Hon. Dr. Curtis James Bird, St. Paul’s (Middlechurch)

C.J. Bird

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Preliminary Biographical Notes:

Date of Birth: 1 February 1837/1838[1]

Place of Birth: St. John’s, Red River Settlement

Father: Hudson’s Bay Company Chief Factor James Curtis Bird Sr. (of Acton, Middlesex, England)

Mother: Mary Kelly-Lowman (of England) [see photograph]


1. Frances Ross (daughter of Donald Ross)

2. Annabelle Ross McDermot (daughter of Donald Ross; widow of Charles Edward McDermot)

Member of the Provisional Government of Assiniboia; Position in Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia:

  • Honourable Member for St Paul’s (Middlechurch).
  • Coroner

Other Political Positions:

  • Coroner, Assiniboia (from April 1862)
  • Member of HBC Council of Assiniboia (from 1868)
  • Representative of St. Paul’s at Convention of Twenty-four (16 November 1869).
  • Convention of Forty member for St. Paul’s.
  • Coroner, Province of Manitoba
  • Elected to the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba, representing St. Paul’s (1871)
  • Speaker of the House (1873-1874)

Date of Death: 13 June 1876, London, Middlesex, England

[1] La Société historique de Saint-Boniface, ‘Curtis James Bird,’ Family Group Sheet (26 August 2010).


Family Ties:

1. BIRD, James ‘Sr.’. Born c. 1773, probably at Acton, London, England to James BIRD and Elizabthe CURTIS; HBC career; married more than one Aboriginal woman according to the custom of the country and possibly practiced polygamy before he married Elizabeth MONTOUR (Métis);  died 18 October 1856, Red River Settlement; left an estate, excepting real property, valued at under £4,000, the bulk of which was left to his daughter and son by his last marriage to Mary KELLY-LOWMAN—Eliza Margaret BIRD and Curtis James BIRD. Birds Hill Village, MB, was founded on or near James Bird’s property (3,000 acres with a rise of land originally known as Pine Hill, northeast of Upper Fort Garry).

–sp. Unidentified First Nations Woman. Reputedly ‘Snake’ so sometimes assumed to be Shonone/ Shononi, but, given James Bird’s location, was more likely to have been Assiniboine/ Stoney/ Nakoda or even A’ani/ A’aninin/ Haaninin/ Atsina/ “White Clay People”/ Gros Ventre. (It is not clear in fur trade records whether the name ‘Snake,’ used in this period of Canadian history, referred to Northern Paiute people, is inaccurate, or an entirely unrelated people was meant. For example ‘Sioux‘—of which the Assiniboine/ Stoney/ Nacoda were a part—was mistranslated as deriving from a Chippewa/ Ojibwe word meaning “little snake”; and, throughout most of recorded history, the Piegan Blackfoot called the A’aninin, “Piik-siik-sii-naa,” which translates as “snakes.”)

2. BIRD, Margaret. Born c. 1787 “in the Snake Indian Settlement“; adopted by James Bird at Rocky Mountain House (probably on the occasion of his country marriage to her mother); married 1809; died 1847.

–sp. HOURIE, John Sr. Born 1779, Orkney; HBC career; died 1857.

3. HOURIE, John Jr. Born c. 1810, Hudson’s Bay.

–sp. DENNETT, Jessie/ Janet/ Jane.

3. HOURIE, Robert. Born 1815, Red River Settlement.

–sp. ANDERSON, Christiana ‘Christy.’

3. HOURIE, James. Born 1818; died young.

3. HOURIE, Thomas. Born 1820.

–sp. SINCLAIR, Mary Ann.

3. HOURIE, Jane. Born 1824; died young.

3. HOURIE, George. Born 1825.

–sp. COOK, Eleanor.

–sp. KNIGHT, Elisabeth.

3. HOURIE, Peter. Born 1827.

sp. WHITFORD, Sarah.

3. HOURIE, Betsy. Born 1829.

3. HOURIE, Philip. Born 13 August 1833.

sp. COOK/ HALCRO, Euphemia/ Neptune.

