46, 245 and 246 outer two miles Parish of St. Andrews 1877-1878; first marriage 1875; second marriage 1882; founding member of the Selkirk and North-Western Railway Company [1883]; for a short time was the Mayor of Selkirk; died 8 March 1888.

Scrip affidavit for Sinclair, Thomas; born: 9 April 1841; on list =

— sp. DAVIS, Alice Matilda. Born 23/ 27 November 1857 St. Andrews, Red River Settlement, daughter of George DAVIS (who applied for scrip for his children) and Catherine BIRSTON; baptised 14 December 1857; married 30 September 1875, St. Andrew’s, Red River; died c. 22 April 1880 [burial].

Scrip affidavit for Davis, George; concerning the claims of his children; John Thomas Davis (deceased), born: 6 January 1856, died: 24 November 1873; Matilda Alice Davis, born: 23 November 1857; Frances Edith Davis, born: 12 November 1859; Ann Elizabeth Davis, born: 24 December 1861; George Davis (deceased), born: 17 February 1865, died: 14 May 1872; Margaret Davis, born: 30 January 1869; William Davis, born: 12 April 1869 =

— sp. TRUTHWAITE, Harriet/ Henrietta Maria. Baptized 17 January 1858, St. Andrew’s, Red River Settlement; married Thomas SINCLAIR 5 April 1882; second marriage to Malcolm ROSS, 26 January 1898; died 16 January 1949.

3. SINCLAIR, Thomas Truthwaite. Born 1883; died 1883.

3. SINCLAIR, Cuthbert Allan. Born 1884; died 1958.

— sp. HARRIOTT, Harriet Louisa. Born 1878; died 1952.

4. SINCLAIR, Thomas Harriott. Born 1907; died 1982.

— sp. LARTEN, Vera Eileen.

4. SINCLAIR, Ralph Simmons ‘Ray’. Born 1909; died 1987.

— sp. GOFF, Mary Edith. Born 1910.

4. SINCLAIR, Dorothy Gertrude. Born 1911.

— sp. HAWES, Francis Churchill. Died 1969.

4. SINCLAIR, Mary Catherine McDermot. Born 1915; died 1986.

— sp. SUTHERLAND, Douglas Gordon. Born 1915.

4. SINCLAIR, Cuthbert Allan Jr. [‘died at an early age’]

3. SINCLAIR, Irene Lillian. Born 1888.

— sp. HART, William H.

4. HART, Dorothy.

— sp. FOX, Reginald.

2. SINCLAIR, Margaret Hannah. Born 23 May 1843/ 1844; married 23 May 1861 at Lower Fort Garry, wedding journey to London that year; remarried after death of first husband to John ALLAN; died 1921.

Scrip affidavit for Allen, Margaret; widow of Robert Clare wife of; John Allen; born: May 23, 1844; father: Thomas Sinclair (Métis); mother: Hannah Cummings (Métis); claim no: 1; date of issue: 1876, May 7; amount $160 =

— sp. CLARE, James Robert. Born 1 November 1827, son of Stephen CLARE; educated at the Royal Naval School in Camberwell; Chief Factor, HBC; died 3 January 1867 of dysentery in London, England while on a business trip.

3. CLARE, James. Born 1861.

3. CLARE, Arthur Cumming. Born 1866; Police Chief, Municipality of St. Andrews ‘for many years’; died 1935.

— sp. McDONALD, Rosalie. Born 1867; died 1941.

4. CLARE, Margaret. Born 1891.

— sp. ROCHON, J.

4. CLARE, Rosalie. Born 1893; died 1923.

4. CLARE, Susan.

— sp. MILLER.

— sp. LATENDRE, J.

4. CLARE, Annie.

4. CLARE, Charlotte.

4. CLARE, Bessie.

4. CLARE, James S. Born 1902; resided on the east side of the Red River, across from Parkdale.

— sp. Ivy May. Born 1906; died 1977.

3. CLARE, Stephen.

— sp. ALLAN, John Beresford [Colonel]. Born 1840/ 1841, Armagh, Ireland; served in the American Civil War; volunteer in the Wolseley Expedition of 1870; joined the North West Mounted Police 1874; elected to the Manitoba Legislature 1883; active service in North West Rebellion of 1885; land speculator in Winnipeg 1897; died 9 October 1927 in Vancouver BC; burial at Burnaby BC.

