Hudson’s Bay Company Biographical Sheets for Seafarers

online index (surveyed 2015)

Note: I use the term seafarers broadly, as in “a traveller by sea.” As recent studies of seafaring that examine the experiences of women who accompanied their husbands to sea have shown, the sailors’ world on water included people other than seamen. While recognizing that the term seafarer signifies “esp[ecially] one whose life is spent in voyaging, a sailor,” my application of the more inclusive sense acknowledges the contribution made to the collective experience of sailors by passengers, masters, and crew members not necessarily qualified as ‘Able Bodied Seamen,’ such as ships’ carpenters, cooks, and surgeons.[1]

The list below concentrates mainly on sailors and seafarers connected with Western Canadian development via sailing Hudson Bay and associated waters (though a few of those included sailed elsewhere, but had ties to Hudson Bay and Rupert’s Land families, while others are included as examples of HBC servants — from labourers, to surgeons, to officers — who ‘worked passage,’ or worked in ship-associated trades, boat builders/ shipwrights and fishers for example).

Aitcheson, James (b. 1826) (fl. 1860–1885)” AB Seaman, Boatswain, Cook

Albert [Albert One–Eye] (b. ca. 1824–d. 1849)” Rae’s boat party

Allen, Robert (a) (1800–1845) (fl. 1829–1844)” Seaman, BC deep sea

Anderson, James (b. 1775) (fl. 1796–1828)” Seafarer, Tailor

Anderson, John (fl. 1835–1840)” Boat builder

Archibald, William (fl. 1867–1875)” Slooper

Auld, William (b. ca. 1770–d. post 1830) (fl. 1790–1830)” Ship Surgeon

Baikie, Andrew (b. ca. 1784) (fl. 1804–1822)” Seafarer, worked passage

Baikie, Thomas (d. 1913) (fl. 1858–1875)” Slooper, Labrador

Barclay, Forbes (ca. 1807–1873) (fl. 1839–1850)” wrecked as Boy, Sir Jas. Ross

Barnes, George (b. ca. 1866) (fl. 1883–1885)” Boy, Ordinary Seaman

Barton, George William (b. ca. 1816) (fl. 1830–1941)” Boy, 2d Mate, HB & BC

Batstone, Edwin (b. 1912) (fl. 1930–1952)” Sailor, Cook, Deckhand, Chief Engineer

