Hon. Pierre Poitras, Baie St. Paul and Prairie du Cheval Blanc

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Preliminary Biographical Notes:

Pierre Poitras was born in 1810 to André Poitras (Canadian) and his wife, Marguerite Grant (possibly a Métis daughter of Cuthbert Grant Sr. — a fur trader with the North West Company, who was originally of Strathspey, Scotland — and a woman of the Qu’Appelle Valley region of Rupert’s Land, but see the note in “Family Ties” below). At the time of Pierre Poitras’ birth, his father was an engagé at Fort Esperance in the Qu’Appelle valley. Four years later Pierre’s parents settled their family at White Horse Plains, west of the Selkirk Settlement, to establish one of the first – if not the first — farms in the area.[1]

Nothing is currently known of Pierre Poitras’ early years. In 1832, at St. Boniface, Red River Settlement, he married Marie Bruyer/ Breyere/ Bruèyer/ Brillière/ Brien, the daughter of Baptiste Bruyer (Canadian) and an Aboriginal woman. With his wife and children, Pierre farmed approximately 181 acres at lot 205 of St. François-Xavier parish.

Determining the extent of Poitras Sr.’s participation in the provisional government during 1869 to 1870 is difficult, due to nominal duplication in the settlement. One of Poitras’ sons, born 1837, shared his name (and there might have been other individuals who did as well).[2]

In 1869 it seems probable that one or the other of the father and son named Pierre Poitras was a member of the 6 November Council of Twelve, and a delegate to the Convention of 16 November. On 8 January 1870, one was named a member of the Adjutant-General’s Council, to sit on the third Monday of each month.[3] A Pierre Poitras was also the Convention of Forty representative for St. François-Xavier.[4]

Based on the writings of Louis Riel, it seems that it was Poitras Sr. who was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia, representing Prairie du Cheval Blanc and Baie St. Paul. It was this Poitras who seconded the motion put forward by Hon. Louis Schmidt on 24 June 1870 to adopt the Manitoba Act.[5]

In a description of the events of 1869-1870, printed in Le Métis, 28 February 1874, Riel identified the Hon. Mr. Poitras as elderly. Riel also attested that after the Assembly was prorogued, “From July 15 to the following August 24,” Poitras was a member of a council which governed the settlement “in the interests of Canada, its province of Manitoba, and its Northwest territories.” Riel further avowed,

This period having passed, Colonel Wolseley arrived at Fort Garry. Instead of presenting himself amicably, as the rights of the people obliged him, his arrival was that of an enemy. The Vice President of the Provisional Government, Mr. F.X Pagée and Mr. Pierre Poitras, two of the people’s representatives who, the previous June 24, had amicably voted in favor of our entry into the Confederation, were peacefully on their way home. Wolseley had them violently arrested and dragged to prison. One of them, P. Poitras, an old man, was so mistreated by Col. Wolseley’s soldiers as to receive serious wounds.[6]

It appears that some time afterwards, Pierre Poitras Sr., and perhaps his son of the same name, moved away from Red River, to the Qu’Appelle region.[7] The name Pierre Poitras is among eleven signatories on the Qu’Appelle petition of 1873 asking that the Lieutenant Governor, “give us lands in compensation of our rights to the lands of the country as Métis.” A Pierre Poitras also signed as witness to Treaty Four, Fort Qu’Appelle in 1874.

Pierre Poitras Sr. subsequently moved to Duhamel, Alberta – presumably before 1885, as his name does not figure in accounts of the battles at Batoche. The records of the St. Thomas Church of Duhamel cemetery indicate that he died, 31 July in 1889, at the age of seventy-eight years.[8]

Member of the Provisional Government of Assiniboia; Position in the Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia:

  • Honourable Member for Prairie du Cheval Blanc and Baie St. Paul

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[8] “Qu’Appelle, Full Text of the Treaty,” Manitoba Free Press(3 October 1874), 6; and “Treaty 4 between Her Majesty the Queen and the Cree and Saulteaux Tribes of Indians at the Qu’appelle [sic] and Fort Ellice,”Treaty Guides, Historic Treaties, Acts, Agreements and Land Claims, AANDC, Government of Canada website, http://www.aadnc-aandc.gc.ca/eng/1100100028689. When the treaty process began in 1871, the question of who was ‘Indian’ and who was “Half-breed” was not resolved. At Red River Settlement, the census of 1870 had allowed inhabitants or enumerators to indicate which of the arbitrary categories that were offered seemed to describe individuals. Beyond the bounds of the settlement, however, such determination remained to be made. The initial signing of Treaty 4 was conducted in 1874 with Cree, Saulteaux, and “other Indians” (including Assiniboine and ᐊᐱᐦᑕᐃᐧᑯᓯᓴᐣ/ Native/ Métis) who inhabited approximately 50,000 square miles of the Qu’Appelle region (now southern Saskatchewan). The Treaty commissioner, Alexander Morris, was aware that all people of the area “were … concerned about the declining numbers of the animals which provided them with a living,” and that they wanted “protection against loss of land and livelihood.” They were particularly discontented with Rupert’s Land having been transferred to Canada without consulting inhabitants, and with newcomers taking up land without Canada having enquired about pre-existing claims. At the time there was still no process to deal with ᐊᐱᐦᑕᐃᐧᑯᓯᓴᐣ/ Native/ Métis concerns as distinct from First Nations entitlements in the North-West Territories outside the boundaries of Manitoba. Despite the mixed heritage common to families living in the area, in correspondence and formal documents associated with Treaty 4, all of the people affected were described as ‘Indians.’ It is not apparent from archival sources that everyone normally described themselves as such — though many might well have self-identified according to first language (that spoken by their Aboriginal mother). The designation ‘Indian’ was required for treaty purposes however, because there was no provision by which ᐊᐱᐦᑕᐃᐧᑯᓯᓴᐣ/ Native/ Métis claims could be made. Among the Cree, Saulteaux and “other Indians” who signed, there were ᐊᐱᐦᑕᐃᐧᑯᓯᓴᐣ/ Native/ Métis individuals and families. Gabriel Coté/ Pakwacĩ-emĩnĩ/ ”Wild Pigeon/ Mee-may/ “The Pigeon” (Fort Pelly: born c. 1818; employed as a senior hunter for the HBC; died 1884), for example, though he was a First Nations individual, nevertheless was of Métis heritage (the two cultural affiliations were not mutually exclusive at the time). See “Fort Pelly,” http://www.ourroots.ca/e/page.aspx?id=1031438; and John L. Tobias, “MīMīY (Gabriel Coté, Mee-may, Pigeon),” Dictionary of Canadian Biography, http://www.biographi.ca/009004-119.01-e.php?&id_nbr=5733.

For information on Poitras’ burial see ‘Interment List, St. Thomas Church of Duhamel Cemetery 1881-1891, http://www.angelfire.com/ab/camrosecountychurch/ duhamel/duhamelone.htm.


