Ann Sinclair

Sibling of Captain Colin R. Sinclair, see the latter’s Family Network page:

  • 1. SINCLAIR, Ann ‘Nancy’. Born c.1796  or 1800. I favour the later birthdate: based on Wm. Sinclair I’s will, Ann appears to be one of the younger daughters. Along with Mary, she is mentioned separately from the other daughters and further distinguished from them by the language used to describe the size and kind of her bequest. Ann’s husband, John Spencer, is not mentioned – nor are children. In fact it appears she was at that time, like Mary, ‘without issue’ and thought perhaps capable of dying without issue. William II was not yet 21 in 1818 which places his date of birth much closer to 1800 and it appears most of his siblings were younger than he. With three sisters born before Ann, it seems most likely she was born 1800 or later; died c. 1861-1864 Goderich ON.

— sp. SPENCER, John Hodges. Born 7 April 1790, England; bapt. 16 Nov. 1790 St. Peter’s, Cornhill; prior liason/ marriage c. 1812/1813 with an unnamed woman of York Factory resulted in one son, Henry Spencer, who died in 1827 , and possibly a second, Edward Spencer [see comment by Rod below];  John H. Spencer might have entered a country marriage with Ann Sinclair shortly after the death of his first wife in 1821 (the latter being the subject of “Letter to Geo. Moffat, Montreal, 1818″ which notes “Spencer embarks in Macleods canoes, this is the modest unassuming young man. Novelists when nonplussed for a sentiment, generally extricate themselves by saying this or that is much more easily conceived than expressed. So that Mr. [Spencer] has left Mamlle.  in a situation more easily conceived than expressed. She goes with her mother to Red River, where it is supposed the young sheriff will make his appearance”, see also Healy, Women of Red River (1923), 92); Chief Trader HBC at York Factory in 1823; he formally married Ann 24 June 1828; died 1870 St Catherine’s ON.

Scrip affidavit for Spencer, John; born: April 7, 1790; original white settler from Canada, entered Red River country in 1818 =

[2. SPENCER, Edward. (Stepson) born c. 1821; baptized 27 August 1822, York Factory [St. John’s Register]; sent ‘home’ as an infant 1822; returned later as HBC servant.]

2. SPENCER, William A. Born 1822; married 15 July 1849; died 1909, Stanleyville, Saskatchewan.

— sp. SMALL, Caroline. Born 3 October 1827, Rocky Mountain House; died 30 August 1889, Prince Albert.

3. SPENCER, John Patrick. Born 1849; died 1937. Spencer, John Patrick; address: Prince Albert; born: 14 December, 1849 at Carlton; mother: Caroline Small (Métis); father: William Spencer (Métis); scrip for $240.00; claim no. 1045

3. SPENCER, William. Died 1945.

3. SPENCER, Edward. Born 1852; died 1932.

— sp. MURRAY, Mary. Born 1849; died 1941.

4. SPENCER, Arabella. Born 1887; died 1889.

4. SPENCER, Edward Alexander. Born 1888; died 1968.

4. SPENCER, Mary Caroline ‘Carrie’.

— sp. DONAHUE.

4. SPENCER, William James ‘Jimmy’. Born 1891; died 1918.

4. SPENCER, Richard. Born 1893; died 1894.

4. SPENCER, Lily. Born 1899; died 1903.

3. SPENCER, James Stewart. Born 1853.

— sp. EDMUND, Lilly.

4. SPENCER, William Morica. Born 1889.

4. SPENCER, Arthur James. Born 1890.

4. SPENCER, Caroline Mary. Born 1892.

4. SPENCER, George Edward. Born 1894.

4. SPENCER, Charles Alexander. Born 1896.

3. SPENCER, Caroline Mary. Born 1856; died 1896.

— sp. TAIT, George. Born 1839; died 1904.

4. TAIT, William McMurray. Born 1877; died 1963.

4. TAIT, Colin Charles. Born 1879; died 1898.

4. TAIT, Caroline Mary. Born 1882.

Encloses Declaration Caroline Mary Spencer or Tait re her claim to participate in supplementary HB grant as a child. Application on File

— sp. WORK, Jack.

4. TAIT, Margaret Sarah. Born 1884.

Tait, Margaret Sarah; address: South Branch, Saskatchewan; born: 15 October, 1884 at South Branch; father: George Tait (Métis); mother: Caroline Mary Spencer (Métis); scrip cert. – form C, no. 349 for $240.00; claim no. 213

— sp. CHURCHWELL, Bert.