3. ALLAN, John W. [Not John B. ALLAN?; not John William ALLAN born 1872, married Cybele BURGESS, and died 1943?].

?– sp. MCGACHAN, Marjorie Frances. Widowed; remarried to S. Melville WEBB.

?4. ALLAN, Barbara.

?4. ALLAN, Beresford. Born 7 November 1907, Manitoba; raised by grandparents; died 2001.

?4. ALLAN, Frances.

?4. ALLAN, Eleanor.

?3. ALLAN, Margaret Hannah.

?3. ALLAN, Harriet.

— sp. PRUDEN, Caroline SARGENT. Born 1830/1831 at Carlton House, daughter of John Peter PRUDEN (HBC service) and Nancy, a First Nations woman; married Thomas SINCLAIR 3 March or April 1850 at St John’s; [remarried after the death of her husband in 1870 to Albert SARGENT]

Scrip affidavit for Sinclair, Caroline; widow of late Thomas Sinclair (now wife of Albert Sargent); James A. Sinclair, born: 5 June 1858; Caroline Sinclair, born: 17 March 1861; Frederick Sinclair, born: 5 June 1865; Maria Louisa Sinclair, born: 5 August 1868 =]; died in Winnipeg, Manitoba, 1908. See photograph, Glenbow Museum online collection.

2. SINCLAIR, Anne Harriet. Born 13 August 1851; died 1935.

Scrip affidavit for Strong, Ann, Harriet; born: August 13, 1851; husband: Andrew Strong; father: Thomas Sinclair (Métis); mother: Caroline Pruden (Métis); claim no: 1722; scrip no: 10623; date of issue: September 20, 1876; amount: $160 =

— sp. STRANG, Andrew Struthers. Born 1849; President, Winnipeg Industrial Exhibition, 1895 (see poster below); died 1913.

“Winnipeg Industrial Exhibition :  5th annual exhibition – 1895.” Note Andrew Strang’s name, bottom left of text describing the exhibition. Source: Library and Archives Canada, Acc. No. 1981-58-1 Source: Mr. John N. Mappin, Montréal, Québec.

3. STRANG, Margaret Caroline. Born 1871; died 1928.

— sp. CLIFFORD, Robert A.M. Born 1864; died 1911.

4. CLIFFORD, Cecil.

— sp. McBRIDE, Alex.

4. CLIFFORD, Andrew M. Born 1899; died 1939.

3. STRANG, Alexander Reginald. Born 1874; died 1874.

3. STRANG, Algernon. Born 1875; died 1930.

— sp. ANSLEY, Mabel Victoria. Born 1875; died 1927.

4. STRANG, John.

— sp. BROWN, Peggy.

4. STRANG, Avis.

— sp. McLEOD, Robert.

— sp. HERCHMER, Birdie.

3. STRANG, Campbell Sinclair [Captain]. Born 1878; died 1939.

— sp. BEECHER, Lillian.

4. STRANG, Sheila.

3. STRANG, Walter Ewing.

— sp. BARTON, Louise.

4. STRANG, Andrew.

— sp. SMITH, Verna.

4. STRANG, Mary.

3. STRANG, Harriet.

— sp. McKENZIE, Peter.

3. STRANG, Harold Beresford [Captain]. Born 1897; died 1969.

3. STRANG, Ethel Sinclair. Born 1884; died 1979.

— sp. SWAN, Robert Rennie [Md]. Born 1876; died 1952.

4. SWAN, Robert S. [Md]. Born 1912; died 1971.

4. SWAN, John A. [Dr].

— sp. FLANDERS, Ann.

4. SWAN, David R. [Dr].

3. STRANG, Janet Marion Sinclair. Born 1889; died 1986.

— sp. CAMERON, Angus Purkis [Major]. Born 1885; died 1953.

