Hon. François Dauphinais, St. Françoise-Xavier

A.k.a. François-Xavier Dauphinais/Dauphinie

Link to Existing Biography:

Biographical Notes:

Date of Birth: 1 January 1815[1]

Father: Michel Dauphinais (1781-1858)

Mother: Victoire Oulette (c.1790-?)


  • Françoise Paul (1817-1880)
  • 27 November 1882, in St. Françoise-Xavier, to Marguerite Morin.

Member of the Provisional Government of Assiniboia; Position in Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia:

  • Honourable Member for St. Françoise-Xavier (east) and, initially, St Charles
  • Vice President

Other Political Positions:

  • HBC Council of Assiniboia
  • Representative for St. Francois Xavier at Convention of Twenty-four (16 November 1869).
  • Vice President of the Provisional Government (8 January). [2]
  • Member of the Legislative Council of Manitoba (1871-1876).

Date of Death: February 1889, St. John, Turtle Mountain, Dakota, United States.[3]

[1] La Société historique de Saint-Boniface, ‘François Dauphinais,’ Family Group Sheet (1 September 2010).

[2] See Alexander Begg, History of the North West, vol. 1 (Toronto: Hunter, Rose and Company, 1894), 440; reprinted as ‘18. Orders of the Provisional Government of Rupert’s Land, Jan. 8, 1870,’ in The Canadian North-west, its early development and legislative records: minutes of the Councils of the Red River Colony and the Northern Department of Rupert’s Land, vol. 2, ed. E.H. Oliver (Ottawa: Government Printing Bureau, 1915),  913; Morton and Begg, Alexander Begg’s Red River Journal, 255; all of whom cite the same document, which indicates Dauphinais’ position as vice-president was carried over from his appointment to the post during the first phase of the Provisional Government, on 27 December 1869. A.-G. Morice, ‘Dauphinais, Hon. François,’ Dictionnaire historique des Canadiens et des Métis français de l’Ouest (Québec: J.P. Garneau, 1908), 74; and Thomas Flanagan and the Gardner Indexing Service, ‘Biographical Index,’ Collected Writings of Louis Riel, vol. 5, 242, date Dauphinais’ election to the position as 8 January 1870, the date on which his attainment was announced by the proclamation cited above. Louis Riel,L’amnistie: mémoire sur les causes des troubles du nord-ouest et sur les négotiations qui ont amené leur règlement amiable ([Montréal]: Bureau du Nouveau Monde, 1874), 21, indicates Dauphinais was vice president up until 15 July 1870. [English translation available online].

[3] ‘Mort d’un Vieux Metis,’ Le Manitoba (28 February 1889), 2.


Family Ties:

1. DAUPHINAIS, Michel GENTHON dit. Born 25 May 1784 to Joseph DAUPHINAIS and Josette COTNOIR.

— sp. OUELLETTE/VALLETTE, Victoire. Born c. 1790 Joseph OULLETTE (of African/Asian descent, “as indicated by results from individuals participating in the ‘French Heritage’ Y DNA Haplogroup study with this surname”) and Angelique ASSINIBOINE, a Nakota woman; died 1877.

2. DAUPHINAIS, Josephte. Born 1813.

Scrip affidavit for Villeneuve, Josephte; born: 1813; husband: Michel Villeneuve (Deceased); father: Michel Dauphinais (French Canadian); mother: Victoire Vallette (Métis); claim no: 509; scrip no: 3960 to 3967; date of issue: June 8, 1876; amount: $160 =

— sp. VILLENEUVE, Michel.

2. DAUPHINAIS, Francois Xavier. Born 1 January 1815/1816; 2d marriage 27 November 1882, St. Francois Xavier, Red River Settlement.

Scrip affidavit for Dauphinais, Francois; born: 1 January 1815; father: Michel Dauphinais (French Canadian); mother: Victoire Ouellette (Métis); claim no.: 1137; scrip no.: 10081; date of issue: Aug. 20, 1876; amount: $160 =

— sp. PAUL, Francoise. Born July 1817 to Paul PAUL and Marguerite LAVALLEE; died 20 January 1880, St. Francois Xavier.

Scrip affidavit for Dauphinais, Francoise; wife of Francois Dauphinais; born: July, 1817; father: Paul Paul (French Canadian); mother: Marguerite Lavallee (Métis); claim no.: 1138; scrip no.: 10082; date of issue: Aug. 20, 1876 =

3. DAUPHINAIS, Alexis. Born 6 November 1847, Red River; married 30 May 1865 St. Francois-Xavier, Red River; died Starbuck, Manitoba.

Scrip affidavit for Dauphinais, Alexis; born: 6 November 1840; father: Francois Dauphinais (Métis); mother: Francoise Paul (Métis); claim no.: 1135; scrip no.: 10079; date of issue: Aug. 20, 1876; amount: $160 =

— sp. CARRIERRE, Philomene. Born October 1847, Red River to Andre CARRIERRE Jr. and Catharine McIVOR; died Starbuck Manitoba.