Begg, Charles (b. ca. 1815) (fl. 1831–1865)” Slooper, Sloop Master

Beioley, Joseph (1785–1859) (fl. 1793–1843)” Seafarer, with son

Berchem, Frederick W. (fl. 1916–1931)” Crew, 4th, 3d, 2d, Chief Officer

Bethune, Angus (1783–1858) (fl. 1804–1841)” to China, Isaac Todd

Black, John (1817–1879) (fl. 1839–1854)” Seafarer, Shipper

• See also Australian Dictionary of Biography

• Note also Dictionary of Canadian Biography

Blackey, James (fl. 1828–1858)” Seaman, Boatswain, HB & BC

Bloxham, James (fl. 1760–1762)” Ship Surgeon

Borras, Arthur W.H. (fl. 1918–1921)” Master

Bradburn, Henry (b. 1864) (fl. 1886–1889)” Crew, Slooper

Bradbury, Llewelyn (b. 1920) (fl. 1939–1945)” Bosun

Brady, Charles (fl. 1744–1747)” Ship Surgeon

Brass, William (fl. 1837–1842)” Seafarer, worked passage

Brown, John ‘B’ (b.1809) (fl. 1815–1843)” Slooper, Sailor

Brown, Joseph (1772–1818) (fl. 1789–1816)” Sailor, Sloop’s Mate, Schooner Master

Budge, George (1779–1847) (fl. 1797–1818)” Seafarer, Charlton to NB, Emerald

Bunn, Dr. John (ca.1800–1861) (fl. 1819–1824)” Ship Surgeon

Bunn, Thomas (ca. 1765–1853) (fl. 1797–1853)” Seafarer

Cadney, Edward Guy (1881–1956) (fl. 1916–1951)” Engineer

Calder, Horatio Nelson (1807–1885) (fl. 1820–1823)” nb. name

Calder, James (fl. 1801–1822)” Sailor, Schooner Master

Calder, John (fl. 1803–1811)” Ship Surgeon

Calder, Peter (1799–1852) (fl. 1826–1852)” Apprentice Seaman

Carey, George (1858–1936) (fl. 1873–1919)” Slooper

Chambers, Edward (b. ca. 1797) (fl. 1816–1826) ” Seafarer, see Vincent below

Charles, John (b. ca. 1784) (fl. 1799–1843)” Apprentice/ Boy

Chilton, Robert (A) (1796–1863) (fl. 1811–1863)” Shipwright

Chilton, Robert Sr. (fl. 1793–1813)” Sloop’s Mate, Shalopmaster

Christie, Alexander (1783–1872) (fl. 1809–1853)” Seafarer

Christie, Ian MacKay (Jock) (b. ca. 1906–d. 1929) (fl. 1926–1929)” Deckboy, Seaman, Sealer

Cleveland, George Gibbs (1872–1925) (fl. 1919–1925)” Master

Clouston, James (b. ca 1823) (fl. 1842–1855)” Boatman with Rea, Seafarer

Cocking, Matthew (1743–1799) (fl. 1765–1782)” Seafarer

Colen, Joseph (b. ca. 1751–d. 1818) (fl. 1785–1801)” Seafarer

Cook, Joseph (b. ca. 1788–d. 1848) (fl. 1803–1824)” Seafarer

Cook, William Hemmings (b. ca. 1766–d. 1846) (fl. 1786–1819)” Seafarer

Corcoran, John (d. 1827) (fl. 1818–1826)” Seafarer

Corcoran, Patrick (b. ca. 1787) (fl. 1811–1822)” Seafarer

Corcoran, Thomas (b. ca. 1794–d. 1865) (fl. 1818–1865)” Seafarer

Cornwell, Sidney A. (b. ca. 1876–d. 1950) (fl. 1916–1923)” 1st Mate, Master

Corrigal, James (b. ca 1784) (fl. 1812–1815)” Sailor

Corston, William (A) (d. 1898) (fl. 1836–1893)” Slooper

Cowie, Isaac (1848–1917) (fl. 1867–1890)” Seafarer, worked passage

Cromartie, John (b. ca. 1792–d. 1870) (fl. 1812–1870)” Steersman, Sailor, Slooper

Cromarty, William (fl. 1783–1792)” Mariner

Cusator, George (fl. 1878–1881)” Slooper

Davis, John (d. 1824) (fl. 1803–1824)” Seafarer with children

Davison, John (Captain) (b. ca. 1764–d. 1841) (fl. 1785–1828)” Sloop’s Mate, Chief Mate, Master, Supercargo

Dickson, James (1787–1861) (fl. 1825–1843)” Seafarer, Wintered, Seaman

Dickson, Walter (b. ca. 1828) (fl. 1853–1873)” Porpoise Fisher

Dobson, Andrew H. (1902–1943) (fl. 1935–1941)” 2d Officer, Chief Officer

Edgar, Magnus (1826–1894) (fl. 1851–1853)” Seafarer, switched ships

Edmunds, David (1871–1967) (fl. 1910–1935)” Peterhead voyage

Esquinamow, Mathew (1842–1935) (fl. 1866–1922)” Slooper

Falconer, William (1739–1805) (fl. 1764–1786)” Sloopmaster

Faries, William A. (ca. 1847–1900) (fl. 1863–1896)” Boatbuilder

Fawcus, John (b. 1836) (fl. 1860–1865)” 2d Mate, Chief Mate BC

Fielding, Mark Stephen (fl. 1798–1801)” Surgeon

Flett, George (c) ( 1808) (fl. 1830–1834)” Sailor

Flett, George (d) (b. ca. 1816) (fl. 1829–1888)” Boatbuilder

Flett, George (e) (b. ca. 1803–d. 1849) (fl. 1833–1849)” Sailor, Slooper, Boatman, Schooner Mate