2. BIRD, Charles. Born c. 1795; HBC career; from 1805-1815 at Edmonton (excepting 1808-1812, when in London, Eng.); died age 23; “in closing out his account after his death the following notation appears in the records: ‘Balance to his father James Bird’,” so has been posited to be a son of James Bird Sr., but might also have been his brother.

— sp. Elizabeth? Born c. 1798?

— sp. Oo-menahomisk/ Mary.

2. BIRD, James Jacques Jr./James John/Jimmy Jock/ Jemmy Jock. Born c. 1798-1800, probably at Carlton House; HBC Clerk, Assistant Trader, and Interpreter; had several wives and at least 11 children; guide for brother-in-law James Sinclair’s colonizing party to Oregon in 1841; career as interpreter for U.S.; settled in Red River 1856, ‘twelve miles below Upper Fort Garry’; blind by 1870s; interpreter for Canadian treaties; died 11 December 1892 at Two Medicine Creek, Blackfoot Reservation, Montana, United States; buried December 1892, at Browning, Montana. See also John C. Jackson, Jemmy Jock Bird: Marginal Man on the Blackfoot Frontier [Google Books preview].

— sp. Elizabeth. Born 1808 to unidentified First Nations parents; died 1846.

3. BIRD, James. Born 1824.

3. BIRD, John. Born 1825; died 12 October 1837, at St. John’s, Red River.

3. BIRD, William. Born c. 1826.

3. BIRD, Edward. Born c. 1830.

3. BIRD, Mary. Born March 1832.

3. BIRD, Letitia. Born July 1834.

3. BIRD, Elisabeth. Born c. 1835; baptized 10 May 1835.

3. BIRD, Maria. Born 1836.

3. BIRD, Charles. Born January 1837.

— sp. BUTTS, Sarah. Born c. 1809 North-West Territory, to Bull’s Heart/ Heart Butts; baptized 6 June 1858 at St. Paul’s, Red River; married James Bird 25 December 1857 at St. Paul’s, Red River.

3. BIRD, Nancy. Born 1844.

3. BIRD, Agnes. Born c. 1845; died 1885.

3. BIRD, Joseph. Born 1845; died 10 April 1871, at St. Andrew’s, Red River.

3. BIRD, Thomas. Born 1847.

3. BIRD, Philip. Born c. 1848.

3. BIRD, Alfred. Born c. 1850.

— sp. Elizabeth.

2. BIRD, George. Born c. 1792-98 South Branch House, Saskatchewan River; HBC career; married 23 August 1825, at St. John’s, Red River Settlement; died 28 February 1855 at Red River.

— sp. THOMAS, Anne. Born c. 1800 at Red River to Thomas Thomas of the HBC and Sarah, a Cree woman; baptized Feb. 1825; died c. 1846.

3. BIRD, Amelia. Born 4 January 1821; died 9 April 1893 at Middlechurch, Manitoba.

3. BIRD, Frederick Adolphus. Born 18 March 1823, Red River; died 30 November 1884 at Carleton, North-West Territory.

Scrip affidavit for Bird, Frederick A.; born: March 18, 1823; father: George Bird (Métis); mother: Ann Thomas (Métis); claim no: 2286; scrip No: 11152; date of issue: October 2, 1876; amount: $160 =

— sp. GARRIOCH, Anne.

4. BIRD, William Gilbert. Born 25 July 1848/ 1849, Red River; married 15 September 1870, Red River; died 4 August 1942 Star City, SK.

Scrip affidavit for Bird, William Gilbert; born: 25 July 1848; father: Frederick Adolphus Bird; mother: Ann Garrick =

— sp. CUMMINGS, Harriet. Born 25 August 1855 to Robert Cummings and Jane Monkman; died 24 September 1927, Star City, SK.