4. TAIT, Florence Catherine.

–sp. DONALD, George.

4. TAIT, Arthur George. Born 1888; died 1964.

— sp. TATE, Sarah Ann. Born 1889; died 1913.

4. TAIT, Arabella Dunlop.

— sp. JACKSON, Mike.

3. SPENCER, Alexander Pruden. Born 1859.

3. SPENCER, Alexander Rupert. Born 1860; died 1930.

— sp. TAYLOR, Priscilla Jane. Born 1877; died 1976.

4. SPENCER, Elsie.

— sp. SWABY, Ronald. Born 1899; died 1958, Lincolnshire, England.

4. SPENCER, Miles. Died 1997.

— sp. STEWART, Jean.

4. SPENCER, Charles. Born 1906.

— sp. TORGERSON, Myrtle.

4. SPENCER, Florence Emily Caroline. Born 1907.

— sp. GORIEU, Joe.

4. SPENCER, William James ‘Jimmy’. Born 1909.

— sp. ACORN, Audrey. Born 1922.

4. SPENCER,Bella. Born 1913.

— sp. CASTLE, Gordon.

4. SPENCER, Ernest. Born 1916.

— sp. HARVEY, Eileen L. Born 1920.

4. SPENCER, Fred.

4. SPENCER, George.

4. SPENCER, Lawrence.

3. SPENCER, Amelia Janet. Born 1863; died 1903.

— sp. MCBEATH, Alexander ‘Sandy’. Born 1849; died 1918.

4. MCBEATH, Morrison. Born 1896; died 1918.

4. MCBEATH, Sedley John Betts. Died 1918.

3. SPENCER, Charlotte Maria. Born 1866; died 1889.

— sp. MCBEATH, Alexander ‘Sandy’. Born 1849; died 1918.

4. MCBEATH, William Alexander Spencer. Born 1888; died 1973.

— sp. FUNKLEY, Mary. Born 1889; died 1958.

3. SPENCER, Sarah Elizabeth Edith. Born 1870.

— sp. ROBINS.

2. SPENCER, John Robert [Chief Trader]. Born 1831; died 1893.

— sp. PHAIR, Anne Jane. Born 1848; died 1906.

3. SPENCER, Robert John ‘Bertie’. Born 1874; died 1940.

— sp. LEWIS, Margaret Eva. Born 1875; died 1962.

4. SPENCER, John Lewis. Born 1907; died 1933.

— sp. COVERLY, Vera May. Born 1909, Cardiff , Wales.

4. SPENCER, George Oscar. Born 1909.

— sp. ROSS, Lila Enid. Born 1903; died 1986.

4. SPENCER, Robert Joseph. Born 1911; died 1988.

— sp. ADAMS, Marjorie Grace. Born 1910.

4. SPENCER, Adam Frank. Born 1913; died 1985.

— sp. OXLEY, Phyllis Ruth. Born 1923; died 1985.

4. SPENCER, Hugh Phair. Born 1915; died 1943.

— sp. ROSS, Hazel Winnifred.

3. SPENCER, Edith Churchill. Born 1875; died 1962.

— sp. VOKES, Charles Jess.

4. VOKES, Edith Fauna Ansil. Born 1898.

— sp. FERGUSON, William Reid.

4. VOKES, Phyllis Alexandra. Born 1901.

— sp. WHITNIRE, John Thomas. Born 1886.

4. VOKES, Marjorie Manitoba ‘Peggy’. Born 1902.

— sp. HARRIS, Eric Townsend. Born 1902.

4. VOKES, Morris Spencer ‘Bud’. Born 1905.

4. VOKES, Edwin Hoskin. Born 1908.

— sp. MASSY, Genevieve Elizabeth.

4. VOKES, Mary Elizabeth. Born 1909.

— sp. JACKSON, Emory.

— sp. FRANCE, William Harlan. Born 1910.

3. SPENCER, Anne Ellen ‘Nell’. Born 1877; died 1937.

— sp. INKSTER, John Rupert Finlayson. Born 1874; died 1930.

4. INKSTER, Harold McFarlane. Born 1903; died 1972.

— sp. BROWN, Martha. Died 1967.

4. INKSTER, John Hamilton ‘Jack’. Born 1905; died 1973.

— sp. NORRIS, Laura.

4. INKSTER, Mary Edith. Born 1907.

4. INKSTER, Colin Spencer. Born 1909; died 1973.

— sp. SLY, Kathleen.

4. INKSTER, Norman Spencer.

— sp. MCLEOD, Christy Anne Lawrie.

