Hon. Thomas Bunn (St. Clements)

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Biographical Notes:

Date of Birth: 16 May 1830

Place of Birth: Red River Settlement

Father: [Dr.] John Bunn

Mother: Catherine Thomas

  • Secretary of State/Secrétaire d’Etat;
  • Honourable Member for St. Clement’s (Mapleton)

Other Political Positions:

  • Member of HBC Council of Assiniboia (from 1868).
  • Among “English Members” to 16 November 1869 ‘Convention of Twenty-four’ held in the Court House, adjoining Fort Garry, as representative for Parish of St. Clement’s.[1]
  • Convention of Forty Member for St. Clement’s.[2]
  • One of three English-speaking Representatives on the Committee of the Convention of Forty appointed “for the purpose of framing a new Bill of Rights” (appointed 27 January).[3]
  • 8? February: as member of Committee appointed to draw up the list of rights, was reappointed to “discuss and decide on the basis and details of the Provisional Government which is to be formed for Rupert’s Land and the North-West Territory.”[4]
  • 9 February: determined by Committee appointed to decide basis and details of Provisional Government to be “Secretary to the Provisional Government”[5]
  • 22 February: elected representative member of the Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia for the “Parish of St. Clement.”[6] See document: “Resolutions passed at a public meeting of the parish of St. Clements 22 February 1870
  • Elected member of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba for St Clements (1870).

Date of Death: 11 April 1875, St. Clements, Manitoba


Text of letter, from Secretary of State Thomas Bunn of Assiniboia, to Secretary of State for the Provinces Joseph Howe of Canada, dated 24 June 1870. Original filed with the Colonial Office, C.O. 42/687.


Thomas Bunn’s Contribution to the Written Records of the Provisional Government of Assiniboia:

The Manitoba Archives contains records, filed in separate manuscript collections, which it identifies as having been penned by Thomas Bunn, or which (in my opinion) appear to have been penned in the same hand as that attributed to Thomas Bunn, including:

Manuscript Group 3, Manitoba Provincial Archives, Archives Provinciales, Reference Tools, MG3, “Archives of Manitoba, Red River Disturbance collection (MG3 A and B)”:

MG3 A1: “Red River Disturbance fonds 1869-1870”

MG3 A1-12 “Minutes of meeting held in Parish of St. Clements to elect a member to the Council of the Provisional Government. Notes used by Thomas Bunn for speech at above meeting. 1870.”

MG3 A1-15Seasonal Sessional Journal of the Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia [sic].” Bound journal/scrapbook, handwritten with pasted-in columns from New Nation newspaper — blue pages, marbled edges, marbled front cover. Scans of the Journal pages, without the cover, have recently been made available online (see http://gov.mb.ca/chc/archives/leg_assembly/index.html). Note, however, that there is no mention of Thomas Bunn in the extended comments on provenance that introduce the scans. Instead, the remarks imply that William Coldwell probably wrote the journal. However, there is no indication that the handwriting in the journal was compared with other archived documents before composing the introductory comments.

MG3 B1-1 – MG3 B1-12: “James Taylor Collection.” Archival description: “The collection consists of correspondence relating to the election of the Provisional Government and Bunn’s office as Secretary of State: election returns: descriptive list.”

MG 3 B1 “Thomas Bunn (1830-1875), 1869-1870. Originals. 32 pp.”

Archival description:

“Farmer, Lawyer and Politician, Bunn was a member of the Provisional Government in 1869 from the Parish of St. Clements. He served for a time as Secretary of State and Vice Chairman of the Committee of the Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia to codify the laws. He was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba in 1870 for St. Clements and sat until his death in 1875. He was Clerk of the General Quarterly Court from 1868-1872 and was called to the Manitoba Bar in 1871.

“The Collection consists of correspondence relating to the election of the Provisional Government and Bunn’s office as Secretary of State. A File List is available.”

MG3 B1-2 “Election returns. Feb. 1870. Copy of Election returns for English Parishes (7 pp). Feb. 1870.” [Written on heavy blue paper, torn from a book, ruled in blue with margin in red, 8 1/2×17 brown ink].

Notations with document:

[most recent] “Authenticated copies made by Thomas Bunn of the returns of the Elections held in the month of February 1870 in the several English Parishes of the Red River Colony, of members to serve in the Parliament of Louis Riel.”

[older] “Copies, made and fyled by Thomas Bunn, of the Returns of the Elections held in the month of February 1870, in the parishes of the Red River Colony, of members to Serve in the Parliament of Louis Riel. Some of these returns are addressed to Louis Riel President of the Provisional Government and others to Thomas Bunn, Secretary of State.”

MG3 B1-5 “List of rights, commission and instruction to Ottawa delegates. 1870. Author: Thomas Bunn, recipients J.N. Ritchot, John Black, Alfred Scott, Commission and letters of instructions from Provisional Government. List of conditions upon which people of the country will consent to join Confederation (10 pp) (negative number: N5406). 23-23 March 1870.” [The collection actually includes letters of instruction, commission, and list of rights.]

MG3 B1-6 “Letters from J. Howe (copy made by Thomas Bunn) to J.N. Ritchot, J. Black, A. Scott. 1870. Appointment with Sir John A. Macdonald and Sir George E. Cartier (1 page). 26 April 1870.” One letter, archival description: “Copy made by Thomas Bunn of the letter given by Hon Joseph Howe Scty of State” to the three delegates, “by which they were received in Ottawa, when presenting the Bill of Rights in the capacity of ‘delegates from the North-west to the Government of the Dominion of Canada’.”

MG3 B1-8 “Telegrams to the Delegates in Ottawa. 1870. from J.N. Ritchot to Thomas Bunn and Maxime Lepine. Negotiations in Ottawa (1 page). 27 Apr.-20 May 1870.” Description: “Copies made by Thomas Bunn of all Telegraphic despatches from the delegates & letters from NW Kittson.” [4 messages  — the ‘letter’ is no more than a note].

MG3 B1-12 “Letter from J.N. Ritchot (Thomas Bunn [copyist]) to Thomas Bunn, Joseph Howe. 1870. Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia and Manitoba Act and arrest of Red River delegate on arrival in Ottawa (3 pp – incomplete). 23-24 June 1870.”