5. BIRD, Isabelle Jane. Born 4 June 1873; died 1956.

5. BIRD, Clara Ann. Born 1874; married c. 1904/ 1905; died 1951.

— sp. MABB, Henry Liddell. Born 1872, Hull, Yorkshire, England, to Henry Liddell MABB Sr. and Ellen HOLDER; previously married to Bertha May MULLETT; died 1960/ 1961.

5. BIRD, Emma Margaret. Born 1876; died 1880.

5. BIRD, Jemima Adelaide. Born 1878; died 23 August 1880.

5. BIRD, Mable Mary. Born 16 august 1880; died 11 January 1881.

5. BIRD, Frederick Robert. Born 4 August 1883; died 15 January 1949.

5. BIRD, William Francis. Born 28 May 1886.

5. BIRD, Ina Maria. Born 20 February 1889; died 1961.

5. BIRD, Pauline Constance Ivy. Born 13 May 1899.

5. BIRD, Uma Serita Frederick. Born 13 May 1899.

4. BIRD, Clara. Born 9 April 1856, Portage la Prairie; married 17 February 1873.

Scrip affidavit for Bates, Clara (nee Bird); wife of John George Bates; born: 9 April, 1856; father: Frederick Bird; mother: Ann Garrick

— sp. BATES, John George. Born c. 1852, Ireland; died 1899.

3. BIRD, Catherine. Born 17 August 1829, St. Paul’s parish, Red River; died after 1901.

3. BIRD, George. Baptized 3 April 1831, St. John’s parish, Red River; died 11 September 1881, St. Paul’s, Manitoba.

3. BIRD, Thomas. Born 1832, St. Paul’s parish, Red River.

3. BIRD, Charles James. Born c. 1835; baptized 13 September 1835.

3. BIRD, Sarah. Born c. 1838; baptized 7 July 1838.

— sp. TARN, John.

3. BIRD, William George. Born 1 April 1840, Red River; died 1912.

3. BIRD, Ann Elizabeth. Born 9 June 1844, Red River; died 6 February 1871, High Bluff, Manitoba.

3. BIRD, Harriet Sophia. Born 9 December 1846, Red River; baptized 9 December 1846; died 7 February 1855.

2. BIRD, Levi. Born 1801 at Edmonton House; married 9 November 1832 at St. John’s, Red River; died 12 January 1864 at St. John’s, Red River Settlement.

— sp. THOMAS, Jane. Born c. 1816 to Thomas THOMAS of the HBC and Sarah, a Cree woman; died 1841.

3. BIRD, Thomas Levi. Born 3 April 1832, St. Paul’s, Red River Settlement; baptized 2 July 1834.

— sp. LINKLATER, Mary Louise. Born c. 1838, North-West Territory.

3. BIRD, Sophia. Born 1834, St. Paul, Red River; died 9 September 1891, St. Andrew’s, Manitoba.

3. BIRD, James Edward. Baptized 17 December 1837.

3. BIRD, Henry. Born 1841; married 1 September 1864, at St. Andrew’s, Red River; died 1892.

— sp. LOUIS, Chloe. Born c. 1843.

2. BIRD, Henry. Born 1804 or 12 December 1805 at Edmonton House; (named in will of 21 March 1829); married 28 Oct 1824 in St. John’s, Red River; died 9 December 1893, St. Andrew’s Manitoba.

— sp. CALDER, Harriet. Born 28 October 1809 at York Factory to John CALDER and Sarah HUMPHRIES; died 14 October 1889 at St. Andrew’s, Manitoba.

3. BIRD, Amelia. Born c. 1826, Red River; died 13 May 1898 at Portage la Prairie, Manitoba.

3. BIRD, Elizabeth. Baptized 3 June 1828, St. John’s, Red River.

3. BIRD, Chloe. Born 1832.

3. BIRD, Jemima. Baptized 28 June 1835.

3. BIRD, Harriet. Born 1838.

3. BIRD, Nancy. Born July 1840, St. Andrew’s parish, Red River; died 6 January 1874 at St. Ann’s/Poplar Point, Manitoba.

3. BIRD, John James. Born 3 October 1844; died 1933.

3. BIRD, Morris Henry. Born 1847, St. Paul’s parish, Red River; died 4 April 1878, St. Andrew’s, Manitoba.

3. BIRD, Caroline. Born c. 1851, Red River.

— sp. McDONELL, John.

