Hon. Louis Schmidt, St. Boniface

A.k.a. Schmidt dit Laferté /Lafferty

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  • Raymond Huel, “Louis Schmidt: A Forgotten Métis,” in Louis Riel and the Métis: Riel Mini-Conference Papers, 2d ed., edited by Antoine S. Lussier (Winnipeg: Pemmican Publications, 1983), 87-94.

Biographical Notes:

Date of Birth: 4 December 1844

Place of Birth: Old Fort Chipewyan, Athabasca Lake

Father: Alfred ‘Rabasca’ Smith/Schmidt

Mother: Marguerite Lespérance/L’Esperance

Wife; Justine Laviolette

Member of the Provisional Government of Assiniboia; Position in Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia:

  • Assistant Secretary of State
  • Honourable member for St. Boniface

Other Positions in Provisional Government:

  • Member of the Métis Council, October 1869
  • Secretary of Louis Riel’s executive council (27 December 1869).

Other Political Positions:

  • MLA 1871-1874, St. Boniface (west); helped draft the province’s first school legislation.
  • Director of the Provincial Industrial and Agricultural Society of Manitoba (1872)
  • Member of the Managing Committee of the Association St. Jean Baptiste de Manitoba and of the Société de Colonisation de Manitoba
  • School Trustee for the School District of St. Boniface West
  • License Commissioner for the Province of Manitoba
  • MLA 1878-1879
  • Held appointment in the land office at Prince Albert (now Saskatchewan)

Date of Death: 6 November 1935, St. Louis, Saskatchewan.


Family Ties:

Ancestry according to Louis Schmidt:

ANDREWS, Nicolas. Hudson’s Bay Company officer [although this would appear to be Louis Schmidt’s grandmother’s first husband — not his grandfather or even his step-grandfather (see below)].

— sp. GENEREUX, Marie Anne.


Ancestry on record:

1. BONAMI dit L’ESPÉRANCE, Pierre. Born 1 October 1764/1765, Chambly, Quebec, to Raimon/ Raymond BONAMI dit LESPERANCE (born 1740, Talense, Avignon, France), and Marie Magdeleine THIBODEUX (born 1743, Talens, Carpentras, France); married 7 March 1791, Sorel, Quebec.

— sp. AUCOIN/ COIN/ GOUIN, Marie Marguerite. Born 22 January 1772 to Pierre AUCOIN and Marie Josephte BRISSON.

2. BONAMI dit L’ESPÉRANCE/ MAGNON LESPERANCE, Alexis. Born 27/28 November 1796/1798, St. Michel de Yamaska, or, Sorel, Quebec; served in War of 1812; HBC career; boat brigade leader; married 6 June 1825, St. Boniface, Red River; by 1843 occupied Lot 28 in Area 77, St. Francois Xavier, with 15 person household (husband, wife, 3 sons under 16, 2 daughters over 16 and 8 daughters under 16), and one stable with 3 horses, 3 oxen, 1 bull, 3 cows, 2 calves, 2 pigs and 19 sheep, also 4 carts and 15 cultivated acres; died 11 December 1890, St. Francois Xavier, Manitoba; buried 13 December 1890, St. Francois Xavier.

Scrip affidavit for Lesperance, Alexis; born: 1788; father: Pierre Lesperance (French Canadian); mother: Marguerite Aucoing (French Canadian), an original white settler from Sorel, Quebec settled in Red River Country in 1816 =

— sp. GUERNON/ GRENON/ GRENOT, Marguerite. Born 1801/ 1803, Upper Canada, to Joseph GUERNON/ GRENON (born c. 1765) and Nowananikkwee, a Saulteux woman (born c. 1774, North-West; identified as Metis 1870); treated for facial cancer, St. Boniface, Red River, 1853; died 23 June 1871, St. Boniface.

3. BONAMI LESPÉRANCE, Joseph. Born 27 October 1822, St. Boniface, Red River Settlement; “1843 Red River census shows Joseph as age 21 married and no children living with his father on St.Agathe riverlot #532 area 220. Joseph is shown to have patented a vacant lot #116 on area 99 of St. Agathe”; died 28 September 1892, St. Boniface.

Scrip affidavit for Lesperance, Joseph; born: 27 October 1822; father: Alexis Lesperance (French Canadian); mother: Marguerite Guernon (Métis); claim no: 713; scrip no: 5545 to 5552; date of issue: June 26, 1876; amount: $160 =

— sp. LAVALLEE, Marie. Born c. 28 March 1827, Edmonton House, to Martin LAVALLEE and Marie ROBERT.

Scrip affidavit for Lesperance, Marie; born: 28 March 1827; wife of Joseph Lesperance; father: Martin Lavallee (French Canadian); mother: Marie Robert (Métis); claim no: 714; scrip no: 5553 to 5560; date of issue: June 26, 1876; amount: $160 = ; Scrip affidavit for Lavallée, Marie; wife of Joseph Lesperance; father: Martin Lavallée (Deceased); mother: Marie Robert; died: 20 September 1872; heirs: her children: Marie, Helene, Pierre, Charles, Josephte, Julie, Melie, Louise, Elie; claim no: 830; scrip no: 9262 to 9270; date of issue: 3 July 1876; amount: $160 =

4. LESPÉRANCE, Angelique. Born 20 January 1861.

Scrip affidavit for Lesperance, Angelique; born: 20 January 1861; father: Joseph Lesperance; mother: Marie Lavallee =

4. LESPÉRANCE, Marguerite. Born 20 January 1861, Fort Benton, Montana.

— sp. Rosalie, a Cree woman.