4. CAMERON, Harold.

4. CAMERON, Ann.

4. CAMERON, Lorna.

3. STRANG, Victor S. Born 1896; died 1956.

3. STRANG, Robin S. Born 1891; died 1954.

2. SINCLAIR, John Edward. Born 11 July 1855; married the first time in 1883; married the second time in 1898; died 1933.

Sinclair, John Edward; for Benjamin Colin Campbell McKenzie, deceased; address: Prince Albert, Saskatchewan; born: 13 January 1878 at Prince Albert; died: 1888 at Deloraine; father: Samuel McKenzie (deceased Métis); mother: Ann Spencer (Métis); heirs: John Edward Sinclair, scrip cert.: form D, no. 1163; for $48.00; Andrew McKenzie, scrip cert.: form D, no. 1165 for $48.OO; Roderick McKenzie; Lydia McKenzie; William McKenzie scrip issued for $48.00 each; claim no. 446;

Sinclair, John Edward; for Samuel Lawrence Clarke McKenzie, deceased; address: Prince Albert, Saskatchewan; born: 23 April, 1876 at Prince Albert; died: 22 February 1889 at Deloraine; father: Samuel McKenzie (Métis deceased); mother: Ann Spencer (Métis); heirs: John Edward Sinclair, scrip cert.: form D, no. 1167; for $48.00; Andrew McKenzie, scrip cert.: form D, no. 1169 for $48.00; Roderick McKenzie; Lydia McKenzie; William McKenzie, scrip issued for $48.00 each: claim no. 445;

Sinclair, John Edward; for Jemima Augusta McKenzie, deceased; address: Prince Albert, Sakatchewan; born: 1874 at Prince Albert, Saskatchewan; died: 1879 at Prince Albert, Saskatchewan; mother: Ann Spencer (Métis); father: Samuel McKenzie (deceased Métis); heirs: John Edward Sinclair, scrip cert.: form D, no. 1177; for $40.00; Andrew McKenzie, scrip cert.: form D, no.1179 for $40.00; Annie Farwell, $80.00; Roderick McKenzie, $40.00; Lydia Sinclair, $40.00; William McKenzie, $40.00; claim no. 448

— sp. McKENZIE, Lydia Veronica. Born 1863/ 1866 to Charles McKENZIE and Bethsy/ Elizabeth ROSS; died 1892.


3. SINCLAIR, Cora Bell. Born 28 April 1884; died 1887.

Sinclair, John Edward; heir to his deceased daughter, Cora Bell Sinclair; address: Prince Albert; born: 28 April, 1884 at Prince Albert; died: October 1887 at Stanley Mission; father: John Edward Sinclair (Métis and deponent); mother: Lydia McKenzie (Métis); scrip cert.: form F, no. 35 for $240.00; claim no.76

3. SINCLAIR, Bertram. Born 1886; died 1893.

3. SINCLAIR, Frederick Stanley. Born 1888; died 1968.

— sp. BELL, Caroline Clarke. Born 1891; died 1979.

4. SINCLAIR, Margaret Myrtle Bell. Born 1913.

— sp. BODINGTON, John Derryk.

4. SINCLAIR, Muriel.

— sp. POWLES, George P.S. [Dr.].

3. SINCLAIR, Edward Allan. Born 1889; died 1893.

— sp. ARMSTRONG, Frances Myrtle. Born 1870; died 1947. For Armstrong family history, with biographical notes on husband John Edward Sinclair, see

3. SINCLAIR, Christina Margaret. Born 1891.

3. SINCLAIR, Muriel Mrytle. Born 1900.

3. SINCLAIR, John Elmer.

— sp. NOBLE, Lillian.

4. SINCLAIR, John.

4. SINCLAIR, Michael.

4. SINCLAIR, Thomas.

2. SINCLAIR, James Henry. Born 5 June 1858; died 1913.

Scrip affidavit for Sinclair, Caroline; widow of late Thomas Sinclair (now wife of Albert Sargent); James A. Sinclair, born: 5 June 1858; Caroline Sinclair, born: 17 March 1861; Frederick Sinclair, born: 5 June 1865; Maria Louisa Sinclair, born: 5 August 1868 =

— sp. ROSS, Mary.

3. SINCLAIR, Gordon. Born 1884; died 1963.

— sp. PULLEN, Emily. Born 1872; died 1963.

3. SINCLAIR, Winnifred. Born 1897; died 1979.

— sp. MOLLER, Roy William. Born 1895; died 1937.

4. MOLLER, Gladys.

— sp. CORDER, John ‘Jay’. Born 1911; died 1972.

— sp. SYMMES, Robert. Born 1914; died 1984.

4. MOLLER, Louise.

— sp. LAYTON, William.

4. MOLLER, Marion Ruth.

— sp. FELDSETH, Ernest.

— sp. TRENT, Reginald. Born 1892; died 1969.

— sp. GODDARD, Stuart. Born 1890; died 1979.