3. BIRD, Edith Jane. Born c. 1855; died 20 October 1863, St. Andrew’s parish, Red River.

— sp. MONTOUR, Elizabeth. Born c. 1777/1789 to Nicholas Jean dit Menard MONTOUR (who was baptized 31 October 1756 at Albany died 6 August 1808 at Pointe du Lac, Quebec; son of Andrew ‘Sattelihu’ MONTOUR [born c. 1700 and died 1775] and Sarah AINSE/ Sally HANDS [born 1728 and died 1823 ON]. Andrew was a son of ‘Chief’ ONEIDA and Elizabeth COUC [born c. 1667 at Trois Rivieres and died c. 1752 Pennysylvania; a daughter of Pierre COUC and Marie MITE AMECKE]); Elizabeth Montour married James Bird Sr. on 30 March 1821; died in the autumn 1834; buried 1 November 1834.

2. BIRD, Joseph. Born 1 January 1800, at Edmonton House, North-West Territory; (named in father’s will of 21 Mar. 1829); married 30 March 1821 at Fort Douglas; died 9 September 1878, at Poplar Point, Manitoba

— sp. THOMAS, Elisabeth. Born 27 January 1805, Swan River, to Thomas THOMAS of the HBC and Sarah ‘Cree’; died 1846.

3. BIRD, Marie. Born 1822, St. Paul, Red River; died 22 November 1891, South Branch, Saskatchewan.

3. BIRD, Elizabeth. Born 1824, St. Paul. Red River Settlement; died 22 October 1887. Prince Albert [SK].

3. BIRD, William. Born 1826; baptized 26 December 1826 at St. John’s, Red River; died December 1827; buried 11 December 1827.

3. BIRD, Joseph. Born c. 1829; baptized 27 January 1829; died 8 June Red River Settlement.

3. BIRD, Emma. Born c. 1832; baptized 25 August 1832; died 8 April 1843, Red River Settlement.

3. BIRD, Jane. Born 14 August 1835, St. Paul, Red River.

3. BIRD, Letitia. Born c. 1836; baptized 28 February 1836; died 1849.

3. BIRD, Thomas. Born 1838; baptized 18 March 1838.

3. BIRD, Charles George. Born 14 February 1840, St. Paul, Red River Settlement; died 31 December 1919, Waitville, Saskatchewan.

3. BIRD, Ann Harriet. Born c. 1842; baptized 20 March 1842.

3. BIRD, John. Baptized 12 February 1844.

3. BIRD, Sarah. Baptized 20 December 1845.

2. BIRD, William. Born c. 1803/1805 (named in will of 21 March 1829); died 18 June 1885 Red River.

— sp. HAY, Venus [Blackfoot, Hay First Nation]. Born 1801; died 1864.

[or sp. MONKMAN, Robina. Born 1801 and died 1864; married William Bird 28 October 1822 at St. John’s, Red River.]

3. BIRD, Charles. Baptized 15 March 1832 at St. John’s, Red River.

3. BIRD, James. Born 1824, St. Paul, Red River; died 27 April 1891.

— sp. GIBSON, Isabella. Born July 1829, to Hugh GIBSON and 1st wife Isabella CHALIFOUX; died 15 May 1901. [See “Gibson Family Ties,” Hon. Edward Henry George Gunter ‘E.H.G.G.’ Hay, St. Andrews (South)]

3. BIRD, William. Born November 1826, Red River; married 1874 at Edmonton.

— sp. TABOR, Fanny.