On the basis of comparison of handwriting in the above documents that according to archival notation have been “authenticated” as belonging to Thomas Bunn, and the handwriting in the Sessional Journal of the Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia I have concluded that Bunn was the author of the Journal (in this I may have been mistaken — see the comments posted by Archives of Manitoba subsequent to my research having been conducted and communicated — but I am holding with my initial surmise until such time as I have sufficient reason to conclude otherwise). By 1874, Bunn was apparently unsure of the whereabouts of “the record of proceedings of the Provisional Government” — presumably referring to the Journal that recorded  the Legislative Assembly’s proceedings.[7] After Bunn’s death in 1875 papers pertaining to that government were found to have been in his possession, although which papers, and whether or not the Journal was among them is unknown. Some of the papers appear to have been passed to the Manitoba Historical Society and eventually to have been archived by the Archives of Manitoba.[8]

[1] Begg, Creation of Manitoba, 64.

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[7] Report of the Select Committee on the Causes of the Difficulties in the North-West Territory in 1869-70, 122 ; A.-A. Tache, Separate Schools, Part of the Negotiations in Ottawa, 1870 (St. Boniface?: Canadian Publishing Company?, 1893?), 1.

[8] See George Bryce, “Two Provisional Governments in Manitoba, Containing and Interesting Discussion of the Riel Rebellion, With an Appendix Embodying the Four Bills of Rights Verbatim,” Manitoba Historical Society Transactions ser. 1, no. 38 (read 9 January 1890), who refers to having some of Bunn’s papers in his possession.



Thomas Bunn’s Red River, North-west, Pacific Slope, and Canadian Family Ties:

[with overlaps that I find confusing in green]

1. BUNN, Thomas [Sr.]. Born c. 1764/ 1765, at Hendon, Middlesex, England, to Benjamin BUNN (c.1730–1804), and Elizabeth STREEK/STEEKE; baptized 14 September/ October 1765, at St. Botolph in Aldgate, London, England; 1st marriage 22 December 1789, Hendon, Middlesex, England; HBC career; 2d marriage “between 1795 and 1799”; 3d marriage 9 September 1820; retired to Red River Settlement 1822; died 15 January 1853; buried St. John’s Anglican Cemetery, Red River Settlement. His grave marker reads:

“Here lie the remains of Thomas Bunn Liveryman of the city of London Who died 15th Jan. 1853 In his 88th year and of Phoebe his wife who died 29th June 1848. This stone is the faint but only memorial which can be offered by their grateful children. Their marriage on Sept. 8th 1820 at Rock Depot near York Factory, was the first conducted in western Canada by Anglican clergyman, Rev. John West M.A.”

— sp. ROPER, Jane. Born 1769 to William ROPER; died 1795, London.

— sp. McNAB, Sarah. Born c. 1778/ 1779 to Dr. John McNAB (born 1755, village of Aberdour, Fife; said to have received medical training at London, England, in the 1770’s; died c. 1820), and Jane (a woman of Hudson Bay); sister to John McNAB Jr. (born 1780 at Albany; died 1814?), who married Jane/ Jennifer/ ‘Jennie’ COOK (born c. 1789/ 1794 to William Hemmings COOK and one of his wives, possibly Kahnawpawamakan/ Kahnawoswama-kan); sister to Thomas McNAB (born c. 1781), who married Mary Jane (a Saulteux woman); believed to have died c. 1806/ 1810 [but I have doubts, and think her death  might have been in 1816, and probably due to childbirth; so I am not sure which of the children might hers, and which were Phoebe Bunn’s].

2. BUNN, Mary ‘Nancy’. Born 15 April 1798/1799 Rupert’s Land; registered at school 9 September 1809 by George Geddes at York; married 27 January 1815, St. Paul’s parish, Red River; died 27 May 1873, St. Andrews parish, Red River Settlement.

— sp. MCKAY, William. Born 1793 Albany Factory, James Bay, to John McKAY (b.c. 1753 Clyne, Sutherlandshire), and Mary FAVEL ; died 12 March 1864, St. Andrew’s parish, Red River Settlement.

3. McKAY, Louisa. Born 16 May 1816 Rupert’s Land; married 1 September 1841, Mistassini, Quebec; died 7/12 July 1877; buried St. Andrews Mission, Key Indian Reserve (Norquay, Saskatchewan).

Scrip affidavit for Robertson, Louisa; born: May 16, 1816; husband: James Robertson; father: Wm. McKay (Métis); mother: Mary McKay (Métis); claim no: 289; scrip no: 2178 to 2185; date of issue: May 1, 1876; amount: $160 =

— sp. ROBERTSON, James. Born 1815 to James ROBERTSON and Lal-o-way-show; died 27 March 1857.


3. McKAY, Matilda. Born c. 1817; died 3 June 1833, Mistassini, Quebec.

3. McKAY, Margaret. Born c. 1823; married 14 August 1854, Little Whale River, James Bay; died 13 October 1902, Rupert House, Quebec.

— sp. CORSTON, William. Born 10 January 1819, Orkney; HBC career; died 6 April 1890/1898, Moose Factory, James Bay.

4. CORSTON, William Jr. Born c. 1850, Little Whale River; baptized 14 August 1854, Little Whale River; married 18 November 1897; died 1903, Mobert, Ontario.

— sp. LOUTIT, Jane.

4. CORSTON, Mary. Born c. 1850/1853, Little Whale River; married 17 June 1870; married 17 June 1870; died 1938, Fort William, Ontario.

— sp. FAIRIES, Angus. Born c. 1840; HBC career; died 19 January 1900.

5. FAIRIES, Richard [Archdeacon]. Born 30 August 1870; “assisted his great uncle, John Alexander Mackay in the compilation of the Anglican / Cree dictionary and the translation of the Bible into Cree”; died 13 April 1964.

— sp. CRAIG, Catherine Isabella. Died July 1951.

5. FAIRIES, Jane. Born 1874; married 1902.

– sp. ALSTON, Ashton.

6. ALSTON, Mary Adelaide.

— sp. TAYLOR, Charles G.