Family Ties:

1. POITRAS, André Henri. Born 10 February 1760, Ste. Foy, Quebec, to Michel POITRAS (Born Quebec) and Marguerite ARNOUL/ HENAULT/ HARNOIS de/ dit VILLENEUVE (Born Quebec); North West Company career; country marriage c. 1793; settled at Grantown, White Horse Plains, c. 1823; marriage formalized 1823 at St. Boniface, Red River Settlement; died c. 1830/ 1931 St. Joseph, Pembina, Dakota Territory.

Note: Some genealogies show Andre Henri POITRAS married to Marguerite ARNOUL/ HENAULT/ HARNOIS, with a son, also named Andre Poitras, who was married to Marguerite GRANT. Both father and son are described as fur traders who “show up in fur trade records as being situated at fur trade posts on the upper Assiniboine River in the 1790s and early 1800s respectively.” [See for example, Canada Tree 2, no. 3 (February 1995), online.] The children of the father and son might, therefore, be combined in the tree laid out below.

— sp. Aboriginal woman.

2. POITRAS, Henri. Born c. 1794.

— sp. GEORGE, Marie. Born 1807, Souris River, to Frederick GEORGE and Josephte, a First Nations woman; married 7 July 1815.

3. POITRAS, Euphrosine. Born c. 1825.

— sp. FALCON, Francois. Born 7 July 1815.

4. FALCON, Flavie.

— sp. BERCIER, Joseph.

5. BERCIER, Jean Baptiste.

3. POITRAS, Henri Chasseur. Born c. 1826; married, St. Joseph, Dakota Territory.

— sp. FAGNANT, Catherine. Born c. 1828.

4. POITRAS, Blandine. Born 1851; married 13 September 1876, St. Joseph’s, Leroy, North Dakota.

— sp. LEGER dit PARISIEN, Edouard. Born 1852 to Hyacinthe PARISIEN and Marguerite LETENDRE dit BATOCHE.

5. PARISIEN, Joseph. Born April 1884; died 26 September 1946.

— sp. ENNO, Mary St. Anne.

4. POITRAS, Marie. Born 28 December 1854.

4. POITRAS, Henry. Born 10 October 1855.

4. POITRAS, Bastien. Born c. 1860.

4. POITRAS, Henri. Born 5 September 1861, Assumption, Pembina, Dakota Territory.

— sp. GRANT, Mary. Born c. 1862.

5. POITRAS, Joseph. Born c. 1882.

5. POITRAS, Mary Cecelia. Born c. 1885.

5. POITRAS, Angelic. Born c. 1890.

5. POITRAS, John. Born c, January 1892.

4. POITRAS, Lucie. Born c. 1864.

4. POITRAS, Charles. Born 20 January 1868.

4. POITRAS, Napoleon. Born c. 1870

— sp. GRANT, Marguerite. Possibly born to Cuthbert GRANT Sr. (of Inverness, Scotland) and Marguerite (a Cree woman born c. 1775; possibly died 1846, St. Boniface) a.k.a. ‘Utiniwasis’ (although that is apparently a recently coined name). There is uncertainty about the birth date of the wife of Pierre POITRAS — she is easily confused with a cousin, Marguerite GRANT who was the daughter of one of Cuthbert GRANT Sr.’s brothers, and, some genealogies assume POITRAS’ wife was actually Cuthbert GRANT’s widow (born 1775). Other genealogies list her as Cuthbert’s sister, born c. 1790. If Marguerite POITRAS was one of the younger women of that name, she may have been born  c. 1783, 1785, 1789, or 1790; she apparently died c. 9 April 1866; and was buried 10 April 1866, at St. Boniface, Red River. There is additional confusion surrounding the marriages of all four Marguerite GRANTs.

  • Someone among them married Paul PAUL, or, Francois PAUL [Marguerite, a daughter of Peter GRANT?].
  • someone [1st marriage of Cuthbert GRANT’s daughter? born 1789? Or, 2d marriage, after 1799, of Cuthbert’s widow?] married Michel MONETTE BELHUMUER (born 15 April 1766, Ste. Genevieve, Berthierville, Chambly, Quebec),
  • and someone married Francois PERREAULT MORIN.
  • In addition, there was a Marguerite GRANT married to a Baptiste POITRAS.

2. POITRAS [dit BEAUCASQUE?], Joseph. Born 1806; 2d?marriage 1840; died 1849.

?– sp. PLANTE/La PLANTE, Nancy ‘Annie’.

Scrip affidavit for Plante, Nancy; born: May 1840; husband: Joseph Poitras; father: François Plante (French Canadian); mother: Louise Beaudry (Métis); claim no: 777; scrip no: 6057 to 6064; date of issue: July 12, 1876; amount: $160 =

?3. POITRAS, Marie Adele. Born 7 June 1867, St. Boniface; married 28 April 1884; 2d? marriage 15 November 1886, St. Boniface.

?– sp. GAGNON, Joseph Phydime. Born 25 August 1863, St. Casimir, Portneuf, Quebec, to Louis GAGNON and Euphrosine TROTTIER; died c. 1911 St. Boniface, Manitoba.

?– sp. McDOUGALL, Alexandre. Born 22 December 1862, St. Francois Xavier; baptized 24 December 1862, St. Francois Xavier;.

?3. POITRAS, Joseph. Born 18 January 1876, St. Norbert; married 25 July 1902, St. Boniface; died 31 January 1949, Winnipeg, Manitoba; buried 4 February 1949, Assiniboine Memorial Park, Winnipeg.

?– sp. RITCHOT, Marie Louise ‘Lucie’.

?3. POITRAS, Marguerite.

— sp. LAVERDUE/ LAVERDURE, Susanne/ Suzanne. Born c. 1820 to Alexis LAVERDUE and Angelique MONTOUR.

3. POITRAS, Zachariah. Born 8 June 1849; married 1872.

Poitras, Zacharie – Concerning his claim as a child – Address, Willow Bunch via Moose Jaw – Born, 8 June, 1849 at St. François Xavier – Father, Joseph Poitras, (Métis) – Married, 1872 at Cypress Hills to Marguerite Ross – Children living, three (names on declaration) – Children deceased, two – Scrip for $240 – Mother, Suzanne Laverdure, (Métis) – Claim 1568 =

— sp. ROSS, Marguerite.

3. POITRAS, Suzanne. Born c. 1844.

— sp. BOTTINEAU, Jonas.

4. BOTTINEAU, Charles.

4. BOTTINEAU, Joseph. Born c. 1864.

4. BOTTINEAU, Marie Seraphine Sarah. Born 1 January 1872, Wood Mountain.

4. BOTTINEAU, Elzear. Born 21 April 1873, Lebret.

4. BOTTINEAU, Jonas.

4. BOTTINEAU, Marie Rose. Born 28 May 1876, Willow Bunch.

4. BOTTINEAU, Isreal Mikeal. Born 1878.

4. BOTTINEAU, Angelique. Born 1879.

3. POITRAS, Marie Madeleine. Born 6/8 January 1838/1839/1840, St. Francois Xavier; married 7 June 1856, St. Boniface; 2d marriage 1871, St. Boniface; died 26 July 1909, Willow Bunch, Saskatchewan.