3. SINCLAIR, Edmund Allan. Born 1900; died 1956.

— sp. WOODE, Jennie Borwick. Born 1890; died 1975.

4. SINCLAIR, Audrey.

— sp. MARCOTTE, Alphia.

4. SINCLAIR, Lloyd Allan.

— sp. HOEY, Hazel Bernice.

4. SINCLAIR, Lorne.

— sp. HOLMES, Marjory.

4. SINCLAIR, Lorraine.

— sp. MARCOTTE, Arthur.

3. SINCLAIR, Edith. Born 1902; died 1983.

— sp. SINCLAIR, John Robert. Born 1891; died 1974.

4. SINCLAIR, Joy Winnifred.

— sp. PONCELET, Daniel C.

4. SINCLAIR, George Stuart.

— sp. POTTER, Gladys.

4. SINCLAIR, Arnold.

4. SINCLAIR, James William.

— sp. GOLDSTONE, Wanda Winnifred.

3. SINCLAIR, Frederick George. Born 1904; died 1985.

— sp. MUNRO, Clara Elizabeth. Born 1906; died 1980.

4. SINCLAIR, Donald George.

— sp. CHAPMAN, Vera May.

4. SINCLAIR, Stanley Malcolm.

— sp. ISBERG, Una Lonnie.

3. SINCLAIR, John Laurier. Born 1904; died 1988.

3. SINCLAIR, Joseph Arnold. Born 1906; died 1963.

— sp. MUNRO, Ruth Anderson. Born 1909.

4. SINCLAIR, Douglas Arnold.

— sp. REANEY, Mildred E.

4. SINCLAIR, Gerald Kenneth.

— sp. DOBROWOLSKY, Hilda.

— sp. MEYER, Helen.

4. SINCLAIR, John Munro.

3. SINCLAIR, Andrew Alexander ‘Bubs’. Born 1912; died 1988.

— sp. ARN, Winnifred.

4. SINCLAIR, Shirley Ruth.

— sp. JOHNSON, William Malcolm.

4. SINCLAIR, Grant Alexander.

— sp. HORNE, Yvonne Winifred.

4. SINCLAIR, Dale Montgomery.

— sp. PATTERSON, Frieda Kathleen.

4. SINCLAIR, Keith Robert.

— sp. ILOKLIKOVITS, Waltrude.

2. SINCLAIR, Caroline. Born 17 March 1861.

Scrip affidavit for Sinclair, Caroline; widow of late Thomas Sinclair (now wife of Albert Sargent); James A. Sinclair, born: 5 June 1858; Caroline Sinclair, born: 17 March 1861; Frederick Sinclair, born: 5 June 1865; Maria Louisa Sinclair, born: 5 August 1868 =

— sp. HERCHMER, Frederick.

3. HERCHMER, William.

— sp. WESTGATE, Elizabeth.

3. HERCHMER, Mary.

3. HERCHMER, Lawrence.

— sp. PETERS, Frances.

4. HERCHMER, Susan.

— sp. CRANSTON, Philip.

4. HERCHMER, Barbara.

— sp. GRAHAM, Stanley.

2. SINCLAIR, Frederick Clare. Born 5 June 1865; died 1952.

Scrip affidavit for Sinclair, Caroline; widow of late Thomas Sinclair (now wife of Albert Sargent); James A. Sinclair, born: 5 June 1858; Caroline Sinclair, born: 17 March 1861; Frederick Sinclair, born: 5 June 1865; Maria Louisa Sinclair, born: 5 August 1868 =

— sp. McKAY, Virginia Adelaide. Born 1877 to George McKAY and Sarah TAIT; died 1936.

Sinclair, Virginie Adelaide; address: Prince Albert, Saskatchewan; born: 18 January 1877 at Prince Albert, Saskatchewan; father: George McKay (Métis); mother: Sarah Tait (Métis); scrip cert.: form C, no. 213 for 240 acres; claim no. 309 ;

McKay, Sarah for her deceased son, George Angus McKay; address: Prince Albert; born 5 January, 1881 at Prince Albert; died: 16 June, 1886 at Prince Albert; father: George McKay (deceased Métis); mother: Sarah tait (Scot and deponent); heirs: Sarah McKay, scrip cert.: form D, no. 159 for $34.28; Margaret Jane Paul, scrip cert.: form D, no. 1129 for $34.28; Mary Clinch; James McKay; Virginia Adelaide Sinclair; Cecil Emmerson Young; Ida Ellen McKay; scrip for $34.28 each; claim no. 108

3. SINCLAIR, Frederick. Born 1900; died 1937.

3. SINCLAIR, George Cuthbert. Born 1901; died 1936.

— sp. FONTAINE, Edna.