3. LESPÉRANCE/ L’ESPERANCE, Marguerite. Born 2 March 1826, St. Boniface, Red River Settlement; married 1847, St. Boniface; died c. 1861.

Scrip affidavit for Schmidt, Marguerite; born: March 2, 1826; husband: Alfred Schmidt; father: Alexis Lespérance (French Canadian); mother: Marguerite Guernon (Métis); claim no: 788; scrip no: 6145 to 6152; date of issue: July 12, 1876; amount: $160 =

— sp. SMITH/ SCHMIDT dit LAFERTÉ, Alfred ‘Rabasca’.  Born 20 December 1820/1825, Great Slave Lake, to Peter SCHMIDT (German) and Marie Anne GENEREUX (married 1st to Nicolas ANDREWS [HBC career], 2d Peter SCHMIDT [HBC career]; 3d to Pierre LAFERTÉ [HBC career] who adopted all of her children); 2d marriage c. 1861 to Josephte/ Kasa-wa-asso, a Cree woman (2 children: Marie SCHMIDT married Louis WATSON, and Modeste SCHMIDT married Raphael/ Ralph PRITCHARD); 3d marriage, c. April 1867, Fort Pitt, Emelie VIVIERE (10 children); died 1901.

Schmidt, Alfred alias Rabasca – Concerning his claim as a head of family – Address, Fort Pitt P.O. [Post Office] – Born, 1825 at Big Slave Lake – Father, Peter Schmidt, (French Canadian) – Mother, Marie Anne, (Cree Indian) – Married, 1847 at St. Boniface to Marguerite Lesperance and 1869 in spring at Fort Pitt to Emilie Vivier – Children living, eleven (names on declaration) – Children deceased, five – Scrip for $160 – Claim 1115 = ; Schmidt, Alfred alias Rabaska; address: Battleford, Saskatchewan; heir to his deceased illegitimate son Alfred, Schmidt; born: 9 December 1871 at Victoria, Saskatchewan; died: 19 October 1896 at Battleford; father: Alfred Schmidt (Métis and deponent); mother: Émilie Vivier (Métis); scrip cert.: form D, no. 1443 for $240.00; claim no. 511 ; Scrip affidavit for Schmidt, Modeste; born: 1864; father: Alfred Schmidt; mother: an Indian Woman =

Photograph, “Louis Schmidt,” printed in F.H. Schofield, The Story of Manitoba vol. 1 (1913), inserted between pages 256 and 257.

4. SCHMIDT dit LAFERTÉ, Louis. Born 4 December 1844, Old Fort Chipewyan, Athabasca Lake; baptized Louis LAFERTÉ; classmate of Louis RIEL, Red River Settlement, c. 1854; selected by Archbishop Taché to study at le Collège de Saint-Hyacinthe, Lower Canada (sent to Quebec with Louis RIEL and Daniel McDOUGALL); returned 1861, Red River; writer, teacher, freighter, negotiator; married 1872, St. Francois Xavier; farmer; migrated to St. Louis, Saskatchewan 1880; land agent, Prince Albert; founding member, l’Association catholique franco-canadienne de la Saskatchewan, 1912; died 6 November 1935, St. Louis, Saskatchewan.


— sp. LAVIOLETTE, Justine. Born 16 January 1853, St. Francois Xavier, to Charles LAVIOLETTE and Therese MOEREAU; died 1934, St. Louis, Saskatchewan.

Scrip affidavit for Schmidt, Justine (nee Laviolette); wife of Louis Schmidt; born: 16 January 1853; father: Charles Laviolette; mother: Thérèse Moreau =

5. SCHMIDT, Charles Paul Panteleon. Born 2 March 1881/ 14 May 1882; married at Little Rapid River; died 1952.

Schmidt, Charles Pantaleon; address: St. Louis, Saskatchewan; born: 2 March, 1881 at St. Laurent, Saskatchewan; father: Louis Schmidt (Métis); mother: Justine Laviolette (Métis); scrip cert.: form E, no. 317 for 240 acres; claim no. 454

— sp. BOUCHER, Delima. Born to Jean Baptiste BOUCHER Sr. and Caroline LESPERANCE [see below].

6. SCHMIDT, Yvonne.

6. SCHMIDT, Gilles.

6. SCHMIDT, Camille.

6. SCHMIDT, Antonin.

6. SCHMIDT, Leona.

6. SCHMIDT, Ovide.

6. SCHMIDT, Henri.

6. SCHMIDT, Adrien.

5. SCHMIDT, Rose. Born 1891, St. Louis de Langevin [SK]; married c. 1916; died age 80 in 1934?

— sp. MANET [?].