Klyne, Madeleine – Concerning her claim as a head of family – Address, Willow Bunch (via Moose Jaw) – Born, 1838 at St. Francois Xavier – Father, Joseph Poitras, (Métis) – Mother, Suzanne Laverdure, (Métis) – Married, 1856 at St. Boniface to Joseph Lafournaise and 1871 at St. Boniface to Guillaume Klyne – Children living, eight (names on declaration) – Children deceased, five – Scrip for $160 – Claim 1582 =

— sp. LAFOURNAISE/ FOURNASE dit LABOUCANE, Joseph Napoleon. Born 1837 to Jean Baptiste Joseph FOURNASE dit LABOUCANE (b. 1813 Red River) and Marguerite GOSSELIN (born January 1816, Red River, to Michel GOSSLIN dit COMMIS and Marguerite DUROLEAUX); died 1870.

4. LAFOURNAISE, Joseph. Born 1858, Portage la Prairie; died May 1883, Willow Bunch [Saskatchewan].

Lafournaise, Madeleine née Poitras – Concerning the claim of her deceased son Joseph Lafournaise, a Métis child – Address, Willow Bunch (via Moose Jaw) – Born, 1858 at Portage la Prairie – Father, Joseph Lafournaise, (Métis), deceased – Mother, Madeleine Poitras,(Métis), deponent – Died, May 1883 at Willow Bunch – Heirs, Madeleine Klyne, mother and deponent; Napoleon Lafournaise, Baptiste Lafournaise; Francois Lafournaise; Emerise Lafournaise; George Klyne; Louise Anne Klyne; William Klyne; Caroline Klyne – Five scrips for $26.66 – Claim 1633 =

4. LAFOURNAISE, Francois. Born 15 January 1866, ‘on the prairie’; died 15 September 1932, Willow Bunch, Saskatchewan; buried St. Ignace de Saules, Willow Bunch, Saskatchewan.

— sp. PETIT COUTEAU, Emilie. Born to Alexis PETIT COUTEAU and Louise Attikamek POISSON BLANC.

— sp. KLYNE, Guillaume.

Klyne, Guillaume – Concerning his claim as a child – Address, Willow Bunch – Born, 1839 at Point Douglas – Father, Michel Klyne, (Métis) – Mother, Madeleine Beauchemin, (Métis) – Married, 1871 at St. Boniface to Madeleine Poitras – Children living, four (names on declaration) – Children deceased, three – Scrip for $240 – Claim 1583 =

4. KLYNE, Genevieve. Born 15 January 1871, Wood Mountain; died 1877.

Klyne, William; heir to his deceased children: Genevieve, born: 15 Jan., 1871 at Wood Mountain; died: 1877; Rebecca, born: 1878 at Wood Mountain; died: March, 1878; Betsy, born: March, 1878 at Cypress Hills; died: 1880; address: Willow Bunch; father: William Klyne (Métis deponent); mother: Madeline Poitras (Métis); scrip cert.: form F, no. 490, Genevieve; scrip cert.: form F, no. 492, Rebecca; scrip cert.: form F, no. 494, Betsy; claim no. 192

4. KLYNE, Rebecca. Born 1878, Wood Mountain; died March 1878.

4. KLYNE, Betsy. Born March 1878, Cypress Hills; died 1880.

4. KLYNE, William Jr.

Klyne Jr., William; address: Willow Bunch; claim no. 26; born: 24 June, 1879 near Willow Bunch; father: William Klyne (Métis); mother: Madeline Poitras (Métis); scrip cert.: form E, no. 30

4. KYLNE, Marie Philomene.

Klyne, Marie Philomene; address: William Bunch; claim no. 16; born: 1885 at Willow Bunch; father: William Klyne (Métis); mother: Madelaine Poitras (Métis); scrip cert.: form E, no. 20

4. KLYNE, Louisa Anne.

Klyne, Louisa Anne; address: Wood Mountain; claim no. 74; born: 6 March, 1874 at Wood Mountain; father: William Klyne (Métis); mother: Madeline Poitras (Métis); scrip cert.: form E, no. 68

4. KLYNE, George.

Klyne, George; address: Willow Bunch; claim no. 75; born: 11 June, 1873 at Wood Mountain; father: William Klyne (Métis); mother: Madeline Poitras (Métis); scrip cert.: form E, no. 70

4. KYLYNE, Caroline.

Klyne, Caroline; address: Willow Bunch; claim no. 15; born: 1882 on the Prairie in N.W.T; father: William Klyne (Métis); mother: Madeleine Poitras (Métis); scrip cert.: form E, no. 18

3. POITRAS, Charles Tchee-Non. Born 1842/1849, [or, 30 April 1855; died 1908, Belcourt, Rolette, North Dakota?].

Scrip affidavit for Poitras, Charles; born: Winter, 1849; father: Joseph Poitras (Métis); mother: Susanne Laverdure (Métis); claim no: 3179; scrip no: 12807; date of issue: Dec. 3, 1883; amount: $160 =

3. POITRAS, Joseph Knee-Cross. Born 5 April 1849.

2.  POITRAS, Pierre  Sr. Born 1810; married 27 November 1832, at St. Boniface, Red River.

Scrip affidavit for Poitras, Pierre; born: 1810; father: Poitras (André); mother: Marguerite Grant (Métis); claim no: 1424; scrip no: 10368; date of issue: August 21, 1876; amount: $160 =

— sp. BRUYERE/ BREYERE/ BRIEN/ BRILLIERE, Marie. Born 7 January 1815/1818 to Jean-Baptiste BRUYERE and Francoise SNAKE/SERPENT a First Nations woman;  died 25 March 1882, St. Francois Xavier, Manitoba.

Scrip affidavit for Poitras, Marie; born: January 1818; husband: Pierre Poitras; father: Baptiste Brillière (French Canadian); mother: Indian; claim no: 1425; scrip no: 10369; date of issue: August 21, 1876; amount: $160 =

3. POITRAS, Tobie David. Born 9/11 May 1834/1836, St. Francois Xavier, Red River Settlement; married 8 January 1856, St. Francois Xavier.

Scrip affidavit for Poitras, David; born: 11 May 1836; father: Pierre Poitras; mother: Marie Bruyere; claim no: 2653; scrip no: 12225; date of issue: Apr. 20, 1877; amount: $160 =

— sp. GESSON dit ST. DENIS, Madeleine/ Magdeleine. Born 20 December 1830/1831 to Paul GESSON dit ST. DENIS and Catherine GARIEPY; sister to Rosalie ST. DENIS, born 1853, who married Francois POITRAS; baptized 22 December 1834, St. Francois Xavier, Red River Settlement.

Scrip affidavit for St. Denis, Madeleine; born: December 20, 1830; father: Paul St. Denis; mother: Catherine Gariepy; claim no: 2736; scrip no: 9827; date of issue: April 20, 1877; amount: $160; =

4. POITRAS, Marie Caroline. Born 27 March 1857.

4. POITRAS, Christine/Justine. Born 4 June 1858.

4. POITRAS, Genevieve. Born 19 August 1860.

4. POITRAS, Jeremie. Born 1860/1861.

— sp. BRUNEAU, Josephine. Born 1868 to Paul BRUNEAU and Isabelle CARDINAL.