Ford, John Sr. (b. 1808) (fl.1869)” Fisher, Labrador

Ford, William R. (1877–1913) (fl. 1899–1913)”

Fowler, Jonathan Jr. (fl. 1756–1782)” Chief Mate, Captain

Fowler, Jonathan Sr. (fl. 1751–1761)” Captain

Freakley, Norman Edward (1878–ca. 1950) (fl. 1898–1923)” 2d Mate, 1st Mate, Master, Supercargo

Friday, Joe (fl. 1841–1857)” Woahoo

Garson, George (fl. 1830–1838)” Sailor

Garson, Thomas (fl. 1830–1834)” Sailor

Garton, John (b. ca. 1784–d. 1831)” Schooner Mate, Sloop and Schooner Master

Gibson, Alexander (b. 1808) (fl. 1834–1848)” Boatman, Fisher

Gibson, Alexander (fl. 1834–1847)” Boatman, Fisher

Goodwin (Goodwyn), Joseph (fl. 1866–1903)” Slooper

Goodwin, Robert (b. ca. 1761) (fl. 1781–1805)” Ships’ Surgeon, Seafarer

Graham, James (fl. 1726–1731)” Surgeon

Gray, Alexander (1839–1910) (fl. 1871–1908)” Master

Grey, Samuel (ca. 1837–1922) (fl. 1851–1884)” Fisher

Grey, William ‘A’ (1859–1927) (fl. 1873–1916)” Apprentice, Boatbuilder

Grieve, John (b. ca. 1828–d. 1849) (fl. 1842–1849)” Apprentice, Boatbuilder

Gunn, Isabel (1780–1861) (fl. 1806–1809)” worked passage, subject of crossdressing as sailor story

Hackland, George Garson (fl. 1861–1867)” Slooper

Hackland, Gilbert Spence (1828–1901) (fl. 1852–1890)”

Hackland, James (b) (fl. 1843–1872)”

Hackland, James (c) (fl. 1846–1853)”

Hackland, James Gilbert (d. 1915) (fl. 1882–1884)”

Hackland, John (fl. 1846–1853)”

Hall, Herbert Hanley (1880–1938) (fl. 1896–1924)”

Hamilton, Robert (1826–1891) (fl. 1844–1876)”

Hanwell, Henry Sr. (b. ca. 1750–d. 1826) (fl. 1766–1817)”

Hanwell, Henry Jr. (d. ca. 1833) (fl. 1806–1833)”

Harper, William (1783–1820) (fl. 1808–1820)”

Hawthorn, Hamlett Henry (b. ca. 1782) (fl. 1803–1812)”

Hay, John (fl. 1812–1815)”

Hay, John (‘B’) (b. ca.1804) (fl. 1833–1838)”

Hay, John [1] (fl. 1812–1815)”

Hay, John [2] (b. ca 1802) (fl. 1829–1836)”

Hay, John [3] (fl. 1838–1843)”

Hay, William (1866–1947) (fl. 1901–1912, 1922–1923)”

Haydon, Walton (Dr.) (b. 1832) (fl. 1877–1883)”

Hayward, John (1898–1930) (fl. 1914–1930)”

Henderson, George (b. ca. 1779) (fl. 1798–1811)”

Herd, David J. (b. ca. 1814–d. 1878) (fl. 1835–1878)”

Hodgson, James (b. ca. 1785) (fl. 1800–1814)”

Hodgson, Thomas (b. ca. 1789–d. 1865) (fl. 1800–1865)”

Holt, George (b. ca. 1750) (fl. 1768–1782)”

Hope, Frederick (fl. 1862–1868)”

Hopkins, Thomas (fl. 1754–1755, 1757–1760, 1762–1763, 1765–1766)”

Humphreys, Charles (b. ca. 1810) (fl. 1833–1845)”