4. CORSTON, John. Born 1854, Little Whale River, Quebec; baptized 14 August 1854, Little Whale River; died 17 October 1947, Chapleau, Ontario; buried Chapleau, Ontario.

— sp. MARK, Sarah.

5. CORSTON, John.

4. CORSTON, Margaret. Born 1858, Fort William, Ontario; baptized 22 August 1858; married 8 April 1896.

— sp. ISERHOFF, John.

4. CORSTON, Jane. Born 1862; baptized 20 Joly 1862; married 1889.

— sp.

5. CORSTON, Edward. Born 1879

— sp. MORRISON, James.

5. MORRISON, William.

4. CORSTON, James. Born 1864; baptized 10 July 1864; married 18 April 1895.

— sp. ELISON, Emily.

4. CORSTON, Louisa Isabella. Born 1872; married 14 February 1894; wrote “Crossing Traverse BayBeaver 6 no. 6 (March 1927): 68 – 70, decribing “difficult journeys across Traverse Bay, Manitoba, in both summer and winter”; died “on the way to Fort William in 1911 from Fort Hope.”

— sp. GORDON, Charles Hugh Munroe. Born in Scotland to John GORDON; HBC career; lived at Fort Hope, then moved to vicinity of Thunder Bay, ON; moved in 1927 to Pine Falls MB; Justice of the Peace at Pine Falls MB; Died 3 November 1934 at Winnipeg.

Articles written by Charles H.M. Munroe published in the Beaver magazine: Fraternity of Medicine Men; M. de la Jemmeraye; The Name Manitoba; A Lonely Christmas Day; Music of the North American Indian; Old life in the Service; A Retrospect; Fort Alexander Post News; Peetawabinoo, the Ill-Fated; Whale Hunting in James Bay; York Boat Crew; Sailing the Hoodoo Ship on Hudson Bay; Cree Indian Legends, No.1-How Chekapash Snared the Sun; Christmas Forty Years Ago; Cree Indian Legends, No.2-The Story of Iashishish (As Told by Capesisit); The Conjuror’s Revenge; The Founding of Fort Maurepas; Fort Alexander News; Pemmican; Schooner ‘Mink’; The Disappearing Birch-Bark; Winter Travel By Dogs; Cross Lake.

5. GORDON, Clarence Munroe. Born May 1893; baptized 12 September 1894; died 28 October 1896.

?5. GORDON, Edward.

5. GORDON, Eric Munroe. Born 18 August c. 1898; baptized 29 August 1898; died 22 November 1947.

5. GORDON, Lillian. Born 15 February 1901; baptized 15 February 1901; died 18 April 1990.

5. GORDON, William John. Born 23 October 1904.

5. GORDON, Walter. Born 27 November 1906; baptized 13 January 1907.

5. GORDON, Charles Munroe. Born 20 October 1903; baptized 17 November 1903; died 27 May 1979.

5. GORDON, Charlotte. Baptized 6 July 1913.

3. McKAY, Isabella. Born c. 1824; married 17 March 1859 St. Andrews Mission, Key Indian Reserve (Norquay, Saskatchewan); died 8 November 1872, St. Andrews Mission, Key Indian Reserve (Norquay, Saskatchewan).

— sp. PEEBLES, James. Born 1811 to James PEEBLES and Mary (a First Nations woman); buried 12 October 1882.

Scrip affidavit for Peebles, James; born: 1811; father: James Peebles (Scot); mother: Mary (Indian); claim no: 275; scrip no: 2074 to 2081; date of issue: May 1, 1876; amount: $160; wife: Isabella Peebles, who died November 8, 1872; her mother: Mary McKay (Métis); her father: Wm. McKay (Métis); her heirs: her sisters Louisa, widow of James Robertson; Elizabeth, wife of John McKay; and Maria, wife of Adam Macdonald; claim no: 276; scrip no: 9068 to 9070; date of issue: July 3, 1876; amount: $160 =

4. PEEBLES, Louisa.

— sp. ROBERTSON, James.

4. PEEBLES, Elizabeth. Born St. Andrews, Red River Settlement; died 12 September 1864, Red River.

— sp. McKAY, John.

4. PEEBLES, Marie.

— sp. McDONALD, Adam.

3. McKAY, Joseph William. Born 31 January 1829, Rupert House; at 9 or 10 years old attended the Red River Academy for 5 years, boarding with his grandfather Thomas BUNN — “according to family tradition his parents had intended to send him to school in Scotland but he literally missed the boat”; married 16 June 1860, Victoria, British Columbia; died 21 December 1900, Victoria, British Columbia.

— sp. HOLMES, Helen. Born 20 July 1840, England, to John HOLMES and Agnes; died February 1914, Victoria, British Columbia.

4. McKAY, William Drake. Born 8 June 1861, Victoria, British Columbia; died January 1914, Victoria, British Columbia.

4. McKAY, Mary Agnes Porter. Born 3 January 1863; died 4 May 1946, Duncan, British Columbia.

4. McKAY, Kenneth Mouat. Born 13 December 1864, Victoria, BC; died, 3 September 1891, Tacoma, Washington.

4. McKAY, Lilias Mabel Hanking. Born 17 January 1871, Victoria, BC; married November 1873, Victoria, British Columbia; died 21 October 1951, South Pender Island, British Columbia.

— sp. SPALDING, Arthur Reed. Born 1863, Hastings, Sussex, England.

4. McKAY, Gertrude Helen Hope. Born 23 November 1873, Victoria, British Columbia; died 19 November 1952, Victoria, British Columbia.

4. McKAY, Alice Katherine. Born 7 August 1880, Victoria, British Columbia; died 2 July 1952, Cowichan, BC.

3. McKAY, Mary Fletcher. Born 11 May 1831, Rupert House; married 26 June 1849, Moose Factory; died 26 November 1910.

— sp. RICHARDS, Thomas G. Born 16 June 1820, Moose Factory to Thomas RICHARDS and Margaret MOORE; died 31 March 1890, Fort Williams, Ontario.

4. RICHARDS, Edward [Rev.]. Born Fort Hope, Albany River; died 1922, Sioux Lookout, Ontario.

— sp. JONES, Jane.