4. POITRAS, Jean Baptiste. Born 10 May 1862/1863.

4. POITRAS, Francois. Born 11 May 1865.

4. POITRAS, Soloman. Born 4 May 1867.

4. POITRAS, Appoline/Pauline. Born 6 June 1868/1869.

— sp. WELSH, Salomon Baptiste. Born 26 July 1870, Lebret [Saskatchewan].

4. POITRAS, Flora. Born 19 March 1872, Qu’Appelle Valley region, Rupert’s Land.

Wells, Flora (wife of Salomon Wells); address: Battleford, Saskatchewan; born: 19 March, 1872 at Qu’Appelle; Assiniboine; father: David Poitras (Métis); mother: Magdeleine St. Denis (Métis); scrip cert.: form C, no. 1785 for $240.00; claim no. 1138

— sp. WELLS, Solomon.

Wells, Solomon; address: Battleford; born: 20 January, 1870 at Dirt Hills; father: John Wells (Métis); mother: Julie Tanner (Métis); scrip for $240.00; claim no. 886

4. POITRAS, Madeleine. Born 17 July 1872.

Tanner, Madeleine (wife of Joseph Tanner); address: Bressaylor, Saskatchewan; born: 1877 at Swift Current; father: David Poitras (Métis); mother: Magdeleine St. Denis (Métis); scrip cert.: form C, no. 1499 for $240; claim no. 959

— sp. TANNER, Joseph.

Tanner, Joseph; address: Bresaylor, Saskatchewan; born: 1877 at Ball Hills, Saskatchewan; father: Thomas Tanner (Métis); mother: Marguerite Chartrand (Métis); scrip cert.: form E, no. 573 for 240 acres; claim no. 962

4. POITRAS, Isabelle. Born 4 May 1876.

3. POITRAS, Joseph B. Born 6/8 June 1833/ 1841/ 1844.

Scrip affidavit for Poitras, Joseph; born: June 8, 1833; father: Pierre Poitras; mother: Marie Bruyere; claim no: 2658; scrip no: 12230; date of issue: April 20, 1877; amount: $160 =

— sp. BRELAND, Elise. Born to Alexander Duboishue BRELAND and Amelie/Emily WELLS.

4. POITRAS, Marie. Born 1863.

4. POITRAS, Virginnie. Born 1865.

4. POITRAS, Floristine. Born 1867.

4. POITRAS, Joseph. Born 1869.

3. POITRAS, Pierre Jr. Born 1/11 November 1836/1837, St. Francois Xavier, Red River Settlement; married 14 February 1860, St. Francois Xavier.

Scrip affidavit for Poitras, Pierre Jr.; born: November 1, 1837; father: Pierre Poitras Sr.; mother: Marie Brien =

— sp. BREMNER, Isabelle. Born May 1843, St. Francois Xavier, Red River Settlement, to William BREMNER and Marguerite ALLARD.

Scrip affidavit for Poitras, Isabelle; wife of Pierre Poitras Jr.; born: May 1843; father: William Bremner; mother: Marguerite Allary =

?3.  POITRAS, Theodore Maxime. Born 11 March/ July 1839/ 1842.

3. POITRAS, Maxime. Born July 1839

Scrip affidavit for Poitras, Maxime; born: July 1839; father: Pierre Poitras; mother: Marie Breyère; claim no: 2657; scrip No; 12229; date of issue: April 20, 1877; amount: $160 =

?– sp. LAFOURNAISE/ SABOURIN, Cecile. remarried BONNEAU?.

Bonneau, Cécile; for her deceased son, Jean Marie Poitras; claim no. 2089; address: St. Paul des Metis; born: 1883 at the Forks of the Red Deer River; father: Maxime Poitras (deceased Métis); mother: Cécile LaFournaise or Sabourin (Métis and deponent); died: 1885 at Duhamel; heirs: Cécile Sabourin (mother), scrip cert.: form D, no. 1978 for $21.81; Maxime Poitras, scrip cert.: form D, no. 1980 for $21.81; St. Pierre Poitras, scrip cert.: form D, no. 1982 for $21.82; John Poitras, scrip cert.: form D, no. 1984 for $21.82; Mathilda Poitras, scrip cert.: form D, no. 1986 for $21.82; Anne Poitras, scrip cert.: form D, no. 1988 for $21.82; Patrice Bonneau, scrip cert.: form D, no. 1990 for $21.82; Marie Rose Bonneau, scrip cert.: form D no. 1992 for $21.82; Josue Bonneau, scrip cert.: form D, no. 1994 for $21.82; Annie Bonneau, scrip cert.: form D, no. 1996 for $21.82; Mathias Alphone Bonneau, scrip cert.: form D, no. 1998 for $21.82; file ref. 942561 =

?4. POITRAS, Annie.

Poitras, Annie; address: St. Paul des Metis; born: 1881 at Red Deer River; father: Maxime Poitras (Métis); mother: Cecile Lafournaise or Laboucanne (Métis); scrip cert.: form E, Mo. 1376; claim no. 2083

3.  POITRAS, Philavie/ Flavie Marguerite. Born 20 May 1848/ 1849, Red River Settlement; baptized 21 May 1848, St. Francois Xavier; married 27 January 1864, St. Francois Xavier.

Scrip affidavit for McKay, Flavie; born: 1849; wife of Joseph McKay; father: Pierre Poitras (Métis); mother: Marie Bruyere (Métis); claim no: 1344; scrip no: 10288; date of issue: August 21, 1876; amount: $160 =

— sp. McKAY, Joseph. Born to John Richards McKAY and Harriet BALLENDEN.

?4. McKAY, Joseph. Born 30 April 1865, Red River Settlement; baptized 19 May 1865, St. Francois Xavier; buried St. Maty’s, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

4. McKAY, William. Baptized 2 April 1867, St. Norbert, Red River Settlement.

4. McKAY, Irma. Born c. 1868.

?4. McKAY, Flora Ann. Born c. 1869, Lebret [Saskatchewan]; baptized 5 June 1869; married 30 March, St. Mary’s, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan; died 29 July 1948, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan; buried St. Mary’s, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

— sp. McKay, Joseph. Born 30 April 1865, Red River Settlement, to Joseph McKAY and Flavie Marguerite POITRAS [?!]; baptized 19 May 1865, St. Franscois Xavier.

5. McKAY, Arthur Cuthbert. Born 14 February 1887; married 3 November 1909, St. Alban’s, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan; died 5 May 1940.

— sp. BJORSTAD, Fanny Josephine Christine.

5. McKAY, Sidney. Born 26 May 1889; died 7 June 1889, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan; buried St. Mary’s, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

5. McKAY, Walter Hamilton. Born 30 March 1890, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan; married 13 October 1928, St. Alban’s, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

— sp. HOWARD, Florence Clara.

5. McKAY, Frank Davis. Born 4 December 1891, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan; died 13 March 1951, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

5. McKAY, Lucille. Born 1 June 1892; died 22 November, 1918.

5. McKAY, Margaret Elsie. Born 6 February 1895; married 21 October 1914, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan; died 1966.

— sp. UNRAH, Peter.