3. BIRD, Mary. Born 15 March 1832, Red River; died 25 July 1911, St, John’s, Winnipeg.

3. BIRD, Isabella. Baptized 26 July 1835.

3. BIRD, Henry. Baptized 6 November 1843, St. John’s, Red River.

3. BIRD, George. Born 1843, St. Paul’s parish, Red River; died 7 April 1872.

3. BIRD, Nicholas. Born 1 April 1847, St. Paul’s parish, Red River Settlement; died 13 June 1924, St. Andrew’s, Halcro.

3. BIRD, Sarah. Born 11 July 1848, Red River.

3. BIRD, John Thomas. Born 25 October 1850, St. Paul’s parish, Red River Settlement; baptized 28 November, St. Paul’s; died 18 December 1946, Birch Hills, Saskatchewan.

— sp. CAMPBELL, Frances Elizabeth. Born 4 October 1867, Red River.

4. BIRD, William Robert. Born 7 October 1883 Prince Albert; died 9 May 1884, Halcro.

4. BIRD, Alice Mabel. Born 19 June 1895, Qu’Appelle.

4. BIRD, Blanche Louise. Born 7 September 1892.

4. BIRD, Catherine. Born 21 September 1894.

4. BIRD, Laura M. Born 1896.

4. BIRD, John J. Born 17 April 1899.

2. BIRD, Elizabeth Maria. Born ca. 1806; died April 1845.

— sp. SINCLAIR, James. [click link for family information]

3. SINCLAIR, Elizabeth. Born c. 1830.

3. SINCLAIR, Harriet Goldsmith. Born 9 July 1832. [See “Women and the Resistance“]

— sp. COWAN, William [Dr.].

3. SINCLAIR, Alexander Christie. Born c. 1834; died 20 September 1834.

3. SINCLAIR, Maria.

3. SINCLAIR, Henry.

3. SINCLAIR, Jessie.

3. SINCLAIR, Louisa.

3. SINCLAIR, Emma.

3. SINCLAIR, Colin James.

2. BIRD, Letitia. Migrated to Oregon in 1841 (named in will of 21 March 1829)

— sp. McKAY, Charles. Born 1807 to John McKAY and Mary FAVEL; died 1 April 1873, Oregon, USA.

2. BIRD, Philip. Born ca. 1818, Red River Settlement; baptized 30 March, Red River; married 4 February 1847 at St. John’s Red River; reputed to be Roman Catholic; migrated to Oregon in 1854; died 1 June 1910, at Sumner, Pierce County, Washington.

— sp. FIDLER, Mary. Born c. 1831 to Thomas FIDLER (born 20 June 1795, Cumberland House to Peter FIDLER and Mary a Swampy Cree woman) and either Thomas’ first wife Nancy/ELizabeth HALLET or his second wife Jane KIPLING; Mary Fidler died c. 1877, Pierce County, Washington Territory.

3. BIRD, Maurice. Born November 1847, Red River; baptized 12 November 1847; died November 1847, Red River; buried 20 November 1847, Red River.

3. BIRD, Joseph James. Born 8 November 1848, Red River; died 31 December 1935, Roy, Pierce County, Washington.

3. BIRD, Mary Eliza. Baptized 29 December 1850, Red River; married 17 December 1866, Pierce County, Washington Territory.

— sp. BREWER, James.

3. BIRD, Roderick. Baptized 29 May 1853; married 15 February 1886, Tacoma, Pierce County, Washington Territory; died 29 August 1935, Tacoma, Pierce County, Washington Territory.

— sp. WOODWARD, Catherine.

3. BIRD, Harriet Maria. Born c. 1855, Hillsboro, Washington Territory; died 3 August 1887, Teniono, Thurston County, Washington Territory.

3. BIRD, Anna L. Born c. 1857, Washington Territory; died 30 September 1935.

3. BIRD, Aurilla. Born c. 1860, Washington Territory; married 22 August 1873, Steilacoom, Pierce County, Washington Territory; died 7 June 1937, Western State Hospital, Steilacoom, Pierce County, Washington Territory.

— sp. BASTIEN, Isaac. Born c. 1849, Washington Territory; died 10 July 1936, Tacoma, Pierce County, Washington Territory.

2. BIRD, Arthur. Born 1822 [1811?]; migrated to Oregon in 1854.

— sp.