3. SINCLAIR, Margaret Alexandra. Born 1902.

— sp. ROSSER, Joe.

4. ROSSER, Terry.

4. ROSSER, Jane.

— sp. WILSON, C.D.

— sp. COTS, A.J.

3. SINCLAIR, Reginald.

— sp. BOEHM, Emily.

4. SINCLAIR, Donald.

— sp. PAUL, Jeanne.

4. SINCLAIR, Stacey.

2. SINCLAIR, Maria Louisa. Born 5 August 1868; died 1870.

Scrip affidavit for Sinclair, Caroline; widow of late Thomas Sinclair (now wife of Albert Sargent); James A. Sinclair, born: 5 June 1858; Caroline Sinclair, born: 17 March 1861; Frederick Sinclair, born: 5 June 1865; Maria Louisa Sinclair, born: 5 August 1868 =






21 Responses to Thomas Sinclair

  1. jacqueline goddard says:

    I am the daughter of Bill Goddard his mother was Margaret Sinclair 1897-1922 and married Fred Goddard. I would be very interested in more info .Thank you very much ,

    • hallnjean says:

      Happy to make your acquaintance Jacqueline — we are distant cousins. I will definitely keep an eye out for your particular line and post information as I come across it and/or get it organized (though, out of respect for people’s privacy, I won’t be including genealogical information about anyone who might be living, but keep in touch and let me know if there’s something that needs to be figured out).

  2. Jacqueline says:

    Thank you for getting back to me, I know what i read about you, you are a very busy person and proud to be related to you (even if distantly)I am really trying to locate my Uncle Gerald and Aunt Peggy,s children. The last time i saw them i was 5 years old. I know Peggy did recearch on our family tree and that is how i found your website. They are Margaret Sinclairs children they may be deceased my father William died 14 years ago. Thanks again Best Wishes Jacqueline

    • hallnjean says:

      Okee-dokee, I’ll keep looking and in the meantime maybe somebody else will reply to your post.

    • David Evans says:

      Hi Jacqueline,

      Gerald Goddard is my stepfather and very much alive. He mentioned that his mother was Margaret Sinclair and his father was Fred Goddard, and Bill (he confirmed deceased) must be his brother – your father, hence Uncle Gerald to you! I just visited him at the end of July 2011. Please send me an e-mail to and I will give you his contact info. I’m sure he will be delighted to hear from you. I was on this website researching his connection to James Sinclair – he is Gerry’s great uncle!

    • Sarah Evans says:

      Oh my Goodness! Jacqueline! I am so hoping you will read this – this is Aunty Pegi’s daughter , Sally ( Sarah) and I have been thinking about you and Sarah for ages …wqondering how I would find you . Nana Goddard, my MOm and your Dad’s stepmother just passed away at 98 a couple of weeks ago and us KIds were talking about you two at the service …PLEASE email me if you get this at……Sally 🙂

  3. Rob Sinclair says:

    Hi there, my compliments on the site, fantastic. Can you please help me with my search?? I belong to a StClare Sinclair research group, and I have been looking for ever for a living MALE Sinclair descendant of William Sinclair HBC employee, who is interested in genealogy and would volunteer to do a DNA test to see where in the Sinclair group they fit in. This would be of great interest and value to all descendants in that line. I look foreward to hearing from you….thanks Rob Sinclair

    • David Evans says:

      Hi Rob, my stepfather – a living male descendant of William Sinclair – may be willing to volunteer. Please see my reply to Jacqueline’s post. Of course I would have to contact him first to see if he’s interested as he is an older gentleman. Thanks, David.

    • J. Sinclair says:

      Hi Rob,

      I’m not sure if you found the descendant of William Sinclair that you were looking for, but if not my father is one as well and may be interested in participating in the DNA testing. He is one of the sons of John Elmer Sinclair above. You can contact me at glip76 at hotmail dot com and I can put you two in touch if you are interested.