Hunter, Isaac (ca. 1836–1906) (fl. 1857–1893)”

Hunter, John (fl. 1882–1909)”

Inkster, James (b. ca. 1774 d. 1854) (fl. 1796–1823)”

Inkster, John (b. ca. 1756) (fl. 1791–1798)”

Inkster, John (b. ca. 1756) (fl. 1791–1798)”

Inkster, John (b. ca. 1762) (fl. 1779–1784)”

Inkster, John (b. ca. 1762) (fl. 1785–1792)”

Inkster, John (b. ca. 1763) (fl. 1783–1786)”

Irvine, John (d. 1771) (fl. 1768–1771)”

Irvine, John Sr. (b. ca. 1753) (fl. 1771 1801)”

Isbister, John (b. ca. 1784) (fl. 1800–1824)”

Isbister, Joseph (ca. 1710–1771) (fl. 1726–1756)”

James, Duke of York (1633–1701)”

Johnstone, George (1797–1873) (fl. 1817–1831)”

Kean, Robert (1837–1912) (fl. 1875–1902)”

Kelloway, Charles (b. 1912) (fl. 1949-1959)”

Kennedy, Alexander (1781–1832) (fl. 1798–1832)”

Kennedy, Roderick (ca. 1821–1911) (fl. 1845–1849)”

Kerridge, Charles (fl. 1918–1925)”

Kirkness, William (fl. 1863)”

Lamphier, Thomas (fl. 1831–1862)”

Learmonth, Donald James (b 1914) (fl. 1956)”

Leask, Henry (fl. 1837–1841)”

Leask, John ‘B’ (fl. 1843–1848)”

Ledingham, John Emile (1880–1942) (fl. 1911–1942)”

Light, Alexander (fl. 1733)”

Lillie, Daniel (b. ca. 1780–d. 1858) (fl. 1820–1834)”

Linklater, Andrew (b. 1807) (fl. 1828–1839)”

Linklater, Benjamin (fl. 1841–1897)”

Linklater, George ‘B’ (b. ca. 1853–d. 1936) (fl. 1870–1885)”

Linklater, George ‘C’ (1862–1930) (fl. 1875–1919)”

Linklater, William (a) (b. ca. 1792) (fl. 1816 1855)”

Linklater, William ‘B’ (b. ca. 1822–d. ca. 1864) (fl. 1840 1864)”

Lloyd, John (fl. 1755–1756)”

Loutitt, Peter (fl. 1823 1830)”

Louttit, Samuel ‘A’ (1809–1876) (fl. 1829–1875)”

Lovegrove, George Frederick (1847–1913) (fl. 1882–1910)”

M’Aulay, John (c) (fl. 1840 1845)

M’Cargo, Robert (fl. NWC, HBC 1812–1848)

M’Carthy, Jeremiah (b. ca. 1818) (fl. 1844–1851)

M’Donald, Donald (a) (ca. 1792–1876) (fl. 1813–1834)

M’Donald, Farquhar (b. ca. 1810) (fl. 1832–1839)

M’Duff, Robert (fl. 1735–1737)

Mack, George Edmund (1887–1941) (fl. 1910–1928)”

M’Kay, Donald (ca. 1753–1833) (fl. 1779–1809)

M’Leod, Frederick (fl. 1911-1956)

M’Nab, John (Dr.) (ca. 1755-ca. 1820) (fl. 1779-1812)”

M’Pherson, John (fl. 1865–1875)

M’Ritchie, Malcolm (b. ca. 1810) (fl. 1840–1852)

Main, Alexander (1833–1901) (fl. 1873–1884)”

Mannock, Francis (d. 1855) (fl. 1839–1855)”

Mark, James (1851–1925) (fl. 1891–1921)”

Martindale, William (1824–1858) (fl. 1838–1850)”

Mead, George Henry

Merriman, John (fl. 1845–1854)”

Merry, John (d. 1729)”

Michelson, Johan

Miller, William L. (1868–1928) (fl. 1884–1925)”