4. INKSTER, Ruth Myra.

— sp. WILEY, Douglas Cameron.

3. SPENCER, Mabel. Born 1879; died 1898.

3. SPENCER, Emmie Maude. Born 1881; died 1931.

— sp. MCFARLANE, William Camsell. Born 1877.

4. MCFARLANE, Graeme Spencer. Born 1908.

— sp. STEPHEN, Margaret.

4. MCFARLANE, Barbara Mary.

— sp. MCPHERSON, Charles Duncan. Born 1877.

3. SPENCER, Effie Fortescue Martha. Born 1882; died 1971.

— sp. FINDLAY, George Wesley [Rev.]. Born 1881.

4. FINDLAY, Mary Spencer. Born 1909.

— sp. POLLARD, Ernest.

— sp. MOON, John.

4. FINDLAY, Leroy Francis ‘Frank’.

— sp. LEPAGE, Minnie Evelyn.

4. FINDLAY, John Ainslie Churchill.

— sp. MCDONALD, Lenore.

— sp. DURNAN, Gwendolyn Helen.

4. FINDLAY, Dorothy Spencer.

— sp. FUNNELL, John Francis.

3. SPENCER,  Charles. Born 1887; died 1890.

2. SPENCER, Mary Elizabeth. Born 7 July 1837; died 1880.

Scrip affidavit for Garton, Mary; born: July 7, 1837; father: John Spencer (White); mother: Ann Sinclair (Métis); claim no: 1706; scrip no: 10608; date of issue: September 20, 1876 =

— sp. GARTON, John. Born 1823 or 1829, son of John GARTON; died 1911.

3. GARTON, John Spencer. Born 1857; died 1933.

— sp. TAYLOR, Elizabeth ‘Eliza’. Born 1860; died 1931.

4. GARTON, John R. Born 1881; died 1934.

4. GARTON, Herbert Spencer. Born 1888; died 1968.

— sp. HANNAH, Myrtle Mae. Born 1901.

4. GARTON, Mary. Born 1888.

4. GARTON, Pearl.

4. GARTON, Helena. Born 1895; died 1980.

— sp. BRUCE, Edgar.

3. GARTON, George D. Born 1858/59.

— sp. Mary.

3. GARTON,Charles Stewart. Born 1861; died 1941.

— sp. Mary.

— sp. FIDLER, Priscilla Anne. Born 1873; died 1948.

4. GARTON, Howard J. [General]. Born 1908; died 1977.

4. GARTON, Tommy. Born 1912; died 1994.

— sp. Dorothy L.

4. GARTON, Ruth.

4. GARTON, Stella.

3. GARTON, William. Born 1862/63.

3. GARTON, Annie Maria. Born 1865/66; died 1944.

— sp. BRUCE, John Edward. Born 1861; died 1931.

4. BRUCE, Charles. Born 1889; died 1895.

4. BRUCE, Florence Marjorie. Born 1904; died 1940.

— sp. DEJONG, Henry.

3. GARTON, Mary Jane ‘Minnie’. Born 1867/68; died 1949.

— sp. ADAMS, John Robert. Born 1867; died 1932.

4. ADAMS, Mabel Frances. Born 1897; died 1985.

— sp. BERNARD, Louis Joesph. Born 1897; died 1984.

4. ADAMS, Norman Spencer. Born 1899; died 1969.

— sp. INKSTER, Edith Marian Gretta. Born 1910.

4. ADAMS, Lena Mary. Born 1901.

— sp. JACKSON, Henry. Born 1901; died 1990.

4. ADAMS, Richard Henry ‘Dick’. Born 1903; died 1979.

— sp. Alita.

— sp. GREY, Grace.

4. ADAMS, John Wesley. Born 1905; died 1979.

— sp. WARRENCHUK, Olga. Born 1913.

4. ADAMS, Susan Mildred ‘Susie’. Born 1907.

— sp. JACKSON, George Edward. Born 1896; died 1969.

4. ADAMS, Clara. Born 1909.

— sp. FOULDS, Hubert Douglas ‘Duke’. Born 1902; died 1975.

4. ADAMS, George Edward. Born 1912; died 1988.

3. GARTON, Priscilla Ann. Born 1873; died 1942.

2. SPENCER, Sarah G.H. Born 1841. Moved with her husband Joseph, their son, five daughters, and her two stepsons to British Columbia in 1895. [Source of info. including children named below: Judy Cartwright, descendant].

