James Sinclair

Sibling of Captain Colin R. Sinclair, see the latter’s Family Network page: http://bit.ly/S6bc1

  • 1. SINCLAIR, James. Born c.1805-6 [or 1811?]; married 3 December 1829, St. John’s Anglican  Church, Red River Settlement; appointed 1853 as first Postmaster, Red River Settlement; died 1856 at the Cascades, Columbia River. There is a Mount Sinclair [named officially by the Geographic Board of Canada on 5 February 1924], a Sinclair Canyon [named by the Geographic Board on 5 March 1953; earlier known as Red Rock Gorge], a Sinclair Pass, and a Sinclair Creek [both latter features named after James Sinclair by the Geographic Board of Canada in 1915], all at Radium Hot Springs, south of Golden (near Lake Louise) in the Rocky Mountains.

– sp. BIRD, Elizabeth Maria. Born 1811 [or 1806?] daughter of HBC Chief Factor James Curtis Bird and Oomenahowish/Elizabeth Montour (born c. 1777/1789, Rupert’s Land; married by ‘the custom of the country’ c. 1806, Fort des Prairies [Edmonton]; married formally 1821 in Red River); died 1845.

2. SINCLAIR, Elizabeth. Born 1830; died 19 September 1834, of epidemic virulent dysentery.

2. SINCLAIR, Harriet Goldsmith. Born 9 July 1832 [or 1823 according to the 1881 census?] Parish of St. Paul, Red River Settlement; died 9 September 1926, Winnipeg. Scrip affidavit for Cowan, Henrietta; wife of D.W. Cowan; born: July 9, 1832; father: James Sinclair; mother: Maria Bird claim no.: 2859; scrip no.: 12290; date of issue: September 5, 1878; amount: $160 =

– sp. COWAN, William [Dr., HBC Chief Factor]. Born 1817; died 1902.

3. COWAN, John. Born 6 August 1853; died 1912. Scrip affidavit for Cowan, John; born: 6 August, 1853; father: William Cowan; mother: Harriet Sinclair =

3. COWAN, Anne Marie. Born 10 September 1855; died 1932. Scrip affidavit for Cowan, Anna Maria; born: 10 September, 1855; father: William Cowan; mother: Harriet Sinclair =

3. COWAN, Harriet. Born 11 January 1860; died 1944. Scrip affidavit for Cowan, Harriet Mary; born: 11 January, 1860; father: William Cowan (White Settler); mother: Harriet Sinclair =

3. COWAN, Alexander.

2. SINCLAIR, James Curtis. Born c.1833-1834; died 20 July 1834.

2. SINCLAIR, Alexander Christie. Born c. January 1834 [or 1838?]; died 20 September 1834 of Epidemic virulent dysentery (according to D. Geneva Lent, West of the Mountains).

2. SINCLAIR, Maria. Born c. 1836; died June 1836, Fort Vancouver, Oregon Territory.

2. SINCLAIR, Jessie. Born c. 1837; died 1928.

– sp. COPELEY.

2.SINCLAIR, Louisa. Born c. 1841; died 2 June 1843.

2. SINCLAIR, Emma. Born 1843; died 22 May 1843.

2. SINCLAIR, Colin James. Born c. 1845; died 20 June 1910.

– sp. PHILLIPS, Mary Rowena. Born 1872; died 1941.

3. SINCLAIR, Colin Michael. Born 1894; died 1979.

– sp. EMBREE, Mabelle Alice. Born 1899; died 1984.

4. SINCLAIR, Colin Roy.

– sp. TOTTEN, Betty Annette.

3. SINCLAIR, James Wilton. Born 1895; died 1987.

– sp. JANIAK, Frances Barkley. Born 1907.

4. SINCLAIR, Vera Lorraine Janiak.

– sp. RUSSEL, Mark.

– sp. BIGGAR, Hugh.

4. SINCLAIR, Frances Jeanette Janiak.

– sp. HANSON, Harley.

– sp. FERRIS, Ike.

3. SINCLAIR, Jessie Rowena. Born 1897; died 1987.

– sp. SHARPE, Henry William.

4. SHARPE, Doris.

– sp. MUIR, William.

– sp. ERNST, Fred.

4. SHARPE, Lloyd.

– sp. PARSONS, Ruth.

3. SINCLAIR, John Alexander. Born 1899; died 1970.

3. SINCLAIR, Francis ‘Frank’. Born 1901; died 1904.

3. SINCLAIR, Willie Cowan ‘Bill’. Born 1904; died 1980.

3. SINCLAIR, Harriet Elizabeth. Born 1906; died 1979.

– sp. TOTTEN, Harry. Born 1903; died 1969.

4. TOTTEN, Harry Lloyd.

– sp. GIRVIN, Bernice.

4. TOTTEN, Robert James.

– sp. Heather.

4. TOTTEN, Shirley Lorna.

– sp. GREEN, Norman Farmiloe.

4. TOTTEN, Genevieve Mabel.

– sp. GLEASON, Warren.

3. SINCLAIR, Thomas Andrew. Born 1907; died 1987.

– sp. McDONALD, Margaret.

4. SINCLAIR, Brian.

– sp. Lesley.

— sp. Janet.

3. SINCLAIR, Richard ‘Dick’. Born 1909; died 1983.

– sp. CAMPBELL, Mary. Born 1826.

2. SINCLAIR, Mary. Born 1850.

– sp. FOSTER.

2. SINCLAIR, Jane Margaret ‘Jennie’. Born 1853; died 1926.

— sp. STANTON, H.C.



3. STANTON, Lillian A.

— sp. TABKE.

4. STANTON, Cole E.

2 Responses to James Sinclair

  1. Erin Millions says:

    Norma, have you found anything further on William Cowan’s family tree, and what he did before he came to Rupert’s Land (besides attending the University of Glasgow)? I am in particular interested in who his sister was who lived in Glasgow c.1870. John Cowan visited her from The Nest Academy in Scotland, and the daughters seem to have attended school in Glasgow as well (maybe lived with her?). I haven’t had time yet to dive into his (very messy) journals, but online info and census data is not proving to be helpful on his Scottish family tree.

    Erin Millions

    • hallnjean says:

      Hi Erin,
      Unfortunately, the Cowan line has not proved easy for me either. There seem to be an awful lot of William Cowans, and John Cowans — some of whom went to U of Glasgow and studied medicine. I have not looked at the journals at all. Sounds like a transcription of them would make a lot of us very happy. Here’s hoping somebody gives it a go 🙂

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