4. RICHARDS, John George. Born Moose Factory.

4. RICHARDS, Robert. Born Moose Factory; died Moose Factory.

4. RICHARDS, Ellen Mary. Born Moose Factory.

— sp. WELLS, John J.

4. RICHARDS, Christiana Barbara. Born Moose Factory; died Moose Factory.

4. RICHARDS, William Thomas. Born December 1850; died 19 May 1928.

— sp. SAUNDERS, Mary.

4. RICHARDS, Louisa Anne. Born July 1866, Brunswick House; died March 1935.

— sp. KIRKUP, Cyrus Henry. Born Wakefield, Quebec; died 1921.

4. RICHARDS, Albert James. Born Moose Factory; died Moose Factory.

4. RICHARDS, Clara Caroline. Born c. 1873; married 25 July 1910, Kenora, Ontario; died 31 July 1970, Winnipeg.

?– sp. MARSHALL, Henry. Born 1881, Hebden, Yorkshire; died 1948.


?– sp. SUTHERLAND, Frederick Henry. “a doctor in the Peace River area.”

5. SUTHERLAND, Kathleen Mary

— sp. BOWTREE, Alfred Harold. “M.L.A. for Kamloops, B.C.”

3. McKAY, Nancy.  Born 11 May 1831, Rupert House; 2d marriage 2 March 1847, Moose Factory; died 1867, St. Clements parish, Red River.

— sp. EVERETTE, Joseph.

— sp. TAYLOR, Samuel. Born 22 December 1812, Orkney; died 17 November 1894, St. Clements, MB.

4. TAYLOR, William McKay. Born 6 April 1848, Rupert River, James Bay; died 19 July 1926, St. Clements, MB.

Scrip affidavit for Taylor, William; born: April 6, 1848; father: Samuel Taylor (White); mother: Nancy Taylor (Métis); died: 1867; wishes to partake in allotment and distribution of land set apart for Métis children =

4. TAYLOR, James. Born 2 April 1850, Moose Factory; married 19 March 1872, St. Andrews Mission, Key Indian Reserve (Norquay, Saskatchewan); 2d marriage 27 October 1890; died 14 May 1924, Portland, Oregon.

— sp. SCOTT, Anabella. Born 6 September c. 1853/1854 to William SCOTT and Anne SETTER; died 16 June 1885.

Scrip affidavit for Taylor, Annabella; born: September 6, 1853; husband: James Taylor; father: Wm. Scott (Scot); mother: Ann Scott (Métis); wish to partake in allotment and distribution of land set apart for Métis children =

— sp. ROY, Hortense Almida. Born to Charles ROY and Felicite SIMARD; died Portland, Oregon.

4. TAYLOR, Jane. Born 28 August 1852, Moose Factory; died 19 May1934 Selkirk, Manitoba.

Scrip affidavit for Harriott, Jane, wife of John Edward Harriott; born: 28 August 1852; father: Samuel Taylor (Scot); mother: Nancy McKay (Métis) =

— sp. HARRIOTT, John Edward [Jr]. Born 29 June 1842 to John Edward HARRIOTT Sr. and Anne ‘Nancy’ ROWAND.

Scrip affidavit for Harriott, J. Edward; born: June 29, 1842; father: John E. Harriott (White); mother: Nancy Harriott (Métis); claim no: 995; scrip no: 7538 to 7545; date of issue: July 30, 1876; amount: $160 =

4. TAYLOR, Mary. Born 13 March 1853, Moose Factory; married 18 December 1881, St. Andrews Mission; died 19 May 1934, Winnipeg.

— sp. ARMIT, David. Born Orkney; died 23 February 1923.

5. ARMIT, Nellie McDonald McLean.

Armit, Nellie McDonald McLean; concerning her sister Christina Ann Armit’s claim; claim no. 1599; address: Winnipeg; born: 31 October, 1874 at Fort Ellice; father: David Armit (White); mother: Mary Taylor (Métis); scrip no. 3595 for 240 acres of land =

5. ARMIT,Chritina Ann. Born 31 October 1874, Fort Ellice.

Armit, Nellie McDonald McLean; concerning her sister Christina Ann Armit’s claim; claim no. 1599; address: Winnipeg; born: 31 October, 1874 at Fort Ellice; father: David Armit (White); mother: Mary Taylor (Métis); scrip no. 3595 for 240 acres of land =

5. ARMIT, Robert. Born 21 February 1876, Fort Ellice.

Armit, Nellie McDonald McLean; concerning the claim of her brother Robert Armit; claim no. 258; born: 21 February, 1876 at Fort Ellice; father: David Armit (White); mother: Mary Taylor (Métis); scrip Certificate 3602 for 240 acres of land =

5. ARMIT, David Edward. Born 11 September 1884, Riding Mountain, Manitoba.

Armit, David, Edward; address: Winnipeg; claim no. 1594; born: 11 September, 1884 at Riding Mountain; father: David Armit (White) mother: Mary Taylor (Métis); scrip for 240 acres of land =

5. ARMIT, Mary Louisa. Born 3 June 1883, Riding Mountain, Manitoba.

Armit, Mary Louisa; address: Winnipeg; claim no. 1597; born: 3 June, 1883 at Riding Mountain; father: David Armit (Whiteman); mother: Mary Taylor (Métis) =

5. ARMIT, John Ray. Born 22 September 1877, Fort Ellice.

Armit, John Ray; address: Kinosota, Manitoba; claim no. 488; born: 22 September, 1877 at Fort Ellice; father: David Armit (Whiteman); mother: Mary Taylor (Métis); married: 1900 to Caroline Asham =

4. TAYLOR, Robert. Born 2 September 1856; married 21 December 1881, St. Anderews Mission, Key Indian Reserve (Norquay, Saskatchewan); died 27 December 1906, Winnipeg.

— sp. MOORE, Sarah Ada. Born 20 May 1864 to Joseph MOORE and Helene ALDER; died 17 September 1929, Selkirk, Manitoba.