Scrip affidavit for Cartwright, Sarah; born: May 4, 1841; father: John Spencer (White); mother: Ann Sinclair (Métis); claim no.: 1700; scrip no.: 10602; date of issue: Sept. 20, 1876; amount: $160 =

— sp. CARTWRIGHT, Joseph ‘Joe’. Born 1839. Joseph apparently had two sons from a previous marriage when he married Sarah.

3. CARTWRIGHT, John William. Born 1873, Winnipeg; died 1952.

3. CARTWRIGHT, Fanny Daisy. Born 1875, Winnipeg; died 1963.

3. CARTWRIGHT, Mary Maria. Born 1877, Winnipeg; died 1959.

3. CARTWRIGHT, Amelia Ann. Born 1879, Winnipeg; died 1959.

3. CARTWRIGHT, Josephine Beatrice. Born 1883, Winnipeg; died 1953.

3. CARTWRIGHT, Dora Alexandria. Born 1888, Winnipeg; died 1972.

2. SPENCER, Rupert. Born 1836; died 1915.

— sp. ROSS, Mary Ann. Born 1840.

3. SPENCER, Annabelle. Born 1865; died 1926.

— sp. NAYLOR, William. Born 1868; died 1935.

4. NAYLOR, Lillian. Born 1888; died 1951.

— sp. MCINTYRE, Robert. Born 1888; died 1955.

3. SPENCER, William R. Born 1868.

3. SPENCER, Mary Emma ‘Minerva’. Born 1870.

3. SPENCER, Alice M. Born 1872.

3. SPENCER, Florence. Born 1877.

— sp. SPITTAL, W.

2. SPENCER, Charles A. Born 1844; died 1872.

— sp. TRUTHEWAITE, Sarah Anne Elizabeth. Born 1851; died 1915.

3. SPENCER, Alexander Alfred. Born 1872; died 1907.

— sp. MATHESON, Margaret Christy ‘Maggie’. Born 1869; died 1943.

4. SPENCER, Catherine McDermott. Born 1895; died 1967.

4. SPENCER, Charlotte Fraser. Born 1897.

— sp. SHUPE, Robert Dobson.

4. SPENCER, Maybelle Matheson. Born 1899.

— sp. THOMPSON, William.

— sp. LEWIS, Wesley.

4. SPENCER, Charles Truthwaite ‘Charlie’. Born 1901.

— sp. BRADBURN, Marjorie Helen.

4. SPENCER, Mary Matheson. Born 1903; died 1996.

— sp. VAUGHAN, James William. Born 1895; died 1990.

4. SPENCER, Anna Christine. Born 1907.

— sp. CARRUTHERS, James Gordon.


13 Responses to Ann Sinclair

  1. Judy Cartwright says:

    I am the g grandaughter of Sarah G H Spencer Cartwright. She is daughter of John Spencer and Anne Sinclair and granddaughter to William Sinclair and Nahovway. Sarah married Joseph Cartwright and moved with her son and 5 daughters and 2 step sons to British Columbia in 1895.

    • hallnjean says:

      Greetings Judy, always good to hear from a family member — and thank you so much for the info, I’ll update Sarah and Joseph’s entry 🙂

      • Judy Cartwright says:

        Sarah and Joe’s children are John William 1873-1952 Fanny Daisy 1875-1963 Mary Maria 1877-1959 Amelia Ann 1879-1959 Josephine Beatrice 1883-1953 Dora Alexandria 1888-1972 They were all born in Winnipeg.

      • hallnjean says:

        Excellent, have added to the list.

  2. Jane Cromarty says:

    I am searching for an Ann Spencer who md. James Cromarty and had a son John b.abt 1850. If she is on your family tree please get back to me. Jane cromarty

  3. Rod says:

    Although Ann Sinclair was indeed married to J. H. Spencer, she was not his first wife. He had made an alliance with a girl, name unknown, probably from the York Fort “homeguard”, as early as 1812. In 1813, without leave, he absented himself from the fort to see her. There are several mentions of it in the fort’s journal:

    April 19, 1813 “Two Indians the father & brother of the Girl secretly engaged to Mr Spencer came for provisions – they say they had seen where he had stopt to eat about 2 miles from here but without making a fire.” (HBCA Reel 1M163 B.239/a/124)
    May 11, 1813 “In the evening Wilks came from Severn accompanied by Mr Spencer & his [Wilk’s] son.” (HBCA Reel 1M163 B.239/a/124)
    May 12, 1813 “Mr Spencer alledges as his justification for abandoning his office the accumulated duties required it it. but this I do not by any means consider as the true one.” (HBCA Reel 1M163 B.239/a/124)