3. DAUPHINAIS, Francois. Born 1 July 1843.

3. DAUPHINAIS, Marie. Born 1845.

3. DAUPHINAIS, Casimir. Born 2 December 1843, St. Francois-Xavier, Red River.

Scrip affidavit for Dauphinais, Casimir; born: 1846; father: Francois Dauphinais; mother: Francoise Paul =

3. DAUPHINAIS, William.

3. DAUPHINAIS, Marie-Flavie.

3. DAUPHINAIS, Daniel. Born 27 April 1856.

3. DAUPHINAIS, Patrice.

3. DAUPHINAIS, Clemence. Born c. 1860.

3. DAUPHINAIS, Marguerite. Born 1863.

— sp. POITRAS, Elzear.

— sp. MORIN, Marguerite PERREAULT dit. Born 9 March 1843 to Louis PERREAULT dit MORIN and Marguerite MALATERRE (sister to Isabelle MALATERRE who married Gabriel POITRAS Sr., a brother to Pierre POITRAS, councillor in the Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia [See “Family Ties,” Hon. Pierre Poitras, Baie St. Paul and Prairie du Cheval Blanc]; also sister to Marie Eulalie MALATERRE who was the mother of Marguerite MONET dit BELLEHUMEUR/BELLUMEUR, the wife of Louis RIEL Jr. [See “Riel Family Ties,” President Louis Riel, Provisional Government of Assiniboia])

3. MORIN, Marie. Born 1842.

— sp. LILLIE, James. Born 1841.

4. LILLEY, [son].

— sp. STEVENSON, Anne.

5. LILLEY, Margaret.

4. LILLIE, Marie Jeanne. Born 24 March 1885, Rock Lake, North-West Territory; married 10 June 1901, St. Daniel, North-West Territory.

— sp. DUCHARME, Baptiste.

2. DAUPHINAIS, Baptiste. Born November 1828.

Scrip affidavit for Dauphinais, Baptiste; born: Nov. 1828; father: Michel Dauphinais (French Canadian); mother: Victoire Ouellette (Métis); claim no.: 2685; scrip no.: 12056; date of issue: Apr. 20, 1877; amount: $160 =

2. DAUPHINAIS, Suzanne GENTHON dit. Born 15 September 1838, St. Norbert; married 9 February 1858, St. Norbert.

— sp. DELORME dit VENANT/HENAULT, Louis dit Louison. Born 8 December 1832, St. Boniface to Joesph HENAULT dit DELORME and Brigitte VILLEBRUN/PLOUF; died 16 April 1896, St. Adolphe, Manitoba; died c. 1896.

3. DELORME, Francois/Louis Gregoire. Born 28 January 1875, St. Norbert, Manitoba; married 25 January 1898, St. Claude, Manitoba; died 1905.

— sp. DUBOIS, Isabelle. Born c. 1886 to Eugene Martial DUBOIS and Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ GEORGES; died 1905.

4. DELORME, Albert Martial. Born 7 July 1903, St. Claude, Manitoba.

— sp. BEAUDRY, Alice. Born to Alexandre BEAUDRY and Rose M. HENAULT.

5. DELORME, David Joseph.

4. DELORME, Frederick Louis. Born 7 March 1905, Dunseith, North Dakota; married 21 April 1931, Prtage la Prairie, Manitoba; died 5 January 1991, Portage la Prairie, Manitoba.

— sp. EMOND, Alvina Rosalba. Born 2 February 1914, Layland, Manitoba, to William Georges EMOND and Priscille M. L’ESPERANCE; died 27 August 1987, Portage la Prairie, Manitoba.

5. DELORME, Herbert Antoine.

— sp. AUGER, Gertrude Elsie. Born to Charles Henri AUGER and Christina BICKERTON.

6. DELORME, Christopher John.

— sp. INGRAM, Laureley.

3. DELORME/HENAULT, Louis dit Luison/Louison. Born 4 April 1858/1859; died 1899.

— sp. LEPINE, Marguerite. Born 1862; died 1899.

3. DELORME, Rosalie. Born 1862/1863, St. Norbert.

— sp. SMITH, Alexis.

?3. DELORME, Louisane. Born c. 1872/1873, St. Norbert.

3. DELORME, Alexandre. Born c. 1877/1878, St. Norbert.

3. DELORME, Alphonse. Born c. 1860, St. Norbert.

— sp. DESJARLAIS, Marguerite.

4. DELORME, James. Born 1885.

— sp. SANDERSON, Marie Julia.

3. DELORME, Urbain. Born c. 1860/1861, St. Norbert.

— sp. MARCHAND, Eliza Philomene. Born c. 1864.

3. DELORME, Marie Suzanne. Born c. 1861/1863; married 15 February 1887, St. Norbert.

— sp. COURCHENE, Francois. Born to Alexis COURCHESNE and Marguerite LEGER dit PARISIEN.

?– sp. SMITH, Alexandre. Born 1864.

3. DELORME, Elize. Born c. 1862.

3. DELORME, Magloire. Born 1865/1867, St. Norbert; married 23 February 1888, St. Norbert.

— sp. CARRIERE, Justin. Born c. 1868 to Andre CARRIERE and Catherine McIVER.

3. DELORME, Elzear. Born 12 February 1868, St. Norbert.

— sp. Emma. Born 11 September 1872, Manitoba.

3. DELORME, Philomene. Born 6/8 October 1880, St. Norbert; baptized 12 October 1880, St. Norbert.


[Credit: The original research on which this page is based was commissioned for the Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia Project, by Aboriginal and Northern Affairs Manitoba. The current page is presented gratis — I have no funding from any agency.]


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