HALFBREED CLAIM OF SARAH ANN MOORE, WIFE OF ROBERT TAYLOR; To know why the Scrip of Sarah Moore re wife of Robert Taylor is not issued

4. TAYLOR, Anne Elizabeth Frances. Born 11 January 1859, Red River Settlement; died c. 1888 Red River.

4. TAYLOR, Louisa. Born 28 November 1861, Red River Settlement; died 22 September 1946, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

4. TAYLOR, John. Born 19 December 1863, Red River Settlement; died 13 November 1865, Red River.

3. McKAY, Robert Thomas. Born 8 September 1835, Mistassini, Quebec; married 14 August 1888, Tacoma, Washington; died 7 October 1888/1889, Tacoma, Washington.

— sp. BALDWIN, Fanny A.

3. McKAY, Elizabeth. Born 25/28 April c. 1836/1838, Mistassini, Quebec; died 9 September 1892, Red River.

Scrip affidavit for McKay, Elizabeth; born: April 25, 1838; wife of John McKay Jr.; mother: Mary Bunn; father: Wm. McKay; claim no: 2581; scrip no: 12158; date of issue: April 20, 1877; amount: $160 =

— sp. McKAY, John Richard Jr.

— sp. MOAR/MOORE, Thomas.

4. MOAR/MOORE, Rachel. Born 12 March 1858.

4. MOAR/MOORE, William Thomas. Born 8 June 1881.

3. McKAY, John Alexander [Archdeacon]. Born 14 July 1838, Moose Factory; married 1864; died 26 November 1923, Battleford, Saskatchewan.

Scrip affidavit for McKay, John Alexander; mother: Elizabeth McKay; father: John McKay (Métis); children: John Alexander, born: August 27, 1869; Charles Edward, born: Jan. 26, 1870; following are children of Elizabeth McKay and Thomas Moore: Rachel Moore, born: March 12, 1858; Wm. T. Moore, born: June 8, 1881 =

— sp. DREVER, Margaret. Born to William DREVER Sr. and Helen ROTHNEY; sister of Jean Anne DREVER who married William Cyprian PINKHAM (of Newfoundland); sister to sister to William DREVER Jr. who married Jane Elizabeth STILL/ HILL; sister to Mary Isabella DREVER who married James Farquharson McLEOD.

4. McKAY, John Alexander Jr. Born 27 August 1869.

4. McKAY, Charles Edward. Born 26 January 1870.

3. McKAY, Maria. Born 1840, Mistassini, Quebec; died 2 May 1912, Oak Hammock, Manitoba.

Scrip affidavit for McDonald, Maria; born: 1840; wife of Adam McDonald; father: Wm. McKay (Métis); mother: Mary (Métis); claim no: 229; scrip no: 1713 to 1720; date of issue: May 1, 1876; amount: $160 =

— sp. McDONALD, Adam.

4. McDONALD, Frederick Alexander. Born 29 November 1863.

Scrip affidavit for McDonald, Frederick A.; father: Adam McDonald (Métis); mother: Maria McKay (Métis); children: Frederick, Alexander, born: Nov. 29, 1863; Mary Isabella, born:; December 2, 1867 =

4. McDONALD, Mary Isabella. Born 2 December 1867.

3. McKAY, Jane Frances. Born 1842, Mistassini, Quebec; died 27 June 1860, St. Andrews Mission.

2. BUNN, John [Dr.]. Born c. 1802, Moose Factory; registered at school 9 September 1809 by George Geddes at York; educated in Scotland; ship’s surgeon; HBC career; married 23 July 1829; died 23/31 May 1861.

[See also Slide 29, “Lecture Transcript: An Introduction to the History of Aboriginal Sailors of Hudson Bay,” this blog; also Jill McConkey, “Native judgments: John Bunn and the General Quarterly Court in Red River,” M.A. thesis (Winnipeg: University of Manitoba, 2009); and “John Bunn (1802-1861) The First Metis M.D. in the West.”]

— sp. THOMAS, Catherine. Born c. 1808/ 1810 to HBC Governor Thomas THOMAS Sr., and Sarah; baptized 10 November 1822; died 3 January 1834/1835.

3. BUNN, Thomas. Baptized 16 May 1830, Red River Settlement; 1st marriage 16 March 1854, St. Paul’s/ Middlechurch; 2d marriage 30 March 1859, St. Andrew’s; living at Mapleton as of 1861; recorded on Lot 97 in St. Clements Parish/ East Mapleton 1870 [link to “Bunn House,” (a.k.a. ‘Victoria Cottage), Parks Canada, photos and description]; called to the Manitoba Bar in June 1871; died 11 April 1875, St. Clements.

sp. CLOUSTON, Isabella/ Isabelle. Born c. 1835 to John Robert CLOUSTON (1793-1850) and Nancy SUTHERLAND; Isabelle was sister to her brother-in-law John Robert BUNN’s wife, Jemina CLOUSTON; died 15 March 1857 (apparently due to complications of childbirth); buried St. John’s.

4. BUNN, John Robert. Born 26 August 1855, Red River Settlement; HBC career; 1st marriage 25 July 1883; Inspector of Indian agencies, Lake Winnipeg Inspectorate as of April 1912; died 21 April 1932; buried St. John’s Cemetery, Winnipeg.

Scrip affidavit for Bunn, John Robert; born: 26 August, 1855; father: Thomas Bunn; mother: Isabelle Bunn =

[See also “John Robert Bunn,” The Story of Manitoba p. 123]

— sp. RICH, Ann S.

— sp. GUNNE, Vashti E. Died 1931.

5. BUNN, Charles R.R.

5. BUNN, Victor William.

5. BUNN, Thomas Drake.

5. BUNN, Marguerite Isabella.

5. BUNN, John Reginald.

4. BUNN, Isabella. Born 15 March 1857, Red River Settlement; trained as a nurse; died 1929.

Scrip affidavit for Bunn, Isabella – Date of birth, 1857/03/15 – Affidavit no. 1822 =

— sp. HARRIOTT, Rachel. Born 9/ 17 June 1840, Rocky Mountain House, to John Edward HARRIOTT and Anne ‘Nancy’ ROWAND/ ROWLAND; step-daughter of her father’s third wife, Frances BUNN, daughter/ step-daughter of Phoebe SINCLAIR and Thomas BUNN (1765-1852) [see also the families of Thomas BUNN’s sisters, Frances BUNN and Mary BUNN below]; died 31 March 1909.