  4. Mary Shea says:

    I am a descendant of Donald Sinclair who was born in Scotland in 1796. He came to the Red River, Selkirk, Manitoba. I believe he there married Ann Gibbs (or Mary Ann Gibbs) who was born in Scotland as served as at the court there.

    In 1838 they came with a group from the Red River area to Scotch Grove Iowa. He dies on September 14, 1847 (possible 1846) in Scotch Grove. His children included Angus Sinclair who was born on Jan 1, 1833 in Selkirk, Manitoba, Elizabeth (McIntyre) born in 1835, Christina, and Margaret Maggie Sinclair (Bell) born 1828 in Red River Settlement and died April 17, 1860 in Scotch Grove, Ia.

    Can you tell me if Donald was related to any of the Sinclairs you mention? I would greatly appreciate any leads on Donald Sinclair of Ann Gibbs.

  5. AJH.COLLINON says:

    Moray MacDougall SINCLAIR — his name is noted above with dates 1900-1964, It sounds like the same person who was in the RNWMP/RCMP for a short time.

    Can you confirm this and if so, where is he buried?

  6. Sarah Evans says:

    HI! My name is Sarah Jane Evans – great great great grand daughter of William and Nahovway and I have an extensive family tree and would love to update some of the dates here . ie) my grandmother Margaret Sinclair died in 1938 and not 1922 as posted. Appreciate this all being online and am happy to help with correct dates IF you would like them ….Plus updating deaths of those listed in my section of the tree! Sarah 🙂

    • hallnjean says:

      Thanks Sarah — I’ll update the entry — and would welcome any other date corrections or people you might know of

  7. Wendy woollard says:

    Hi ,
    My name is Wendy Woollard, great granddaughter of Caroline Sinclair, born March 17, 1861, married Frederick Herchmer…..near the end of your list. It was amazing to carry on and find my mum, Susan Herchmer, and my aunt, Barbara Herchmer. I have a portrait in pastels, of Caroline, my great grandmother, plus several other family pictures you might be interested in. Also about 15 inches of family “stuff”! Please let me know if you want any of my information.


  8. Toao Godspeed says:

    Gerald Goddard is my grandfather who recently passed this year. This site is new to me but it’s interesting to see this connection. My father was given the same name. In December of 1979 I was born named Steven Goddard, my dad’s second child, but had later changed my name. With the passing of my father, I remembered how he spoke of our family history. In a way, I did not want all to be lost. So I am learning all about this to keep the memories alive. If anyone has any information they can pass on, I would appreciate what you can tell me.

  9. Sally Evans says:

    Hi! My name is Sally Evans and I am your Dad’s first cousin – my mom was your Grandad’s sister, Pegi. I spoke to your Grandad before he died.
    I have great memories of your Dad when we were kids! And I remember that Mom and I ran into once when we were visiting Vancouver! We couldn’t believe it – we hadn’t seen him for years and we all knew each other right away. I know a lot about our family history ……..And my sister , Janis and I went to York Factory two years ago – That is where Thomas Sinclairs father William the Elder was a chief factor. Please email me anytime if you want to stay in touch and have any questions about our family history…..Sally

  10. Sally Evans says:

    Sally ( Sarah ) Evans here again – My email address is…….

  11. Hi Norma,
    I am truly enjoying reading your research. Thank you for the time and energy you have put into your blog.

    I also have a question as I am doing some research on my family and I’m wondering what your source is for the children of Margaret Sinclair (Born 23 May 1843/ 1844) and John Beresford Allan. You have their son listed as ‘ALLAN, John B.’ In other documents I have read their children were John William and Harriet Beresford.
    Bryce, George (1906). Manitoba, its resources and people. pp. 458–. Retrieved2012-10-06.
    Any information you might be able to share would be appreciated as I am trying to solve a family mystery.
    Dustin Keller

    • hallnjean says:

      Good to meet you Dustin, you’ve identified an interesting muddle.
      Sorry to say that I’ve lost track of the source for John ‘ B.’ Allan. It was most likely taken from a family member’s genealogy, though it could have been a typo on my part. From a quick online search, I can see that there is confusion about which John Allen is the son of John Bereford Allan and Margaret Sinclair — I will keep looking, and if I can’t figure it out soon, I’ll update the entry here so that the children are John William and Harriet.

  12. kellerdustin says:

    Hi Norma,
    I have found a site online which seems has some researched work by Ronald Finlaison and while clearing up its own muddle, may shed some light on mine.


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