Mitchell, Alfred Alexander (b. 1861) (fl. 1890)”

Moar, Alexander (B) (fl. 1871–1879)”

Moar, Andrew (b. ca. 1764–1767) (fl. 1786–1836)”

Monkman, Edward (fl. 1800–1803)”

Monkman, James (1775–1865) (fl. 1793–1816)”

Moore, Bert (b. 1906) (fl. 1927–1938)”

Moore, Thomas (fl. 1763–1778)”

Moore, Thomas Charles (1888–1939) (fl. 1903–1938)”

Morrison, Andrew (b. ca. 1834) (fl. 1853–1906)”

Morrison, James (B) (fl. 1831–1893)”

Mowat, George (fl. 1838–1843)”

Murray, Alexander (b. ca. 1860–d. 1912) (fl. 1892–1896)”

Murray, John (b. ca. 1859) (fl. 1883–1888)”

Murray, John ‘C’ (b. ca. 1840) (fl. 1860–ca. 1883)”

Murray, John William (1868–1950) (fl. 1891–1932)”

Napper, James (d. 1737) (fl. ca. 1716)”

Nevins, John Birkbeck (1818–1903) (fl. 1842–1843)”

Nichols, John William (1894-1955) (fl. 1913-1953)”

Nicholson, Allan (1861–1934) (fl. 1880–1921)”

Nicholson, John (fl. 1701–1710)”

Oman, Mitchell (b. ca. 1753) (fl. 1771–1798)”

Oman, William Jr. (d. 1866) (fl. 1860–1866)”

Oman, William Sr. (1802–1867) (fl. 1821–1867)”

Ouligbuck (fl. 1829–1852)”

Parsons, William Ralph (1881-1956) (fl. 1900-1940)” Son of Ships’ Master, NL

Pearson, Robert (b. 1751) (fl. 1787–1800)” Whaler

Pelly, Augustus Edward (b. 1821) (fl. 1838–1855)” Seafarer, spouse of seafarer

Picart, Benjamin (fl. 1751–1753)” Ships’ Surgeon

Potts, John (d. 1764) (fl. 1738–1764)” Ships’ Surgeon

Price, John (fl. 1756–1757)” Ships’ Surgeon

Prince, Mark (b. ca. 1761) (fl. 1788–1826)” Seafarer, Longboat Master, Shallop Master, Master of the Goose Tent

Prince, Thomas (d. ca. 1788) (fl. 1783 ca. 1788)” Sloop Master

Pruden, John Peter (1778–1868) (fl. 1791–1837)” Seafarer

Ramsey, John (fl. 1815–1817)” 2d Mate

Randall, Robert (b. ca. 1790 or 1770) (fl. 1800–1803)” worked passage

Reid, James Murray (1802–1868) (fl. 1826–1853)” 2d Mate, Mate, Master

Rendall, John (1801–1877) (fl. 1820–1866)” worked passage, Boatbuilder

Rendall, John George (1842–1912) (fl. 1856–1912)” Shipper

Rennie, John (b. ca. 1840) (fl. 1869–1875)” Able Bodied Seaman, Boatswain

Renton, William (b. ca. 1754 d. 1798) (fl. 1776–1798)” Mate, Mariner

Reynolds, William (d. 1754) (fl. 1747–1754)” Ships’ Surgeon

Richards, John (Captain) (fl. HBC, NWC 1782–1803)” Captain, Commander

Richards, William (d. 1811) (fl. 1800–1811)” Sloops’ Crew

Richards, William (fl. 1757 1795)” Ships’ Surgeon

Ridley, James Henry (fl. 1830–1840)” Apprentice, Seaman

Ritch, William Sinclair (1852–1932) (fl. 1872–1910)” Slooper

Roberts, William (fl. pre. 1724, 1731)” Ships’ Surgeon

Robertson, Gilbert (fl. 1853)” worked passage

Robins, Richard Story (1779–1807) (fl. 1802–1807)” Ships’ Surgeon

Robinson, Alfred (b. ca. 1760) (fl. 1781–1788)” Ships’ Surgeon

Romanet, Louis” Seafarer

Ross, Malcolm (ca. 1754–1799) (fl. 1774–1799)” Seafarer

Rupert, prince (b. 1619 d. 1682)” does not list his mariner experience

Prince Rupert of the Rhine,” Wkipedia, notes he was a “Royalist privateer in the Caribbean. Following the Restoration, Rupert returned to England, becoming a senior British naval commander during the Second and Third Anglo-Dutch wars.”