Scrip affidavit for Bunn, Rachel for herself and as heirs of Thomas Bunn; widow of Thomas Bunn; born: June 9, 1840; father: John Edward Harriott (English); mother: Nancy Rowan (Métis); Thomas Bunn: died April 11, 1870; father: John Bunn; claim no.: 957; date of issue: July 8, 1876 =

4. BUNN, Flora. Born 1862.

Affidavit Nos. 1824 and 1825 re claims of Flora born 1862 and Margaret born 1868, Parents: Rachel and Thomas Bunn, taken before Commissioner Machar, July 11, 1875

4. BUNN, Margaret. Born 1868/ 1869.

Affidavit Nos. 1824 and 1825 re claims of Flora born 1862 and Margaret born 1868, Parents: Rachel and Thomas Bunn, taken before Commissioner Machar, July 11, 1875

4. BUNN, Frances Jemima. Born 1870; died 12 November 1871.

Scrip affidavit for Bunn, Frances Jemima; sole heir to her mother – Rachel Bunn; name: Frances Jemima; born: 1870; died: 12 November, 1871; father: Thomas Bunn (deceased); mother: Rachel Bunn =

4. BUNN, Thomas William George. Born 1874; Secretary-Treasurer of the RM of St. Clements; married 22 February 1898; elected by acclimation as nominee for Councillor, Ward 3, St. Clements, 1904; Secretary-Treasurer of the Lisgar Masonic Lodge, 1917-1943; died 26 August 1944; buried St. Clements Cemetery. [Obituary]

— sp. HODGSON, Frances Jane. Born to Edwin HODGSON and Mary Jane, of St. Clements parish, Red River.

Scrip affidavit for Hodgson, Edwin; born: March 6, 1857; father: John Hodgson; mother: Catherine Hodgson = [see HBC career of John Hodgson Jr. and reference to marriage of his son John to Catherine DAVIS]

5. BUNN, Gerald. Born 1899; died 1916.

5. BUNN, Isabelle Adelaide. Born 1902.

5. BUNN, Maurice Edwin Thomas. Born 1904.

5. BUNN, Edward R.R..

5. BUNN, Mary E.R.


3. BUNN, John Robert. Born 1832; baptized 15 April 1832; HBC career; married 1859, St. Paul’s parish, Red River; died 28 October 1878; buried Middlechurch Cemetery.

— sp. CLOUSTON, Jemina. Born 20 November 1838/1841 to Robert CLOUSTON and Nancy SUTHERLAND; sister to Isabella, the wife of  Jemima’s brother-in-law, Thomas BUNN; moved to Edmonton ‘and other places,’ 1867 with husband and family; returned to Manitoba 1878; died 31 October 1888 (50 yrs); buried Middlechurch cemetery.

Bunn, Jemina – Concerning her claim as a head of family – Address, Middle Church – Born, St. Paul’s, November 20, 1838 – Father, Robert Clouston, (Scot.) – Mother, Nancy Sutherland, (Métis) – Married, 1859 at St. Paul to John Bunn, deceased – Children living, three (names on declaration) – Children deceased, five – Scrip for $160 – Claim 1662 =

4. BUNN, Catherine. Died 19 April 1861; buried Middlechurch.

4. BUNN, John. Born 1861, died 25 August 1862, Middlechurch.

4. BUNN, Isabella. Born April 1863, St. Paul’s parish Red River.

Bunn, Isabella – Concerning her claim as a child – Address, Middle Church – Born, St. Paul’s, April 3, 1863 – Father, John Bunn, deceased, (Métis) – Mother, Jemina Clouston, (Métis) – Scrip for $240 – Claim 1663 =

4. BUNN, Thomas, 1864, d. 17 Jul. 1866 Middlechurch.

4. BUNN, Annie.

Born 8 December 1866. Bunn, Annie – Concerning her claim as a Métis child – Address, Middle Church – Born, St. Paul’s, December 8, 1866 – Father, John Bunn, (Métis) – Mother, Jemina Clouston, (Métis) – Claim 1664 =

4. BUNN, Alice. Born 15 May 1869; died 8 September 1871; buried at Edmonton.

4. BUNN, William Robert. Born 1872.

4. BUNN, Frances ‘Fanny.’

3. BUNN, William Thomas. Born c. 1833/1834; baptized 15 December 1833 died 7 September 1847; buried 9 September 1847, St. John’s Cemetery, Red River.

2. BUNN, Sarah. Born 9 November 1808; baptized 9 September 1820; died 4 May 1876, Scotch Grove, Iowa.

— sp. SUTHERLAND, Ebenezer. Born January 1804; baptized 3 January 1804 Kildonan, Sutherlandshire, Scotland; died 1 May 1881, Monticello, Iowa.

3. SUTHERLAND, ELeanor. Born 1831.

3. SUTHERLAND, Isabella. Born 1833.

– sp. SUTHERLAND, George. Born 1822.

3. SUTHERLAND, Charlotte. Born 1835.

3. SUTHERLAND, Catherine. Born 1836.

3. SUTHERLAND, Whilemina. Born 1838.

3. SUTHERLAND, D.W. Born 1845, Maquoketa Iowa; saw service in the American Civil War.

– sp. Anna.


4. SUTHERLAND, Robert Earl.

4. SUTHERLAND, Ralph Gordon. Died in 1964.

– sp. BISHOP, Allie.

4. SUTHERLAND, Ernest Dee. Died in 1966.

– sp. LEE, Bertha. “a school teacher.”