— sp. BOYER, William ‘Willie’. Born 15 April 1889 to Magloire BOYER and Marguerite ‘Maggie’ BREMNER; died BC.

6. BOYER, Paul. Born SK.

6. BOYER, Lillian Marie. Born SK.

6. BOYER, Edward ‘Eddie’. Born SK.

6. BOYER, Gilbert. Born SK.

6. BOYER, Irene. Born SK.

6. BOYER, Margarette. Born SK.

6. BOYER, Faye. Born SK.

5. SCHMIDT, Louis.

5. SCHMIDT, Louise.

5. SCHMIDT, Joseph. Born 21 March 1872, St. Boniface; baptized 21 March 1872, St. Boniface.

4. SCHMIDT, Adele/ Adelaide. Born c. 1847/ 1848; married 28 December 1869, St. Boniface; died 13 April 1870; buried 15 April 1870, St. Boniface.

— sp. MORNEAU, Leopold. Born to Hypolite MORNEAU and Esther MARSOLAIS

4. SCHMIDT, Caroline. Born 10 January 1849, Red River; married 1883, St. Laurent.

— sp. SWAIN, Elzear. Born to John SWAIN and Marie Marguerite ALLARY.

5. SWAIN, Edmund. Born August 1880, Prince Albert.

Swain, Edmund; address: Saddle Lake; born: August 1880 at Prince Albert; father: Elzear Swain (Métis); mother: Caroline Schmidt or Lafferty; (Métis); scrip cert.: form E, no. 1300; claim no. 2004

5. SWAIN, Rose Yvonne. Born 28 November 1883, near Prince Albert.

Swain, Rose Yvonne; address: Havre, Montana; born: 28 November, 1883 near Prince Albert; father: Elzear Swain (Métis); mother: Caroline Schmidt (Métis); scrip cert.: form C, no. 600; claim no. 1008

5. SWAIN, Elzear Jr. Born 28 June 1885 near Prince Albert.

Swain, Jr., Elzear; address: Havre, Montana; born: 28 June, 1885 near Prince Albert; father: Elzear Swain (Métis); mother: Caroline Schmidt (Métis); scrip cert.: form C, no. 602; claim no. 1009

4. SCHMIDT, Rose. Born c. 1851, Red River.

3. LESPÉRANCE, Madeleine. Born c. 21/ 23 July 1828/ 1829, St. Boniface; baptized 22 July 1829, godfather Jean YANCHE, godmother Marie McGILLIS.

Scrip affidavit for Mullois, Madeleine (alias Muloin); born: July 23, 1828; father: Alexis Lesperance (French Canadian); mother: Marguerite Guernon (Métis); claim no: 1375; scrip no: 10319; date of issue: August 21, 1876; amount: $160 =

— sp. MULLOIS/ MULOIN, Jean Baptiste. Born 12 May 1832, Lower Canada, to Pierre MULION (born 1796) and Helene RAYMOND (born 1800); died 5 January 1911, Ritchot, Manitoba.

4. MULION, Jean Baptiste. Born 1 October 1862; married 15 January 1895, St. Norbert, Manitoba.

— sp. NORMAND, Angelique. Born 15 July 1876.

5. MULION, Emile. Born June 1899.

5. MULION, Stanislas. Born April 1896.

5. MULION, Marie Rose Anna. Born 15 March 1898.

5. MULION, Cleophas ‘Medor’. Born August 1900.

5. MULION, Marie Adele. Born 12 February 1904.

5. MULION, Jaen Baptiste. Born March 1905.

5. MULION, Joseph Leon. Born August 1905.

5. MULION, Marie Louise. Born November 1910.

5. MULION, Donat.

4. MULION, Justine Adele. Born 26 September 1865; married 8 March 1886.

— sp. HOGUE, Amable. Born 25 June 1865/4 July 1864, St. Boniface/ St. Charles, to Amable HOGUE (born 6 May 1833/ 1835 to Amable Louis HOGUE and Marguerite ‘Peggy’ TAYLOR?) and Elizabeth MORISETTE (born 29 January 1843 to Francois MORISETTE and Philomene FAVEL).

5. HOGUE, Marie Berthe Felicite. Born 21 January 1887.

4. MULION, Leon. Born 20 March 1867, Red River.

— sp. PILON, Adeline. Born 22 July 1877.

5. MULION, Adelard. Born 3 April 1897, Ritchot, Manitoba.

5. MULION, Wilfred. Born 8 July 1899.

5. MULION, Marie Anne Senaide. Born 4 March 1900.

5. MULION, Albert Gedeon. Born 26 July 1901, Ritchit, Manitoba.

5. MULION, Marguerite Vitalane Ann Nancy. Born 13 April 1903.

5. MULION, Marie Leontine Eleonore. Born 24 July 1904.

5. MULION, Joseph Eugene. Born 3 August 1907.

5. MULION, Maxime Joseph Gabriel. Born September 1909.

4. MULION, Marie Alexandrine. Born c. 1868, Red River.

4. MULION, Virginie. Born c. 1870; married 29 November 1893, St. Boniface.

— sp. PEPIN, William. Born 1872.