    The girl, evidently later in 1813, gave birth to a son, Henry. Henry was the boy who died in 1827, called above “Edward Henry”. Henry’s age at death (at the Image Plain, Red River Settlement), was given as 14 (HBCA Reel 4M4, E.4/1b).
    Edward was a different child, born about 1821, possibly by the same mother. Here are the notes I have for him, mostly thanks to the HBCA biographical sheets:

    Aug 27, 1822 Baptism at York Factory
    Sep 6, 1822 Sailed home, by Prince of Wales (HBCA Reel 2M76 C.1/797)

    1839 – 1840 Apprentice disposable Columbia (B.223/g/79)
    1840 – 1845 Apprentice Fort Vancouver Columbia (B.239/g/80-84)
    1845 – 1849 Steward Vancouver Depot Columbia (B.239/g/85-89)
    1849 – 1850 Interpreter Fort George (Astoria) Fort Vancouver Columbia (B.239/k/2,p.463)
    1850 – 1851 Interpreter Vancouver Island trade (B.223/g/7)
    1851 Retired (B.223/g/8)
    1851 – 1858 Postmaster Caweeman Columbia/Oregon (B.223/b/39fo.96; B.223/b/41 fo.140; B.223/g/9-13; B.239/k/3 p.38)
    Feb-Jun 1858 Postmaster Fort Nisqually Oregon (B.223/g/14-17; B.226/a/8,fo.20)
    1858 – 1861 Postmaster Fort Nisqually Oregon for Puget Sound Agricultural Association (B.223/g/42,fo.116,116d)

    1879 Counted in Washington Territorial Census of Pierce Co, p. 28, line 29:
    Spencer Edward, age 58, M, W, Carpenter, Unmarried, b. Manitoba, father foreign, mother foreign

    Whoever the mother was, she apparently died in 1821, and Spencer quickly married Ann.
    Colin Robertson in his journal and letters referred to Spencer’s previous wife a few times, including in the letter cited above. He is being sarcastic, as if to imply that such a wife was not fit for a gentleman. (Robertson later had such a wife himself.)

  4. Rod says:

    For more, I’m onionfield, and I’m at

  5. Alison says:

    From the Droulin Collection 1620-1967
    At Montreal Anglican Christ Church Cathedral QC John Hodges Spencer, Chief trader of the Hudson Bay Co married Ann Sinclair, spinster in June 24 1828.

  6. Janet says:

    I think you have done an amazing job with this research. I particularly enjoyed your presentation of the facts on Officer Holden. I am wondering what your thoughts are about the (reputed) half siblings of William Sinclair Sr.’s children, specifically Betsy, Benjamin, Fanny and George “Sinclair”. None are mentioned in his will and yet they seem to be affiliated with William Sinclair’s family all the same. I have read some interesting theories on the possible connection but am wondering if you have come across any explanations of your own.

    • hallnjean says:

      Thank you Janet,

      I have looked into the the other reputed siblings, but could find no concrete evidence that they were William Sinclair Sr.’s children. I also found there were at least 13 William Sinclairs working at York Factory during Wm. Sinclair Sr.’s career. Some were married to women named Margaret (an exceptionally popular name for women).

      It is quite possible that Wm. Sinclair Sr., who married Margaret Nahoway, had a close relative named William (or some other name) Sinclair married to a Margaret (or some other name) and so Wm. Sinclair Sr. could have had related youngsters that his own children might have called ‘sisters’ and ‘brothers’ as people in the past who were cousins (nichisan) would do when speaking Cree, Bungee, or Michif. (It is also possible that Nahoway had a close female relative married to a William Sinclair — in which case all the children of both marriages might also have referred to each other as ‘brothers and sisters.’)

      Cree and Bungee, and possibly Michif, were the ‘mother tongues’ of Wm. Sinclair Sr.’s children and likely remained the dominant languages for many of his grandchildren (particularly those at Red River Settlement who were fluently multi-lingual).

      People who were not familiar with Cree, Bungee, and Michif linguistic and cultural idioms may have mis-understood references to Sinclair ‘brothers and sisters’ and assumed all the relatives who were so designated had shared the same parents or grandparents.

      I mentioned the above conjecture in my M.A. thesis back in 2003 and referenced Gérard Beaudet, Cree-English, English-Cree Dictionary: Nehiyawe Mina Akayasimo-Mina Nehiyawe-Ayamiwini-Masinahigan (Winnipeg: Wurez Publishing, 1995), 251, 275. I have not done any recent investigating that might strengthen the hypothesis.


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