Scarth, John (b. ca. 1770–1833) (fl. 1789–1818)” figures in the story of Isabel Gunn

Shanks, John Muir (1858–1926) (fl. 1906–1911)” Assit. Engineer, 2d Engineer, Engineer

Simpson, Alexander (b. 1801) (fl. 1820–1822)” Seafarer

Simpson, James (fl. 1838–1850)” Ships’ Carpenter

Sinclair, Harry (ca. 1785–) (fl. 1820–1822)” Seafarer

Sinclair, William Sr. (b. ca. 1766–1818) (fl. 1782–1818)” Seafarer

Sinnett, James (fl. 1861–1864)” Master, Captain, Commander

Slater, John B (fl. 1846–1856)” Slooper

Smellie, Thomas Farrar (1880–1963) (fl. 1915–1945)” Apprentice, 2d Officer, Master

Smellie, William (fl. 1845–1849)” Ships’ Surgeon

Smith, Arthur Cleveland (fl. 1900–1914) ” 2d Mate, Commander

Smith, William (ca. 1807) (fl. 1836–1841)” Seafarer, with wife and daughter

Southall, Norman Dauntsey (fl. 1788–1789” Ships’ Surgeon

Sowanas (fl. 1813 ca. 1815)” Boatman

Spence, George (1874-1954) (fl. 1912-1954)” Mate, Pilot

Spence, John (b. ca. 1813) (fl. 1838–1846)” Boatbuilder

Spence, John (C) (b. ca. 1798–1865) (fl. 1820–1861)” Boatbuilder, Ships’ Carpenter

Spence, Joseph (b. 1803) (fl. 1828–1836)” Sailor

Spence, Peter (b) (fl. 1836–1841)” Slooper

Spence, William ‘c’ (b. ca. 1806–1841) (fl. 1828–1841)” Fisher

Stayner, Thomas (b. 1770 d. pre. 1827) (fl. 1787–1801)” Seafarer

Stephens, Joseph (fl. ca. 1771–1775)” Sloop Master

Stephenson, William (fl. 1777–1781)” Ships’ Surgeon

Story, William (fl. 1757–1760)” Shipwright

Sutherland, Donald (1778–1872) (fl. 1795–1822)” Seafarer with children

Sutherland, James (1st) (ca. 1768–1806) (fl. 1787–1806)” Sailor, Mate, Sloop Master

Swain, James Sr. (b. ca. 1775) (fl. ca. 1791–1819)” Seafarer with son

Swanson, Alexander (1843–1858) (fl. 1857–1858)” Apprentice Boat Carpenter

Swanson, Joseph (b. 1821) (fl. 1835–1845)” Cooper, Slooper

Swanson, William (A) (1794–1865) (fl. 1812–1865)” Sailor, Sloop and Schooner Master, Master

Swanson, William B (1819–1843) (fl. 1835–1843)” Apprentice Sailor, Sailor, Slooper

Taylor, George (b. ca. 1760) (fl. 1787–1818)” Sloop Mate, Sloop Master, Mate, Master