4. MULION, Joseph. Born 5 March 1873; married 11 July 1899, St. Norbert, Manitoba.

— sp. PILON, Eleonore. Born 7 August 1879.

5. MULION, Marie Anna Clara. Born 26 August 1908.

5. MULION, Joseph Clovis. Born 28 December 1900, Ritichot, Manitoba.

5. MULION, Marie Marguerite Clothilde. Born 12 October 1902.

5. MULION, Marie Jeanne. Born 29 December 1905.

5. MULION, Joseph. Born August 1910.

3. LESPÉRANCE, Charlotte. Born 15 May 1827, St. Boniface; married 24 November 1879, St. Francois Xavier; died 14 June 1903, St. Boniface.

— sp. FORCIER/ FORTIER, Jean Baptiste. Born c. 1815/ 1825.

— sp. LACERTE, Francois Louis Azure. Born 15 January 1821, to Louis VACHER dit LACERTE (baptized Quebec) and Marie ‘Josephte’ MARTIN; previously married to Josephte VANDAL, their son Louis LACERTE (born 1857) married Marguerite DEASE; possibly member of the Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia (or else the position was held by his son of the same name).

3. LESPÉRANCE, Adelaide. Born 26 September 1830/ 1831, St. Boniface; died 18 November 1914, St. Francois Xavier.

Scrip affidavit for Dumas, Adelaide; wife of Michel Dumas; born: 1830; father: Alexis Lesperance (French Canadian); mother: Marguerite Guernon (Métis); claim no.: 648; date of issue: June 22, 1876 =

— sp. DUMAS, Michel. Born 29 January 1828, St. Boniface, to Michel DUMAS and Josephte CONTRIT; married 1848, St. Boniface; died 29 August 1889, Posen, Manitoba.

4. DUMAS, Michel Jr. Born 1 December 1849, St. Boniface; married 2 January 1875, St. Norbert.

Scrip affidavit for Dumas, Michel Jr.; born: 1 December 1849; father: Hichel Dumas Sr. (Métis); mother: Adelaide L’Espérance =

— sp. OUELLETTE, Veronique. Born c. 1852 to Joseph OUELLETTE and Marie LAMIRANDE.

5. DUMAS, Louis. Born 28 November 1875, St. Norbert.

5. DUMAS, Joseph. Born 22 August 1879.

5. DUMAS, Marguerite Olivine. Born 4 August 1887.

5. DUMAS, George Alfred. Born 30 December 1889; married 5 November 1917.

— sp. TOUROND, Marie Rose. Born 25 July 1896.

5. DUMAS, Adelle C. Born 17 October, St. Norbert.

5. DUMAS, Isidore. Born 15 August 1877, St.Norbert, Manitoba; died 16 September, St. Norbert.

5. DUMAS, Arthur Alexis. Born 4 May 1881, St. Laurent, Saskatchewan; died 16 May 1886, St. Joseph, North Dakota.

5. DUMAS, Marie Rose Adelaide. Born 1883, St. Laurent, Saskatchewan; died 1886, St. Charles, North-west.

5. DUMAS, Charles Alexander. Born 8 September 1885; died 5 January 1887, St. Charles, Manitoba.

5. DUMAS, Pierre Alphie. Born 5 January 1892; died 12 May 1893, Posen, Manitoba.

5. DUMAS, Michel Adelarde. Born 20 January 1896, Ebb and Flow, Manitoba; died 22 December 1896, St. Laurent, Lake Manitoba.

4. DUMAS, Julie/ Juliette. Born 6 January 1851, St. Boniface; married 16 February 1874, St. Charles, Manitoba; 1902 lived at Selkirk, Manitoba.

Scrip affidavit for Augé, Julie (nee Dumas); wife of George Augé; born: 6 January, 1851; father: Michel Dumas; mother: Adelaide L’Esperance =

— sp. AUGÉ/ AUGER, George. Born 15 March 1852/1853 to Baptiste AUGÉ and Sarah McNab.

Scrip affidavit for Auger, George; born: 15 March, 1853; father: Baptiste Auger; mother: Sarah McNab =

4. DUMAS, Marguerite. Born 20 February 1853; marries 14 January 1873, St. Charles, Manitoba.

— sp. DUCHARME, Jean Baptiste. Born c. 1850.

5. DUCHARME, Adelaide. Born 1874.

5. DUCHARME, Marguerite. Born 1876.

5. DUCHARME, Baptiste. Born 1879.

5. DUCHARME, Marie. Born December 188o.

4. DUMAS, Pierre. Born 6 October 1855, St. Boniface; died 5 December 1928?, Grey, Manitoba.

Scrip affidavit for Dumas, Pierre; born: 6 October 1855; father: Michel Dumas Sr.; mother: Adelaide L’Espérance =

— sp. FREDERICK, Josephte. Born 3 December 1859, St. Norbert, Red River.