5. McKAY, Jessie Louise. Born 19 October 1901; married 26 August 1920.

— sp. McKAY, Norris Hume.

5. McKAY, Donald Manley. Born 28 July 1908, Wingard, Saskatchewan; died 1 April 1966.

5. McKAY, Hugh Mortland. Born 29 November 1911; died Vancouver, British Columbia.

4. McKAY, William Edward. Born 9 April 1871, Fort Qu’Appelle; baptized 17 March 1872, Lebret [Saskatchewan]; died 1900, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

McKay, William Edward; address: Prince Albert; born: 9 April, 1871 at Qu’Appelle; father: Joseph McKay (Métis); mother: Flavie Poitras (Métis); scrip cert.: form E, no. 860; claim no. 1452

4. McKAY, Maria. Born 15 November 1872, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan; died Oregon.

Gale, Maria; address: Lloyd, Montana; claim no. 1013; born: 15 November, 1872 at Sandy Hills; father: Joseph McKay (Métis); mother: Flavie Poitras (Métis); scrip cert.: form E, no. 670 =

— sp. GALE.

4. McKAY, Catherine Harriet. Born 1876, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan; died 19 January 1879, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

McKay, Joseph; heir to his deceased daughter, Catherine Harriet McKay; born: 1876 at Prince Albert; died: 7 January, 1879; address: Maple Creek; father: Joseph McKay (Métis and deponent); mother: Philavie or Flavie Poitras; (Métis); scrip cert.: form D, no. 1010; claim no. 1012

3.  POITRAS, Francois. Born 20 February 1848, Red River Settlement.

Scrip affidavit for Poitras, Francois; born: 20 Feb. 1848; father: Pierre Poitras (Métis); mother: Marie Briere (Métis); claim no: 1426; scrip no: 10370; date of issue: Aug. 21, 1876; amount: $160 =

— sp. DUCHARME, Catherine.

4. POITRAS, Eliza. Born 1866.

3.  POITRAS,Pauline. Born 1852.

3.  POITRAS, Elzear. Born 1856.

3. POITRAS, Eliza. Born 19 September 1844.

Scrip affidavit for Leveillee, Eliza; born: 19 September 1844; wife of Gabriel Leveillee; father: Pierre Poitras (Métis); mother: Marie Brilliere (Métis); claim no: 1301; scrip no: 10245; date of issue: Aug. 21, 1876; amount: $160 =


4. LEVEILLIE, Eleanore. Born 1878, Cypress Hills.

Garriepy, Eleanore; address: Duhamel; claim no. 3405; born: 1878 at Cypress Hills; father: Gabriel Leveille (Métis); mother: Eliza Poitras (Métis); husband: John Garriepy; scrip cert.: form E, no. 2652 =

4. LEVEILLIE, Gabriel.

Leveille, Gabriel; address: Duhamel; claim no. 3406; born: 1880 at Grand Rapids; father: Gabriel Leveille (Métis); mother: Eliza Poitras (Métis); scrip cert.: form E, no. 2654

4. LEVEILLIE, Joseph.

Leveille, Joseph; address: Duhamel; claim no. 3407; born: May, 1882 at Forks of Red Deer; father: Gabriel Leveille (Métis); mother: Eliza Poitras (Métis)

2.  POITRAS, Madeleine/ Magdeleine. Born c. 1814; married 27 November 1832, at St. Boniface, Red River.


— sp. GLADU, Charles Jr. [later Sr.]. Born 1799 to Charles GLADU Sr. (born 17 April 1772, Yamachiche, Quebec) and Madeleine Marguerite ROSS (born 1784); killed by a moose c. 1873 while hunting on the plains; buried on the plains.

Scrip affidavit for Gladu, Charles; died: February 1873; son: Charles Gladu Jr., heir at law; claim no: 3187; date of issue: May 28, 1884 =

3. GLADU, Charles [Jr.]. Born c. October 1830, St. Francois Xavier.

Scrip affidavit for Gladu, Charles; born: Fall 1830; father: Charles Gladu (Métis); mother: Madeleine Gladu (Métis); claim no: 3115; date of issue: June 1, 1882 =

3. GLADU, Antoine. Born 22 December 1835.

?– sp. FAGNANT, Catherine.

Gladu, Catherine; for her deceased children: Napoleon, born: 1872 at Fisher, North Dakota; died: 11 May, 1881 at Flatt Creek; Hélène, born: 1875 at Cypress Hills; died: 7 October, 1885 at Oak Lake; Charles Bruno, born: 1882 at Oak Lake; address: Fisher, North Dakota; father: Antoine Gladu (Métis); mother: Catherine Fagnant (Métis and deponent); heir: their brother, Frank Gladu; Napoléon, scrip cert.: form F, no. 2064; Charles Bruno, scrip cert.: form F, no. 2065; Hélène, scrip cert.: form F, no. 2066; claim no. 358 Oak Lake; died: 15 December, 1882 at Oak Lake; address: Fisher, North Dakota; father: Antoine Gladu (Métis); mother: Catherine Fagnant (Métis and deponent); heir: their brother, Frank Gladu; Napoléon, scrip cert.: form F, no. 2064; Charles Bruno, scrip cert.: form F, no. 2065; Hélène, scrip cert.: form F, no. 2066; claim no. 358

3. GLADU, St. Pierre. Born March 1840.

Scrip affidavit for Gladu, St. Pierre; born: March 1840; father: Charles Gladu (Métis); mother: Madeleine Poitras (Métis) =

3. GLADU, Andre. Born 17 January 1841.

3. GLADU, Joseph. Born 5 June 1844.

Enquiry re – claims of Madeline Poitras, Joseph Gladu, and Catherine Fagnant

3. GLADU, Lucie. Born 27 December 1846; married 14 May 1867.

— sp. DEASE, Michael. Born c. 1847/1851 to John Warren DEASE and Angelique McMILLAN.

3. GLADU, Isabelle. Born 2 February 1851.

— sp. LARENCE, David. Born 1849 to Basile LARENCE and Agathe MICHEL.

2. POITRAS, Marguerite. Born c. 1815; died 20 December 1832; buried 22 December 1832, at St. Boniface.

— sp. PAGÉ, Joseph.

3. PAGÉ, Henri.

— sp. GRANT, Elise Louisa.

4. PAGÉ, Flavie.

— sp. PAUL, William.

2. POITRAS, Gabriel Sr. Born July 1820; 1st marriage, 1 February 1842, at St. Francois-Xavier; alleged but doubtful 2d marriage 10 October 1883 [see posted comments below]. 

Scrip affidavit for Poitras, Gabriel; born: July, 1820; father: Poitras (French Canadian); mother: Marguerite Grant (Métis); claim no: 2654; scrip no: 12226; date of issue: Apr. 20, 1877; amount: $160 =

— sp. MALATERRE/ MALATIRRE, Isabelle. Born 1833 to Jean Baptiste MALATERRE and Angelique ADAM; sister to Marie MALATERRE, the mother of  Marguerite MONET dit BELLEHUMEUR who married Louis RIEL Jr. (See “Riel Family Ties,” President Louis Riel, Provisional Government of Assiniboia); also sister to Marguerite MALATERRE, the mother of Marguerite PERREAULT dit MORIN who married Francois DAUPHINAIS, councillor in the Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia, see “Family Ties,” Hon. François Dauphinais, St. Françoise-Xavier).