2. BUNN, Frances/ Isabella. Born 1810; baptized 9 September 1820; died 1895. [Link  at LAC online leads to the wrong document. I haven’t confirmed it, but according to Rod’s comment posted on December 26, 2010, the text reads:

“July 4, 1875 Made scrip affidavit at St. Clements: I, Frances Harriott, St. Clement, Lisgar, widow of John Edward Harriott, say: I am a Half breed head of a family resident in St. Clement, but resided with my nephew Thomas Bunn. I was born 1810, York Factory. Thomas Bunn (English) was my father; Phoebe Sinclair, halfbreed, was my mother. FRANCES HARRIOTT; 4 July 1875; English; JOHN EDWARD HARRIOT; WILLIAM TAYLOR farmer.”

all of which shoots my theories about Phoebe Sinclair and Sarah McNab and their birth, marriage, and death dates out the window … ]

— sp. HARRIOT, John Edward (I) Sr. Born 1797, London, England “a son of John Peter Pruden’s sister”; Chief trader HBC; previously married — 1st to his cousin Elizabeth PRUDEN (b. 1800), 2d to Anne ‘Nancy’ ROWAND (daughter of John ROWAND and Lisette Louise UMPHREVILLE); entertained Paul Kane the  artist, at Fort Edmonton on Christmas Day, 1847.

[Frances BUNN’s stepfamily:

3. HARRIOT, John Edward (II) Jr.

Scrip affidavit for Harriott, J. Edward; born: June 29, 1842; father: John E. Harriott (White); mother: Nancy Harriott (Métis); claim no: 995; scrip no: 7538 to 7545; date of issue: July 30, 1876; amount: $160 =

— sp. THOMAS, Harriet Maria. Born 12 March c. 1845/1846, Red River Settlement, to William THOMAS and Eleanor/Ellen BUNN; died 1 October 1871.

4. HARRIOT, Victoria Ellen.

— sp. ROSS, John.


Scrip affidavit for Harriott, Ann; father: J. Edward Harriott; mother: Harriet Maria Harriott; born: March 12, 1846; father: Wm. Thomas (Métis); mother: Ellen Thomas (Métis); died: October 1, 1871; heirs: her 2 daughters: Ann Victoria; claim no: 996; scrip no: 7546 to 7553; date of issue: July 30, 1876; amount: $160 =

— sp. TAYLOR, Jane. Born 28 August 1852; died 1943 to Samuel TAYLOR and Nancy McKAY [see above].

Scrip affidavit for Harriott, Jane, wife of John Edward Harriott; born: 28 August 1852; father: Samuel Taylor (Scot); mother: Nancy McKay (Métis) =

4. HARRIOT, Jane Elizabeth. Born 1872; died 1923.

— sp. MASSEY, James Allen. Born 1858; died 1938.

4. HARRIOT, Christiana Flora Isabella. Born 1874.

4. HARRIOT, John Edward III. Born 1875; died 1951.

— sp. McKENZIE, Helen Annie Margaret. Born 1874; died 1905.

— sp. TAYLOR, Alice. Born 1893; died 1974.

4. HARRIOT, Louisa Harriet. Born 1878; died 1952.

— sp. SINCLAIR, Cuthbert Allan. Born 1884; died 1958.

4. HARRIOT, Frances Mary. Born 1880; died 1894.

4. HARRIOT, Edith Amelia Rachel. Born 1881; died 1959.

— sp. BANNISTER, Frank Arthur. Born 1888.

4. HARRIOT, Adelaide M. Born 1883.

— sp. McDONALD, William. Born 1865.

— sp. McDOUGALL, William.

4. HARRIOT, Alexander Arthur.

— sp. McDOUGALL, Grace.

4. HARRIOT, Grace Irene.

— sp. TICKELL, Gordon.

4. HARRIOT, Anne.

— sp. TRUTHWAITE, Alfred. Born 1883.

4. HARRIOT, Lillian. Born 1889; died 1975.

— sp. McDOUGALL, John Andrew ‘Jack’. Born 1876; died 1965.

4. HARRIOT, Thomas Samuel. Born 1893.

4. HARRIOT, Alice Jemima Emily. Born 1897; died 1978.

4. HARRIOT, Mary.

3. HARRIOT, Margaret.

— sp. DONALDSON, H. T. Born 1831, Lower Canada.]

2. BUNN, Eleanor ‘Ellen’. Born 1811/1812; baptized 9 September 1820; died 1870.

— sp. THOMAS, William. Born 1806; died 1874.

3. THOMAS, Mary. Born 1831.

3. THOMAS, William. Born 1831.

– sp. DAHL, Isabella Harriet. Born 1845; died 1868.

4. THOMAS, Edward John. Born 13 November 1863.

Scrip affidavit for Thomas, Edward J.; father: Wm. Thomas Jr. (Métis); mother: Isabella Thomas (Métis); children: Edward-John, born: Nov. 13, 1863; William D., born: Dec. 3, 1865 =

4. THOMAS, George Edwin. Born 1863.

4. THOMAS, William D. Born 1865.

4. THOMAS, Alexander Charles. Born 1868; died 1868.

– sp. ROSE, Charlotte. Born 1 June 1850 to William Rose and Ann ‘Nancy’.

Scrip affidavit for Rose, Charlotte; father: Wm. Rose; mother: Nancy Rose, who died November 13, 1874 leaving as her heirs her children Charlotte and Harriet; claim no: 2428; scrip no: 9720 and 9721; date of issue: August 8, 1876; amount: $160 =; Scrip affidavit for Thomas, Charlotte; born: June 1, 1850; husband: Wm. Thomas; father: Wm. Rose (Métis); mother: Ann Rose (Métis); wish to partake in allotment and distribution of land set apart for Métis children =

4. THOMAS, Eleanor Ann. Born 1873.

4. THOMAS, Sarah Elizabeth. Born 1874, Oak Point.

Braid, Sarah Elizabeth; address: Winnipeg; claim no. 1466; born: 1874 at Oak Point; father: William Thomas (Métis); mother: Charlotte Rose (Métis) =

– sp. BRAID, Joseph Edwin.

4. THOMAS, James Thomas. Born 1876; died 1877.

4. THOMAS. Born 1877.

– sp. HANNA, J.T.

3. THOMAS, Phoebe. Born 1833.

– sp. TAYLOR, James. Born 1828; died 1898.

4. TAYLOR, Mary Elizabeth. Born 1860.

4. TAYLOR, Sarah Ann. Born 1861.

4. TAYLOR, Eleanor. Born 1863.

4. TAYLOR, Harriet. Born 1864.

4. TAYLOR, Flora. Born 1866.

4. TAYLOR, Edward Thomas. Born 1868.

– sp. BONE, Ida.