5. DUMAS, Joseph Alexis. Born 13 October 1878.

5. DUMAS, ‘Anonyme’ [daughter]. Born 15 December 1879; died 15 December 1879, St. Charles.

5. DUMAS, Edouard Alphee. Born 15 September 1880; died 5 July 1886, Ilet de Bois, Manitoba.

5. DUMAS, Exillia. Born 15 January 1883, Ilets de Bois, Manitoba.

— sp. McIVOR, Alfred. Born c. 1881.

5. DUMAS, Adelaide. Born 24 March 1884, Ilet de Bois, Manitoba; married 18 November 1901.

— sp. LAPOINTE, Daniel. Born c. 1879.

5. DUMAS, Alfred. Born 7 September 1887.

5. DUMAS, Marie Virginie Beatrix. Born 30 May 1890, Posen, Manitoba.

5. DUMAS, Daniel Albert Frederic. Born 23 October 1892.

5. DUMAS, Pierre Alphee. Born 18 August 1895.

5. DUMAS, Marie Rose. Born 26 April 1900, Duffrin, Manitoba; died 24 September 1900.

5. DUMAS, Marie Josephine. Born 14 September 1901.

4. DUMAS, Virginie. Born 29 June 1857; married 9 January 1877, St. Charles; died 3 February 1883, St. Charles, Manitoba.

— sp. OUELETTE, Pierre. Born c. 1851.

5. OUELETTE, Alvira. Born 1876.

5 OUELETTE, George. Born 1879.

4. DUMAS, Celina. Born 6 August 1859; married 9 January 1882.

BREMNER, William. Born 4 November 1859.

4. DUMAS, Josephine. Born 4 October 1860; married 5 September 1892, St. Laurent, Lake Manitoba.

— sp. MORIN, Patrice. Born 23 January 1868.

4. DUMAS, Joseph. Born 8 February 1862, Red River, St. Boniface, Red River.

4. DUMAS, Henrietta. Baptized 29 January 1864, St. Boniface, Red River; buried 9 January 1866, St. Boniface.

4. DUMAS, Pascal Alfred. Born 2 December 1864, St. Boniface.

4. DUMAS, Alphonse Louis. Born 12 December 1866, St. Boniface.

4. DUMAS, Marie. Born 1871.

3. LESPÉRANCE, Andre. Born 1834/ 1835, St. Boniface; married 12 February 1867; died 1886/ 30 September 1889 St. Charles, Manitoba.

Scrip affidavit for Lesperance, Andre; born: 1835; father: Alexis Lesperance (French Canadian); mother: Marguerite Guernon (Métis); claim no: 715; scrip no: 5561 to 5568; date of issue: June 26, 1876; amount: $160 =

FALCON, Balzamine/ Balsamie. Born 1834/ 1 July 1846; married 12 February 1867, St. Francois Xavier; died 30 September 1886; buried Haywood, Manitoba (now a farmed field).

Affidavit of Lesperance, Balzamie; applies on behalf of his minor children Pierre Maxime (born: 2 November 1867), Marie Marquerite (born: 8 February 1869) and Caroline (born 8 February 1869); mother: Balsamie Falcon; claim no. 2775, 2776, and 2777; grant no. 5428

4. LESPÉRANCE, Joseph Octave.

4. LESPÉRANCE, Pierre Maxime. Born 2 November 1866/ 1867.

4. LESPÉRANCE, Marie Marguerite. Born 8 February 1868/ 1869.

4. LESPÉRANCE, Caroline. Born 8 February 1868/ 1869, or 1871.

4. LESPÉRANCE, Louis. Born 1874.

4. LESPÉRANCE, Onesine. Born 27 December 1875.

4. LESPÉRANCE, Noel/’Christmas’/’Archie’. Born 1876.

— sp. DELORME/ BURKE?, Elizabeth.

5. LESPERANCE, Joseph Octave. Born 1904; died 1944.

4. LESPÉRANCE, Marie Priscille. Born 1878, or 1887.

4. LESPÉRANCE, Athanasi. Born 1880.

3. LESPÉRANCE, Angelique. Born 2 January 1836, St. Boniface; died 15 December 1927, St. Boniface.

[?4. LESPERANCE, Elise. Born 1855.

Scrip affidavit for Lesperance, Elise; born: 1855; father: Unknown; mother: Angelique Lesperance; an illegitimate child =]

3. LESPÉRANCE, Jean. Born 22 February 1837, St. Boniface, Red River; farmer; patent on riverlot 31 area 77 St. Francois Xavier; died 17 June 1900.

Scrip affidavit for Lesperance, Jean; born: 22 February 1837; father: Alexis Lesperance (French Canadian); mother: Marguerite Guernon (Métis); claim no: 1323; scrip no: 10267; date of issue: Aug. 21, 1876; amount: $160 =

— sp. LAVALLEE, Emilie. Born 1838 to Martin LAVALLEE and Marie ROBERT.