3.  POITRAS, Gabriel Jr. Born 1847 at White Horse Plains, Red River Settlement; married February 1869 at Dirt Hills.

Poitras Jr., Gabriel – Concerning his claim as a head of family – Address, Turtle Mountain – Born, 1847 at White Horse Plains – Father, Gabriel Poitras Sr., (Métis) – Mother, Isabelle Mallaterre, (Métis) – Married, February, 1869 at Dirt Hills to Marie Anne Amiot – Children living, five (names on declaration) – Children deceased, two – Scrip for $160.00 – Claim 1637 =

— sp. AMIOT/ AMYOTTE, Marie Anne.

4. POITRAS, Agnes.

— sp. DESCOTEAUX, Louis.

Descoteaux, Louis; heir to his deceased wife, Agnes Poitras; claim no. 920; born: 23 Jan., 1871 at Regina; died: 1894 at Belcourt; address: St. Alphonse, Manitoba; father: Gabriel Poitras (Métis); mother: Marie Anne Amyotte (Métis); scrip issued to Louis Descoteaux for 240 acres; file ref. 947427 =

4. POITRAS, Minnie. Born 1 Febraury 1884 at Medicine Hat.

Poitras, Minnie; address: Dunsuth, North Dakota; born: 1 February, 1884 at Medicine Hat; father: Gabriel Poitras (Métis); mother: Mary Ann Amyotte (Métis); scrip Issued for 240 acres; file ref. 947431; claim no. 160

4. POITRAS, Marie Rose. Born September 1875 at Old Fort Walsh; died 1877 at Cypress Hills.

Poitras, Gabriel; heir to his deceased daughter, Marie Rose Poitras; address: Dunsuth, North Dakota; born: September, 1875 at Old Fort Walsh; died: 1877 at Cypress Hills; father: Gabriel Poitras (Métis and deponent); mother: Marie Anne Amyotte (Métis); scrip issued for 240 acres; file ref. 947429; claim no. 886

3.  POITRAS, Modeste. Born 1850, St, Francois Xavier; married 1872, St, Francois Xavier; killed during buffalo hunt, Dakota Territory.

— sp. BONNEAU, Elmire. Born 1851

4. POITRAS, Baptiste.

4. POITRAS, Zachary.

4. POITRAS, Gregoire. Born 1880.

— sp. PARISIAN, Celine/ Celina. Born 1898 to Solomon PARISIAN and Liz Melanie MAJOR.

5. PARISIEN-POITRAS, Elizabeth. Born 18 December 1914 to Celine Parisian.

5. PARISIEN-POITRAS, Agnes. Born 2 December 1917 to Celine Parisien.

5. POITRAS, Joseph. Born 5 December 1919.

5. POITRAS, Lucille ‘Lucy’. Born 3 June 1922.

5. POITRAS, Lillian. Born 13 December 1924.

— sp. FISHER.

5. POITRAS, Frederick. Born 18 April 1927.

5. POITRAS, James. Born 19 August 1929.

5. POITRAS, Marie. Born 15 May 1933.

5. POITRAS, Rene. Born 12 March 1935.

5. POITRAS, Margaret. Born 25 August 1937.

5. POITRAS, Roy. Born 29 April 1939.

4. POITRAS, [daughter]. Died during trip to Qu’Appelle Valley, near Lebret [Saskatchewan].

3. POITRAS, Caroline. Born 22 January 1855; died 16 May 1872.

Scrip affidavit for Poitras, Caroline; born: 22 January 1855; died: 16 May 1872; father: Gabriel Poitras; mother: Isabelle Malatirre =


3. POITRAS, Rosalie. Born 10 July 1854; married Februry 1870.

Poitras, Rosalie – Concerning her claim as a head of family – Address, Fort Qu’Appelle, P.O. [Post Office] – Born, 10 July, 1854 – Father, Gabriel Poitras, (Métis) – Mother, Isabelle Malaterre, (Métis) – Married, February, 1870 to Charles Bonneau – Children living, five (names on declaration) – Children deceased, two – Claim 57 =

— sp. BONNEAU, Charles.

4. BONNEAU, Philip.

Bonneau, Philip; address: File Hills; claim no. 337; born: February, 1878 at Wood Mountain; father: Charles Bonneau (Métis); mother: Rosalie Poitras (Métis); scrip cert.: form C, no. 118 =

3. POITRAS, Marie Rose. Born 1872 at Wood Mountain.

Champagne, Marie Rose; address: Loriette; claim no. 803; born: 1872 at Wood Mountain; father: Gabriel Poitras (Métis); mother: Isabelle Malaterre (Métis); scrip cert.: form C, no. 446 =


?– sp. RIEL, Henriette. [highly doubtful see comments below] Born 27 July 1861 to Louis RIEL Sr. and Julie LAGEMONIERE; sister to President of the Provisional Government of Assiniboia, Louis RIEL Jr. (See “Riel Family Ties,” President Louis Riel, Provisional Government of Assiniboia); 2d marriage 7 December 1884, Winnipeg, to Jean-Marie POITRAS (see above); died 8 December 1898.

2.  POITRAS, Francois Sr. Born 7 February 1825, at Portage la Prairie; married 24 May 1850, at Pembina, Dakota Territory, United States; resident, St. Boniface, 1870; died 10 August 1899; buried 12 August 1899, at St. Boniface, Red River Settlement.

— sp. FISHER, Madeleine/ Magdeleine ‘Betsy’ DUCHARME [dit LAFRAMBOISE?]. Born May 1831 to Henri FISHER and Marguerite LAFRAMBOISE; died 1905.

Scrip affidavit for Fisher, Madeleine, wife of François Poitras; born: May 1831; father: Henry Fisher (Scot); mother: Marguerite Laframboise (Métis); claim no: 779; scrip no: 6073 to 6080; date of issue: July 12, 1876; amount: $160 =

3. POITRAS, Francois Jr. Born 17 December 1852 St. Boniface; labourer at Fort Ellice.

Scrip affidavit for Poitras, Francois Jr.; born: 17 December 1852; father: Francois Poitras Sr.; mother: Madeleine Fisher =

— sp. BEAUREGRAND dit CHAMPAGNE, Caroline.

4. POITRAS, Gabriel. Born 1882; married 1910, St. Vital, MB.

— sp. MISSIAEN, Zoe.

5. POITRAS, Ferdinand.

[9 other children]

4. POITRAS, Louis.

4. POITRAS, Rose.

3. POITRAS, Jean-Marie. Born 6 June 1857, Portage la Prairie, Red River Settlement; married 7 December 1884, Winnipeg, or 12 July 1883, or 7 October 1883.

Scrip affidavit for Poitras, Jean Marie; born: June 6, 1857; father: Francois Poitras; mother: Madeleine Fisher =

Jean-Marie POITRAS and wife Henriette RIEL/ POITRAS, photographed with Julie LAGIMONIÈRE/ RIEL (widow of Louis RIEL Sr.), Angélique RIEL, and Jean RIEL (children of Louis RIEL Jr. and Marguerite MONET dit BELLEHUMEUR/RIEL).