4. TAYLOR, Margaret. Born 1870.

4. TAYLOR, William.

4. TAYLOR, Walter James. Born 1873.

4. TAYLOR, Alfred. Born 1875.

3. THOMAS, Richard. Born 1874.

3. THOMAS, John. Born 1875.

– sp. BALLENDINE, Sarah.

4. THOMAS, Dolphus. Born 1862.

4. THOMAS, Catherine.

3. THOMAS, Catherine. Born 1838; died 1841.

3. THOMAS, Charles Richard. Born 1839.

– sp. VINCENT, Charlotte.

4. THOMAS, Eleanor Harriet. Born 1871.

4. THOMAS. John Edward. Born 1873.

4. THOMAS, Charlotte Anne. Born 1876.

4. THOMAS, Caroline Ada. Born 1872; died 1881.

3. THOMAS, Sarah Elizabeth. Born 1839; died 1925.

– sp. EASTMAN, James M.

3. THOMAS, Henry James. Born 1842; died 1842.

3. THOMAS, Frances Jane. Born 1843/1844; married 3 August 1865 St. John’s, Red River Settlement.

Scrip affidavit for Campbell, Frances Jane (nee Thomas) the deponent; wife of Richard Duncan Campbell; concerning the claims of her children; Name: Edith Mary Campbell; born: 24 October, 1866; father: Richard Duncan Campbell; mother: France Jane Thomas; Name: Helen Elizabeth Campbell; born: 29 February 1869 =

– sp. CAMPBELL, Richard Duncan. Born 1822 or 1838.

4. CAMPBELL, Edith Mary. Born 24 October 1866.

4. CAMPBELL, Helen Elizabeth. Born 29 February 1869.

4. CAMPBELL, William Alfred. Born 1871; died 1961.

– sp. Annie.

4. CAMPBELL, McGillivray. Born 1868.

4. CAMPBELL, Alexander. Born 1870.

4. CAMPBELL, Eleanor. Born 1872.

– sp. LINKLATER, William.

4. CAMPBELL, Jessie. Born 1876.

4. CAMPBELL, Maude. Born 1878.

4. CAMPBELL, Colin Charles. Born 1879; died 1946.

– sp. HERALD, Aimee Florence. Born 1886; died 1974.

3. THOMAS, Henrietta Maria. Born 1846; died 1871. [See above]

– sp. HARRIOT, John Edward Jr. Born 1842; died 1924. [See above]

4. HARRIOT, Victoria Ellen. Born 1868.

— sp. ROSS, John.


Scrip affidavit for Harriott, Ann; father: J. Edward Harriott; mother: Harriet Maria Harriott; born: March 12, 1846; father: Wm. Thomas (Métis); mother: Ellen Thomas (Métis); died: October 1, 1871; heirs: her 2 daughters: Ann Victoria; claim no: 996; scrip no: 7546 to 7553; date of issue: July 30, 1876; amount: $160 =

3. THOMAS, Eleanor Sophie. Born 1847.

3. THOMAS, Alfred. Born 1849.

3. THOMAS, James. Born 1852.

3. THOMAS, Edward James Harriot. Born 1855; died 1916.

– sp. McDONALD, Elizabeth Jane. Born 1858; died 1948.

4. THOMAS, [daughter].

– sp. LINKLATER, Percy.

4. THOMAS, [daughter].

– sp. FORSYTH, W.O.

4. THOMAS, Gladys.

4. THOMAS, Stewart S.

4. THOMAS, Sidney M.

2. BUNN,  [daughter]. Died 15 March 1816, at 16 mos. [HBCA B.239/a/123]

— sp. SINCLAIR, Phoebe. Born 1792/1798; married 9 September 1820 [HBCA E.4/1b, fo. 191]; died 1848.

[See her page, https://hallnjean.wordpress.com/seafarers/captain-colin-robertson-sinclair/family-network-of-captain-colin-robertson-sinclair/phoebe-sinclair/]

2. BUNN, William. Born 25 November 1816.

Scrip affidavit for Bunn, William; born: November 25, 1816; father: Thomas Bunn (English); mother: Phaebe Sinclair (Métis); claim no.: 2215; scrip no.: 11084; date of issue: Oct. 2, 1876; amount: $160. =


[Credit: The original research on which this page is based was commissioned for the Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia Project, by Aboriginal and Northern Affairs Manitoba. The current page is presented gratis — I have no funding from any agency.]


6 Responses to Hon. Thomas Bunn (St. Clements)

  1. Colin Ray says:

    I am the great great grandson of David Armit, tracing family, roots, I am also the 5th great
    grandson of Thomas Bunn, looking for all information regarding family tree, my great grandmother was Mary Louise Armit, she passed away at age 36 and very little is known of her

    • david armit says:

      i am david armit b. 1954…my grandparents originated near fyfe scotland and moved to lethbridge ab prior to 1920….i am aware of an armit family tree that was completed in victoria bc

  2. Dale J Gordon says:

    Hi I am the great Grandson of Charles Hugh Monro Gordon who married Louisa Isabella Corston. She died on the way to fort William in 1911 from fort hope. He ended his career in Pine Falls Manitoba. He was the JP there. He died in WPG NOV 3/1934,his family was Clarence b. may 1893, d Oct 28 1896. Eric Munro b Aug 18,1931 d nov22 1947. Lillian b Feb 15 1901 d Apr 18, 1990. Charles Munro Oct 20,1903 d May 27, 1979. William John b Oct 23,1904. Walter b Nov 27 1906. Great grampa Gordon spent 45 years with the H.B.C. and had a distnguished career. Any more information needed you can contact Dale Gordon. Thank You for all your hard work.

  3. Kate Britt-Hazard says:

    I am related to the Bunn family in Aldgate, London and am researching my family history. They also had many links to India and possibly Antigua. I would be happy to share anything I know with others.

  4. John Corston, son of William Corston and Margaret McKay did not die in Rupert’s House, James Bay as stated, but in Chapleau, Ontario where he is buried.

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