2. BIRD, Mary. Baptised 11 October 1829, Red River Settlement; ; (named in father’s will of 21 March 1829); married for the first time in 1842 at Red River; married a second time 18 October 1860 at St. John’s; died before August 1875.

— sp. McKENZIE, Hector. Born c. 1788 to Charles McKenzie and Mary McKay.

3. McKENZIE, Mary. Born c. 1842.

3. McKENZIE, Hugh. Married 19 July 1878.

— sp. McLENNAN, Mary Ann. Born 2 November 1869, at St. Clement’s parish, Red River Settlement.

— sp. LANE, William Douglas.

3. LANE, Eliza Harriet Jane. Born 9 May 1863; baptized 29 June 1863 at St. John’s.

2. BIRD, John [Philip ‘Jack’?]. Born c. 1808, Fort Edmonton; married 29 March 1826 at St. John’s, Red River; died 1837, or 15 October 1839 near Pembina, Minnesota Territory, United States of a gunshot wound inflicted by Thomas Simpson. [See comments below on the not to firm provenance John Bird’s middle name.]

— sp. McKAY, Mary. Born 19 March 1810 at Brandon House to John McKay and Mary Favel; died 1858, Vancouver, Clark, Washington Territory.

3. BIRD, John Jr.

3. BIRD, Simon.

3. BIRD, Eliza.

3. BIRD, Charles James.

3. BIRD, William.

2. BIRD, Thomas. Born c. 1815/1816; married 21 April 1836, St. John’s Red River; migrated to Oregon in 1854.

— sp. McDERMOT, Harriet/Ellen/Helen. Born 1819 St. John’s Red River to Andrew McDERMOT (born October 1791 at Belanagare, Roscommon Ireland; HBC career; died 12 October 1881 at Red River) and Sarah Mary McNAB (born 10 May 1802 to Thomas McNAB and Mary Jane, a Saulteux woman. Sarah McNab died 27 September 1875); baptized 12 August 1821; widow by 1881.

3. BIRD, Marie Sara. Born 1837 at St. Boniface, Red River.

3. BIRD, Catherine. Born 4 February 1841 at Norway House; died 3 March 1842.

3. BIRD, Thomas. Born 9 February 1843, at Norway House; married 15 November 1860.

— sp. BROWN, Elizabeth.

3. BIRD, Henry. Born 29 December 1844, at Norway House.

3. BIRD, John. Born 10 June 1847, St. James parish, Red River.

3. BIRD, Robert Miles. Born 17 February 1850.

3. BIRD, Charles. Born 12 September 1852, Norway House; married 24 April 1873.

— sp. ADAMS, Mary. Born 1850.

3. BIRD, Mary. Born 24 December 1854, Norway House.

2. BIRD, Chloe. Born 1815; baptized 13 May 1821; married 25 April 1833 at St. John’s, Red River; died 1842, Columbia River, Oregon Territory.

— sp. FLETT, James. Born 1813 to Rev. George FLETT [Presbyterian Missionary] and Margaret ‘Peggy’ WHITFORD (daughter of James Peter WHITFORD and Sarah, and Aboriginal woman); baptized 7 December 1823; died 1843, Columbia River, Oregon Territory.

3. FLETT, Margaret.

3. FLETT, Mary.

3. FLETT, Charlotte. Born c. 1840 Red River; resident 1850 in Oregon Territory.

3. FLETT, Jemima.

2. BIRD, Nicholas Garry. Born 1824; baptized 2 August 1824, St. John’s, Red River; migrated to Oregon in 1841; died Umatilla Indian Reservation.

— sp.

2. BIRD, Peter.

— sp.

— sp. LOWMAN, Mary Kelly. Born 1801; widowed; Governess, Girl’s School, Seminary, Red River; received a grant of £2,500 in trust from Bird; then married him 22 January 1835; died 1873 at Chesnut, Herts [HBCA, E.4/lb, fo.242d ]

2. BIRD, Curtis James [Dr.]. Born c. 1837; baptized 12 February 1838; (named in father’s will of 21 Mar. 1855); married 6 February 1862 at St. Andrew’s, Red River Settlement; died 1876, at London, England.