Scrip affidavit for Lesperance, Emilie; born: 1838; wife of Jean Lesperance; father: Martin Lavallee (French Canadian); mother: Marie Robert (Métis); claim no: 1324; scrip no: 10268; date of issue: Aug. 21, 1876; amount: $160 =

4. LESPERANCE, Pierre Alphee. Born 14 August 1866; dies 27 December 1870.

Scrip affidavit for Lesperance, Jean, concerning the claims of his deceased children: Pierre Alphee Lesperance, born: 14 August 1866, died: 27 December 1870; Marie Alpoline Lesperance, born: 17 November 1868, died: 29 March 1871 =

4. LESPERANCE, Marie Apolline. Born 17 November 1868; died 29 March 1871.

Scrip affidavit for Lesperance, Jean, concerning the claims of his deceased children: Pierre Alphee Lesperance, born: 14 August 1866, died: 27 December 1870; Marie Alpoline Lesperance, born: 17 November 1868, died: 29 March 1871 =

3. LESPÉRANCE, Rosalie. Born 13 August 1838, St. Boniface; 14 children; lived at Ste. Agathe; moved to Lorette, Manitoba; died 17 January 1910, Tache, Manitoba.

Scrip affidavit for McDougall, Rosalie; born: August 13, 1838; wife of Duncan McDougall; father: Alexis Lesperance (French Canadian; mother: Marguerite Guernon (Métis); claim no: 762; scrip no: 5937 to 5944; date of issue: June 26, 1876 =

— sp. McDOUGALL, Duncan. Born 1837, Red River Settlement, to Duncan McDOUGALL and Margaret McDONNELL; died 1926.

4. McDOUGALL, Amedee. Born c. 1858; married 21 February 1882, St. Boniface.

— sp. BERARD, Josephte. Born to Jena Baptiste BERARD and Helene MARTIN dit LAVALLEE.

4. McDOUGALL, Emelie. Born c. 1859/ 1860; married 25 January 1881, St. Boniface.

— sp. LAROQUE, Alexander. Born 1858.

5. LAROQUE, Maria. Born 1881.

— sp. BOYER, Louis. Born 1879.

— sp. LAGIMODIERE, Modeste.

4. McDOUGALL, Marie Marguerite. Born 12 September 1861, St. Francois Xavier; baptized 13 September 1861, St. Francois Xavier; died 15 April 1904 Winnipeg.

4. McDOUGALL, Alexandre. Born 22 December 1862, St. Francois Xavier; baptized 24 December, St. Francois Xavier; married 15 November 1886, St. Boniface.

— sp. POITRAS, Marie Adele. Born to Joseph POITRAS dit BEAUCASQUE and Nancy PLANTE.

4. McDOUGALL, Rosalie. Born 21 May 1864, St. Boniface; died 6 October 1864; buried 8 October 1865, St. Boniface.

4. McDOUGALL, William. Born 8 November 1865; baptized 9 November 1865, St. Boniface.

4. McDOUGALL, Louis Alexis. Born 26 March 1867, St. Boniface; baptized 14 August 1867, St. Boniface.

4. McDOUGALL, Alfred. Born 21 March 1869; baptized 6 June 1869, St. Boniface.

4. McDOUGALL, Rosalie. Born 26 August 1870, St. Francois Xavier; baptized 26 August 1870, St. Francois Xavier.

4. McDOUGALL, Octave. Born 7 November 1871, St. Francois Xavier.

— sp. LAROCQUE, Melanie.

4. McDOUGALL, Joseph Albert. Born 3 March 1873; baptized 5 March 1873, St. Boniface; married 22 January 1895, St. Norbert.

— sp. DELORME, Veronique Josephine. Born to Pierre DELORME of the Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia and Adelaide MILLET dit Beauchemin.

4. McDOUGALL, Marie Adele. Born 30 September 1874, St. Boniface; baptized 1 October 1874, St. Boniface.

3. LESPÉRANCE, Louis. Born c. 1840, St. Boniface; died 16 March 1867, St. Boniface.

3. LESPÉRANCE, Caroline. Born August 1842, St. Boniface, Red River; married 1858; died 11 May 1910, St. Louis, Saskatchewan.

Scrip affidavit for Boucher, Caroline; wife of Jean Baptiste Boucher; born: August 1842; father: Alexis Lesperance (French Canadian); mother: Marguerite Guernon (Métis); claim no: 1192; scrip No: 11047; date of issue: August 20, 1876; amount: $160 =

— sp. BOUCHER, Jean Baptiste. Born 26 July 1838 to Jean Marie BOUCHER and Catherine MINSEY; farmer; “1870 at St. Francois Xavier. In 1882 he left with a caravan of 6 families from St. Francois Xavier for Saskatchewan. The Bouchers, William Bremner, Pierre (or Isidore?) Boyer, Baptiste (or Joseph?) Delorme, Joseph (or John or Norbert?) Fiddler, Joseph Vermette and 2 McDougall brothers.. There were about 60 people. They brought all their possessions in ox drawn carts. After 50 days they arrived at St. Louis. He settled at Township 45, Range 27, W2, Section river lot #12, 121 acres. It was 22 years before the land was officially granted to him. Jean Baptiste was one of the 15 of Riel’s Councillors in the Provisional Government. He used to freight from Winnipeg to Edmonton. They used oxen drawn carts. Spoke Cree fluently”; died 1911.