— sp. RIEL, Henriette. Born 27 July 1861, NWT [AB]; some sources aledge a previous marriage 10 July/ October 1883, to Gabriel POITRAS Sr. (but see comments below); died 8 December 1898, St. Boniface, MB.

3. POITRAS, Adelaide. Born March 1855.

Scrip affidavit for Poitras, Adelaide; born: March 1855; father: François Poitras; mother: Madeleine Fisher; wife of André Millet (dit Beauchemin) =

3. POITRAS, Marie Louise ‘Eliza’/ Elise. Born c. 1861, Red River Settlement; married 14 June 1881.

— sp. RIEL, Alexandre. Born 22 February 1862/23 July 1863, Red River Settlement, to Louis RIEL Sr. and Julie LAGEMONIERE/ LAGEMODIERE; brother to Henriette RIEL who 1st married Gabriel POITRAS (see below) and 2d married Jean-Marie POITRAS (see above); also brother to Louis RIEL Jr. (See “Riel Family Ties,” President Louis Riel, Provisional Government of Assiniboia); remarried 8 February/2 August 1906 to Eliza ‘Bibianne’ POITRAS; died 24 September 1938.

4. RIEL, Wilfred Joseph.

4. RIEL, Josephine. Born c. 1891, St. Norbert; married 28 January 1913, St. Norbert; died c. 1917, St. Norbert.

— sp. LAVALLEE, Louis David. Born 30 April 1889, St. Francois Xavier.

3. POITRAS, Eleonore. Born 1866, St. Boniface; married 30 April 1884; died 3/30 September 1892.

— sp. RIEL, Joseph Jean. Born 5 February 1857, St. Vital, to Louis RIEL Sr. and Julie LAGEMONIER; married 30 April 1884, St. Boniface; 2d marriage 4 April 1894 to Amanda PERRAULT; died 27 May 1921.

Scrip affidavit for Riel, Joseph; born: February 5, 1857; father: Louis Riel; mother: Julie Lagemodière (French Canadian) =

4. RIEL, David. Married 11 November 1913, St. Boniface.

– sp. VERMETTE, Anne.

2. POITRAS, Helene. Born 1825, North Dakota; married 14 Jauary 1840, St. Francois-Xavier, Red River.

NWHB child, Parents: Francois Gariepy and Helene Poitras, born 1857. Application on File

— sp. GARIEPY, Francois Jr. Born c. 1824, Pembina. North Dakota, to Francois GARIEPY and Louise Josette ‘Elise’ GLADU; died 23 April 1858.

3. GARIEPY, Francoise. Born 1839.

3. GARIEPY, Joseph. Born 22 January 1842.

3. GARIEPY, Josephte Helene. Born 10 January 1844.

3. GARIEPY, Agathe/ Agatha. Born 28 June 1845, St. Francois Xavier, Red River Settlement.

— sp. LAFOURNAISE dit LABOUCANE, Elzear . Born 1848, Red River Settlement, to Jean Baptiste LAFORNAISE dit LABOUCANE and Marguerite GOSSELIN.

4. LAFOURNAISE dit LABOUCANE, Hyacinth ‘Isaac’. Born 5 February 1867, Duhammel, North-West Territory; died 1949.

— sp. SALOIS, Isabelle. Born 1875, Duhammel, Alberta, to Gabriel SALOIS and Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ Pocaine McGILLIS; died 1969, Red Deer, Alberta.

5. LAFOURNAISE dit LABOUCANE, Anne Flora. Born 31 October 1908, Camrose, Alberta.

3. GARIEPY, Augustus. Born 1846.

3. GARIEPY, Caroline. Born c. 1847.

3. GARIEPY, Sarah. Born 1848.

2.  POITRAS, Ignace Zenon. Born 1822/ 1829/ 20 August 1832; married 9 September 1856/1857, St. Francois-Xavier. [See Jason Portras’ comments regarding birth dates and question of father’s identity below].

— sp. McGILLIS, Helene. Born 17 August 1834, St. Francois-Xavier, Red River Settlement, to Alexandre McGILLIS dit GIROUX (born c. 1806 to Angus McGILLIS and Marguerite Notinikaban VENT-de-BOUT) and Marguerite Mindemoyea/Mindemoyean BOTTINEAU/ POTINO (born c. 1806/1812/1815 to Charles Joseph BOTTINEAU [who shared ancestral ties with Joseph Napoleon LAFOURNAISE above] and Margaret/ Techomehgood, a Saulteaux woman; died 19 September 1889, Batoche); baptized 17 August 1834; buried Batoche, Saskatchewan.

McGillis, Helene; address: Batoche; born: 1835 at St. Francois Xavier; father: Alexandre (Giroux) McGillis (Métis); mother: Marguerite Bottineau (Métis); married: 1857 at St. Francois Xavier to Ignace Poitras; children living: Eliza; Ignace; Helene; Maxime; Jean Baptiste; Michael; Madeleine; Maria and Henry; children deceased: Cuthbert; Alexandre; Priscille; scrip for $160.00; claim no. 1140

3.  POITRAS, Elise/ Eliza. Born 1856; died 15 December 1947.

— sp. VANDAL, Pierre.

3.  POITRAS, Ignace.

3.  POITRAS, Helene.

3. POITRAS, Maxime.

3. POITRAS, Jean Baptiste.

3. POITRAS, Michael.

3. POITRAS, Madeleine.

3. POITRAS, Maria.

3.  POITRAS, Henry.

3.  POITRAS, Cuthbert.

3.  POITRAS, Alexandre. Born autumn 1869, near Wood Mountain; died summer 1872 at Poplar Point, MB.

Poitras, Ignace; heir to his deceased son, Alexandre Poitras; address: Batoche; born: Fall, 1869 near Wood Mountain; died: summer, 1872 at Poplar Point; father: Ignace Poitras (Métis and deponent); mother: Helene McGillis (Métis); scrip for $240.00; claim no. 1146

3. POITRAS, Priscille.


[Credit: The original research on which this page is based was commissioned for the Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia Project, by Aboriginal and Northern Affairs Manitoba. The current page is presented gratis — I have no funding from any agency.]


22 Responses to Hon. Pierre Poitras, Baie St. Paul and Prairie du Cheval Blanc

  1. Shirley Delorme Russell says:

    Bonjour Norma,
    I found your site while looking for a photo of the Riel children. Can you tell me the source for this photo? Thanks so much.

    • hallnjean says:

      Bonjour Shirley — The photo is available from the Saint Boniface Historical Society archives, no. 313 in the general collection.


  2. Shirley Delorme Russell says:

    Hello Norma,
    I would love to meet with you to discuss the LAA. I work with Lawrie Barkwell.
    I would prefer to chat by email, phone or in person.
    Can you please respond to this request by email?
    My work email is sdelormerussell@mmf.mb.ca

    Thank you so much,
    Shirley Delorme Russell
    Louis Riel Institute

  3. Ron Adam says:

    1. Why is it that Henriette Riel who m Jean Marie Poitras had no children?
    2. Don’t think she married Gabriel Poitras Sr. He was 41 yrs. older than her.
    3. Noticed that Henriette doesn’t show up in any Census records either.