Taylor, George Jr. (1798 1844) (fl. 1819–1844)” Sloop Master

Taylor, James (fl. 1858–1867)” Sloop Master

Taylor, John A (1835–1908) (fl. 1866–1903)” Sloop and Schooner Master, Captain

Taylor, Richard Hayward (1861–1940) (fl. 1918–1930)” Captain

Taylor, Thomas A (fl. 1851–1862)” Sloop Master

Tennant, Robert (b. ca. 1728) (fl. 1767–1793)” Sailor

Thomas, John Sr. (1751–1822) (fl. 1769–1814)” Seafarer

Thomas, Thomas Sr. (1766–1828) (fl. 1789–1815)” Ships’ Surgeon

Todd, William (ca. 1784–1851) (fl. 1816–1851)” Ships’ Surgeon

Truthwaite, Jacob (b. 1790) (fl. 1800–1829)” Apprentice Shipwright

Tulloch, William (fl. 1838–1843)” Seafarer with wife and child

Turner, George (b. 1839) (fl. 1868–1902)” Apprentice Slooper, Slooper, Schooner Mate

Turner, John (b. ca. 1751) (fl. 1778–1782)” Sloop Master

Turner, Philip (b. ca. 1812–1882) (fl. 1823–1882)” Head Ships’ Carpenter, Boatbuilder

Turner, Robert (1848–1907) (fl. 1863–1907)” Apprentice Boatbuilder

Turnor, Philip (b. ca. 1752 – d. ca. 1800) (fl. 1778-1795)” Seafarer, mapper

Udgaarden, Gustave” Apprentice Slooper, Slooper

Vincent, Thomas (ca. 1776–1832) (fl. 1790–1826)” Seafarer with wife, children and others

Waters, James (b. 1906) (fl. 1941–1948)” Chief Officer, Master

Watkins, George (b. ca. 1833) (fl. 1859–1861)” Able Bodied Seaman

Weynton, Alexander John (fl. 1846–1851)” in command, BC

Wicks, John (fl. 1820)” Seafarer, likewise wife and children

Wiegand, Thomas Jr. of (A) (b. ca. 1800) (fl. 1818–1869)” Slooper, Sloop Master

Wilson, James a (b. 1804) (fl. 1828–1834)” Sailor

Wilson, Robert (a) (1799–1864) (fl. 1820–1864)” Boatbuilder

Wishart, David Durham (Captain)” BC

Wishart, George (d. 1850) (fl. 1849–1850)” Seaman BC

Wishart, James (fl. 1849–1850)” Seaman BC

Wishart, John (b. ca. 1785) (fl. 1802–1823)” Boatswain Red River

Wishart, Nicholas (d. ca. 1784) (fl. 1776–1784)” Tailor

Wishart, Peter (b. ca. 1780) (fl. 1812–1817)” Boatbuilder

Wood, William (fl. 1770–1780)” Sailor

Yates, James (fl. 1848–1851)” Ships’ Carpenter, Shipwright


[1] “seafarer,” Oxford English Dictionary online [OED] (accessed 2004–2009); see also “mariner,” OED, which I use in the general sense, as in “1. … any person employed on a ship.” See Lisa Norling, “Ahab’s Wife,” in Iron Men, Wooden Women: Gender and Seafaring in the Atlantic World, 1700–1920, ed. Margaret S. Creighton, and Lisa Norling (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1996), 7091; Haskell Springer, “The Captain’s Wife at Sea,” in Iron Men, Wooden Women, 92117; Joan Druett, Hen Frigates: Passion and Peril, Nineteenth-Century Women at Sea (New York: Touchstone, 1998); and David Cordingly, Women Sailors and Sailors’ Women: An Untold Maritime History (Westminster, MD: Random House, 2001). The term ‘sailor’ I use for mariners below the officer rank. It is worth keeping in mind the observation of Sean T. Cadigan, “‘But for the loves of the fishes’: Maritime labour and ecological culture in nineteenth-century Newfoundland,” in Maritime labour: Contributions to the History of work at sea, 1500–2000, ed. Richard Gorski (Amsterdsam: Aksant, 2007): 105, who notes that most mariners of North America’s Eastern Seaboard “worked for short periods of their lives in deep-sea trades; they otherwise worked in a variety of related trades ashore, or within the contexts of much more household-like, small-scale production in fisheries or coastal trading.”


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