Scrip affidavit for Boucher, Jean Baptiste; born: July 26, 1838; father: Jean Marie Boucher (French Canadian); mother: Catherine Minsey (Métis); claim no: 1102; scrip No: 11046; date of issue: August 20, 1876; amount: $160 =

4. BOUCHER, Charles Eugene. “Moved with his family from Manitoba to St. Louis in 1882. A farmer by occupation. Also became a Justice of the Peace and a member of the Legislative Assembly from 1891 to 1898. He was a song writer of some renown. He lived in the US for some years.”

— sp. LETENDRE, Helene.

5. BOUCHER, Antoinette Marie.

— sp. CROWLEY, Marcus L.

4. BOUCHER, Delina. Born 14 May 1882, Little Rapid River.

Boucher, Delina; address: St. Boniface Convent; claim no. 1179; born: 14 May, 1882 at Little Rapid River; father: Jean Baptiste Boucher (Métis); mother: Caroline L’Esperance (Métis); scrip cert.: form E, no. 3413 =

— sp. SCHMIDT, Charles Paul Panteleon. Born 2 March 1881/14 May 1882 [see above]

4. BOUCHER, Pierre Louis Ernest. Born 30 April 1885, Batoche.

Boucher, Pierre Louis Ernest; address: St. Louis, Saskatchewan; claim no. 450; born: 30 April, 1885 at Batoche, Sask; father: Jean Baptiste Boucher Sr. (Métis); mother: Caroline L’Esperance (Métis); scrip cert.: form C, no. 665 for $240.00 =

3. LESPÉRANCE, Catherine. Born c. 1844.

3. LESPÉRANCE, Alexis/ Alexandre. Born 8 September 1850/ 1852 St. Boniface; married 5 March 1878; died September 1925.

— sp. PAGÉ, Cleophee. Born 12 January 1854 to Alexander PAGE and Adelaide LEPINE.

4. LESPERANCE, Michel Ernest Alexis. Born 17 December 1878.

4. LESPERANCE, Edmond. Born 15 January 1880, St. Francois Xavier; married 5 January 1904, St. Ignace, Willowbunch, Saskatchewan; died 6 September 1948, Willowbunch, Saskatchewan; buried St. Ignace cemetery, Willowbunch.

— sp. BEAUPRE, Marie Josephine. Born 14 September 1885 to Gaspard BEAUPRE and Florestine PICHE; died 31 October 1928.

5. LESPERANCE, Jean Louis. Born 19 February 1918.

— sp. MAILHOT, Marie Berthe Josephine Clara.

4. LESPERANCE, Marie Virginie Lesperance. Born 13 April 1881.

4. LESPERANCE, Alexandre Lesperance. Born 14 February 1883.

4. LESPERANCE, Adelaide Lesperance. Born 9 March 1884.

4. LESPERANCE, Marie Rose. Born 4 March 1886.

4. LESPERANCE, Joseph Lesperance. Born 2 October 1889.

4. LESPERANCE, Mary Ava. Born 18 April 1897.

2. BONAMI dit L’ESPÉRANCE/ MAGNON LESPERANCE, Ambroise. Born 8 November 1799, Yamaska, Quebec; lived at Howe Island/ Gabbaoque.

— sp. BARTHLETTE, Julia.

3. GOODFRIEND. (at least 10 children).

2. BONAMI dit L’ESPÉRANCE/ MAGNON LESPERANCE, Pierre. Born 10 October 1791, Sorel, Quebec; trapper, Missouri Fur Company (with Jacques LARAMEE, after whom Fort Laramie, Wyoming is named); settled Las Vegas, New Mexico c. 1822; married twice; rancher, saw mill owner.

2. BONAMI dit L’ESPÉRANCE/ MAGNON LESPERANCE, Michel. Born 1798, Quebec; c. 1850 they living at Pittsburgh, Frontenac County, Ontario; c. 1870 living at Howe Island, Ontario; died 1876, Howe Island.

— sp. Rose. Born c. 1821.

3. BONAMI/ LESPERANCE/ GOODFRIEND, Philomene. Born 1844.








2. BONAMI dit L’ESPÉRANCE/ MAGNON LESPERANCE, Joseph. Born 1792/1795; married 1827 to 1st cousin;

— sp. AUCOIN, Genevieve Marie.


[Credit: The original research on which this page is based was commissioned for the Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia Project, by Aboriginal and Northern Affairs Manitoba. The current page is presented gratis — I have no funding from any agency.]


22 Responses to Hon. Louis Schmidt, St. Boniface

  1. Monica Brzak says:

    Thank you for sharing this information
    I have recently found out that this was my great-great grandfather.

    • Danny Schur says:

      The picture in this article may be incorrect. I have seen another picture from the Saskatchewan Archives that shows a very different man – very much the blonde, blue-eyed man he was reported to be.

      • hallnjean says:

        I’ve seen the other picture too — there is a copy at the Manitoba Archives (or view it online at http://musee.societehisto.com/opFichier/louis-schmidt-Sgr9SXdZzsaP-1394.jpg). I went with these ones simply because they seem to have been the choice of most researchers I came across — possibly because they reflect an Aboriginal heritage more clearly, but perhaps they had some information that led them to believe they are the right ones.

