Hon. Pierre Delorme, Pointe-Coupée

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Preliminary Biographical Notes:

Date of Birth: 1 October 1832[1]

Place of Birth: St. Boniface

Father: Joseph Amable Fafard dit Delorme

Mother: Josephte Belley/Bellisle (c.1799-?)

Marriage: c.1854 to Adélaide Beauchemin (1835-1913)

Occupation: fur trader, farmer, businessman (innkeeper). After 1870, he continued to operate a hotel out of his home at Pointe Coupée.

Member of the Provisional Government of Assiniboia; Position in the Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia:

  • Honourable Member for Pointe-Coupée

Other Political Positions/Activity:

  • Convention of Forty Member for Pointe Coupée.
  • On 30 December 1870 elected to represent Saint-Norbert South in the first Legislative Assembly of Manitoba (1870-1874).
  • On 2  March 1870, elected Provencher’s first representative to the Canadian
    House of Commons.
  • On 13 October 1873, attended meeting of 500 Métis at the farm of Baptiste Touron, Saint-Norbert. Delorme nominated Louis Riel for the by-election for Provencher riding (seconded by Charles Nolin — Riel elected by acclamation).
  • Member of the North-West Council (1873-1875).
  • On 3 September 1874, held a large meeting at his home in Saint-Norbert, during which Riel was once again elected to Parliament.
  • Minister of agriculture and president of the Executive Council in Norquay’s administration 1878.

Date of Death: 10 November 1912

[1] La Société historique de Saint-Boniface, ‘Pierre Delorme,’ Family Group Sheet (1 September 2010).


Family Ties:

1. DELORME, Joseph Amable Fafard dit. Born 1788, Berthier, Quebec to Joseph Fafard dit Delorme and Charlotte Brissette.

— sp. BELLISLE/BELLEY, Josephte.

2. DELORME, Rosalie. Born 1822, North West.

— sp. BRUCE, Louis.

2. DELORME, Genevieve. Born 1827.

— sp. BEAUCHEMIN, Andre Sr.

2. DELORME, Pierre. Born 1 October 1832, St. Boniface; married September 1854; died 1912.

Scrip affidavit for Delorme, Pierre; born: October 1, 1832; father: Joseph Delorme (French Canadian); mother: Josephte Belisle (Métis); claim no.: 1798; date of issue: September 20, 1876 =

— sp. BEAUCHEMIN, Adélaide Millet dit. Born 4 Mar 4 c. 1834/1835, Saint-Boniface to Andre MILLET dit BEAUCHEMIN and Madeleine DUCHARME; sister of André MILLET dit BEAUCHEMIN and aunt of Jean-Baptiste MILLET dit BEAUCHEMIN [see pages for Hon. André Beauchemin, St. Vital and Hon. Baptiste/Jean-Baptiste Beauchemin, St. Charles]; died 8 October 1913; buried St. Adolphe Roman Catholic Cemetery.

Scrip affidavit for Delorme, Adelaide; wife of Pierre Delorme; born: 8 March 1835; father: Andre Beauchemin (French Canadian); mother: Madeleine Ducharme (Métis); claim no.: 1799; date of issue: Sept. 20, 1876 =

3. DELORME, Adelaide. Born 1856.

Scrip affidavit for Delorme, Pierre; as sole heir of his deceased daughter Adelaide Delorme; born: 1856; died: October 14, 1872; mother: Adelaide Beauchemin =

3. DELORME, Pierre. Born 17 Sep 1858.

— sp. PRUDEN, Caroline. Born 18 September 1859.

4. DELORME, Alfred P. Born 29 May 1882.

4. DELORME, Albert. Born 18 Feb 1885.

4. DELORME, Adelaide Lily.

4. DELORME, William Arthur. Born 28 May 1884; died 19 May 1973; buried St Adolphe Roman Catholic Cemetery, Manitoba.

— sp. COURCHAINE, Philomene. Born 25 November 1888.

4. DELORME, Marie Louise. Born 25 September 1888.

4. DELORME, Eleanore. Born 30 January 1890.

4. DELORME, Phillipe. Born 3 November 1894.

4. DELORME, Caroline. Born 24 November 1897.

3. DELORME, Celina. Born 1860.

3. DELORME, Patrice. Born 1866.

— sp? BRELAND, Virginie. Born 25 July 1860.

3. DELORME. Alfred. Born 29 December 1868.

3. DELORME, Albert. Born 31 May 1871.

3. DELORME, Marie Veronique Josephine. [Granddaughter?] born 14 January 1874, St. Norbert; baptized 19 January 1874, St. Norbert; married 22 January 1895, St. Norbert.

— sp. McDOUGALL, Joseph-Albert. Born 3 March 1873, St. Boniface; baptized 5 March 1873.

3. DELORME, Dieudonne. Born 16 August 1880; died 1957.

— sp. LECLAIRE, Louisa.

3. DELORME, Edmund. Born November 1910 [adopted?].


[Credit: The original research on which this page is based was commissioned for the Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia Project, by Aboriginal and Northern Affairs Manitoba. The current page is presented gratis — I have no funding from any agency.]


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