    • hallnjean says:

      Hi Ron:

      Thanks for the observations,

      All I can offer is “Hmmm, good questions” — looks to me like there are remnants of old (and apparently mistaken) genealogies that need to be cleaned up here. Hopefully someone will clarify via posting. Perhaps you have some insight into what Henrietta’s history should actually look like?


      • Eileen Horan says:

        Hello Norma,
        I have Henriette Riel, as a daughter of Louis Riel Sr. and Julie Lagimodiere, married to Jean Marie Gabriel Poitras on July 10th 1883 in St Boniface, Manitoba. Jean Marie was a son of Francois Poitras [1825-1899] and Madeleine-“Betsy”-Ducharme Fisher [1831-1905].
        Henriette was born July 27th 1861 in the NWT [Alberta] and passed away on December 08th 1898 in St Boniface, Manitoba. Jean Marie was born June 06th 1857 in Portage la Prairie, RRS [Manitoba]. There are no children identified, as being born to them.
        Jean Marie is identified as Widower [without children] in the 1901 Manitoba Census, as a resident in the household of his Widowed Mother [Madeleine-“Betsy”-Ducharme Fisher] in St Boniface, Manitoba… two sisters, Marie L. and Bibiane are also living with their Mother.
        I have no record of a 2nd marriage for Jean Marie; nor do I have his date of death recorded within my database… will see if I can find it.

        Take care,
        Eileen Horan

      • hallnjean says:

        Thank you Eileen,
        My apologies for the delayed response, and many thanks for the info. I am in awe of the work you have done (and have relied on it throughout my projects).
        In sincere gratitude,

  4. Gerry Vermette says:

    Grabriel Poitras Sr married Isabelle Malaterre 01 Feb 1842 St Francois Xavier they had 11 children.

  5. Patricia Thorne says:

    Very interesting, I am having fun with the tree. I am the grandaughter of both Christine Poitras and Marie Lafontaine. They are descended from Pierre Falcon,Pierre Poitra and many others. Would like to hear from all other descendants. Find me on face book at Patricia Thorne

  6. Yvonne Richer says:

    Hello, thank you for helping with some connections. I was able to clean up a few things in my tree. It’s an ongoing thing and with sites like yours that I am able to compare, find documents and make connections. Some info I take, others I disregard :). I am on ancestry.ca under the private Morrissette tree. I now have 30 thousand souls listed.Thanks again.-Yvonne Morrissette-Richer

  7. Lucille Fisher says:

    My grandfather was Gregoire Poitras. He married Celina Parisien and you have listed their children’s last name incorrectly. They go by the surname Poitras not Parisien. My mother is Lillian Fisher nee Poitras.

  8. Jason Portras says:

    Hi there, my line descends from Andre-Henri POITRAS b. Feb 10, 1760. I noticed you wrote he “died c. 1830”, but the HBC document you linked to says “d .[1831]”.

    My next descendant is Ignace Zenon POITRAS, and I’ve found it strange that Ignace was born anywhere from 1822-1832 (his scrip document says 1829), but his father Andre-Henri died in 1831 at 71 years old. That would mean, best-case scenario, he had Ignace at 62 years old! Quite the feat, lol. Worst-case scenario, he had him after he was dead. Even more difficult! lol

    So, I tend to believe that the father of all those children between Andre-Henri & Helene McGillis is actually Andre Jr. However, the only real “proof” I’ve found for that is the same as your source Canada Tree 2, no. 3 (February 1995).

    I’m hoping / wondering if you or anyone else has come across any more supporting documents?

    • hallnjean says:

      Good points Jason. I rearranged the children in question, putting them into chronological order (roughly), which made things a bit easier to see. Now I’m wondering if children of Andre-Henri Sr. might be mixed up with children of an Andre-Henri Jr. — that maybe there are grandchildren here that are listed as siblings of their aunts or uncles. Hopefully somebody will post info to resolve things 🙂

  9. Veanna (Lebleu) Alain. says:

    The first I’ve seen this. Wonderful. These are my ancestors. I’ll look and see what I have in my Tree.

  10. Phyllis says:

    Hi Hallnjean,
    I just wanted to provide you with some information to update your site.
    POITRAS, Gregoire. Born 1880.
    – sp. PARISIAN, Celine/ Celina. Born 1898 to Solomon PARISIAN and Liz Melanie MAJOR.
    Celina had two other children before she met Gregoire
    Elizabeth born Dec. 18, 1914
    Agnes born Dec 2, 1917
    He still considered them his children.
    Gregoire’s biological children are:
    Joeseph Born Dec 5, 1919
    Lucille Born June 3, 1922
    Lillian Born Sept. 13, 1924
    Fredrick Born April 18, 1927
    James Born Aug. 19, 1929
    Marie Born May 15 1933
    Rene Born March 12 1935
    Margaret Born Aug. 25 1937
    Roy Born April 29, 1939
    My mother has no recollection of a child passing…(Margaret Born Aug. 25 1937)

    • hallnjean says:

      Many thanks Phyllis 🙂

      • Phyllis says:

        Thank you for providing this online information for families. (:
        Many of our younger family members do not realize our rich family history. Your website provides them with
        this very important knowledge to pass on to their
        families and do further research. There is a renewed interest in how our ancestors were bilked out of their lands.
        I’m very proud that many Metis fought for a better lively hood for their families. This story will not end here. (:

  11. Karen says:

    Hi Pierre Poitras is my great great great grandfather, his son Elzear sr is my great great grandfather, his son Elzear better known as Tom is my great grandfather, his son Wilfred Jean Baptise Poitras is my Grandpa. Awesome history.

  12. Avery b cooke says:

    I am decend of Cecile lafournaise and Francois Bonneau if you would like more info plse reply tks a b cooke

  13. Pamela Heinrichs says:

    Good day,
    Fascinating info. To add abit of information….Francois (dob 1852) married Caroline Beaugrand dit Champagne. They had at last three children: Gabriel (dob 1882), Louis and Rose. Gabriel married Zoe Missiaen in 1910 in St. Vital, Manitoba. They had 10 children, one of which was my father, Ferdinand Poitras.
    I love learning the history ! Thanks for your work on this.

  14. Lori says:

    I’m trying to find information about my great-great grandfather, Norbert Albert Poitras. He was a son of Gabriel Poitras and Isabella Malatierre, but I’ve found very little of him. I know he didn’t stay with the rest of the family when they brought the children to the Dakotas in the early 1890s – although he did sign the McCumber agreement at Turtle Mountain. The Canadian census of 1891 has him counted at Fort Calgary. I believe he was in the sand hills region above modern-day Havre, Mt. My great grandfather, Norbert James, raised my dad (who is 70 now). Finally, after all these years, the stories my dad heard from Grandpa Norbert when he was a child have been coming together with my research. I’m just trying to fill in the blanks. Any help would be appreciated.

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