        The photo, http://musee.societehisto.com/louis-schmidt-n372-t295.html shows Louis Schmidt, the politically active person of that name, at a later date.

        It is possible that there was more than one individual named Louis Schmidt who lived at Red River settlement (or Early Winnipeg) and had their picture taken (someone related, for example, to Andrew Schmidt who was Danish and arrived in 1881, or someone related to Julius H. Schmidt who arrived from Ontario in 1882). It is, of course, also possible that one or both pictures were mistakenly labeled at some point.

  2. Danny Schur says:

    Very interesting. Just yesterday, I contacted the town historian in St. Louis, Claudette Lavergne, whose great-aunt (if I remember correctly), was married to Louis Schmidt’s son Panteon. Claudette was going to research the Schmidt family history on her own and I plan to see her and her husband Louis when I do a research visit in St. Louis at the end of March. I’m sure Claudette will dig up some pictures.

  3. Danny Schur says:

    I just read an article by Raymond Huel in the Saskatchewan History journal (vol. 40, no. 1, 1987 pgs 1-21) where the above picture is credited as Schmidt in the March 14th, 1912 edition of le Patriote de l’Ouest, so, in the end, it does appear to be correct.

  4. Rose Marie Gagnon says:

    Looking for information on Marie Christine Schmidt dit Laberte who married Joseph Letendre dit Bidoux. Any suggestions? They had a son, Joseph Charles Letendre (1850-1902) in the St Boniface, Manitoba area.

  5. Geoff Schmidt says:

    This is my grandfather’s grandfather. I am Geoff, my dad is Ian, grandfather Joseph Albert, great grandfather Charles pantaleon, and great great grandfather is Louis Schmidt, I and every other Schmidt I know has blue eyes. The two pictures of Louis Schmidt are confusing and are obviously not the same person, the more aboriginal looking one makes more sense since he was metis, however the Caucasian looking one more resembles my immediate family.

    • Catherine McCulloch says:

      Geoff, your information is accurate. Charles Panteleon was my Grandfather, Joseph Albert his son – my father. Your immediate relatives are blued eyed due to the fact that your grandmother was blue eyed of Irish American Decent.

  6. Monica says:

    I was incorrect, this is my Great-Great Grandfather. My Grandfather was Paul Boyer. According to the lineage I have been provided, his mother was Rose ‘Manet’ Schmidt, whose father was Louis Schmidt. From what my family has told me and from my Grandfather’s features, this picture is correct.

    • Monica says:

      Wow…still got it wrong, he was my great-great-great grandfather!

      • hallnjean says:

        Thanks Monica. I’ve updated the entry. I’d be happy if you let me know if further corrections are needed.


      • Steven Drinkwalter says:

        I have been looking into my family history and came across this site! This is what I know, my great grandmother is Lillian Marie Boyer who lives in Alberta, she has several siblings, Edward “Eddie”, Paul, Gilbert, Irene, Margarette and Faye, all born in Sask. Their parent were William “Willie” Boyer and Rose (Schmidt) Boyer and of course her parents Louis Schmidt and Justine Laviolette. My mother recently sent me a photocopy of a newspaper clipping of Mr and Mrs Schmidt, announcing her death at the age of 80 in 1934? and he is 89 at the time of the picture. There’s a hand written caption at the bottom that says Prince Albert Herald 1934. If you’d like a copy of this picture let me know how to get it to you.

  7. Dwayne Lafferty says:

    I’m looking into Marie Anne Genereux… I’d like to know the names of all her children before marrying Pierre Laferte. I’m guessing Alfred and Louis, but I’m not sure. Hon. Louis Schmidt says his parental grandfather was Nicholas Andrews which was Marie Anne first husband. I found miss information on who her 2nd husband was. In some websites it’s said Peter Schmidt was second and Pierre Laferte was third, but on some say Peter was the third. This really needs to be investigated for sure.

  8. Kylie says:

    Wow, my dads family.

  9. Don Albanese / Bremner says:

    Great site! If any one has pictures of , any early Lesperance , Dumas, Hogue, or Bremner family members, I would love to view, as I have much information on these familys but not many pictures.

  10. Terry McDougall says:

    Hi my name is Terry McDougall and I am descended from Alex McDougall who was one of the McDougall’s who made that journey with his brother Sam 1882. Today there are hundreds of people who are descended.

  11. Dawn Clifton says:

    Hi, I’m glad I found this site. I’ve been working on my family tree since I was 16 years and it never gets boring. My granny, Louise Boyer was the eldest child of William and Rose(Schmidt) Boyer. I was hoping someone has more in depth information on the other siblings. Rose was the youngest child of Louis Schmidt and Justine Laviolette. If I can help anyone, please ask. Once I’ve combed thru this information, if I have questions, I hope I can ask.
    Have a great day and happy hunting,

    • Rose Marie Gagnon says:

      Dear Dawn, I am totally stuck and can not advance beyond Joseph Letendre and Marie Schmidt on that side of my tree. Child was Joseph Charles Letendre 1850-1902. Do you have any information to help?
      Rose Marie

  12. Awesome article. He’s My Great, Great grandfather

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