— sp. ROSS, Frances. Born c. 1840 to Donald ROSS (born c. 1798) and Mary ‘Molly’ McBEATH (born 1 May in Linibul Scotland to Alexander McBeath of Sutherlandshire [died September 1848 at Red River] and Christina GUNN of Dallagen, Sutherlandshire [died 1855 at Red River]. Frances’ brothers included Roderick ROSS Sr., and Donald ROSS Jr.); died 28 February 1867; burial 1867 St. John’s Cemetery.

3. BIRD, James Roderick [Dr.]. Born 16 June 1863; baptized 10 September, St. Paul’s, Red River Setllement; died 31 August 1953. “Obituary,” M.A.J. vol. 69 (November 1953), 542: “Dr. James Roderick Bird, aged 90, a doctor whose roots went deep into Manitoba’s history, died on August 31 at his home in Winnipeg. Dr. Bird’s grandfather was a Chief Factor of the Hudson’s Bay Company, whose [sic: his?] father, Dr. Curtis James Bird, was the first speaker of Manitoba’s Legislative Assembly. Born at Middlechurch, Manitoba, Dr. James Bird practiced at Whitewood, Sask., until 1922 and until his retirement in 1931 he served with the department of Indian affairs at Norway House and Hodgson. He is survived by his widow, two sons and two daughters.

— sp. Adrienne. Born 1880, France.

3. BIRD, Mary Annabella. Born 23 November 1866; baptized 22 June 1866, at St. Paul’s, Red River Settlement.

— sp. ROSS, Annabella. Born 22 August 1832 to Donald ROSS and Mary McBEATH; died 22 August 1874; burial St. John’s Cemetery.

3. BIRD, Alfred Curtis. Born June 1868, St. John’s, Red River Settlement; baptized 12 August 1868, St. John’s, Red River.

3. BIRD, George Henry. Born May 1870; baptized 19 June 1870 at St. John’s; died 1943.

3. BIRD, Colin Alexander. Born 5 April 1872; died 22 April 1957, Vancouver, British Columbia.

3. BIRD, Ralph Ross. Born 1874; died 1874.

2. BIRD, Elizabeth/ Eliza Margaret. Born 4 January 1840 (named in father’s will of 21 Mar. 1855).

— sp. GRIFFIN, Charles John.

2. BIRD, Harriet Isabella. Born 6 June 1842; baptized 23 October 1843; died before 1855.


[Credit: The original research on which this page is based was commissioned for the Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia Project, by Aboriginal and Northern Affairs Manitoba. The current page is presented gratis — I have no funding from any agency.]


17 Responses to Hon. Dr. Curtis James Bird, St. Paul’s (Middlechurch)

  1. carol moore says:

    my grandmother’s maiden name was bird blanche louise–cannot find anything about her–would be so obliged for some help–she was born sept. 7 1892–died 1965 in victoria b.c. i believe she was born n.w.t. thank you so very much

    • David Bird says:

      Carol. You and I are 4th cousins, once removed. Blance is the daughter of John Thomas Bird and Frances Elizabeth Campbell. John is the son of William Bird and Venus Hay. William is the son of James Curtis Bird. James Curtis was my Gt. Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandfather. I have no history on the Campbell side. I have a far amount of information on the Bird siode of the family and would be willing to swap some info. If you get this, send me an email. David Bird

  2. Christoph says:

    I descend frpm John Bird who married Mary McKay. What documentation do you have saying his middle name was Phillip?

    • hallnjean says:

      Hi Christoph,
      The genealogical lists here are tentative workings out of relationships and family networks at Red River. For John’s middle name I relied on http://archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/th/read/METISGEN/2003-06/1056288964 and http://archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/th/read/METISGEN/2011-08/1312498263. Contacting people on those Metisgen forums might lead you to the documentation.

      • Christoph says:

        Unfortunately several have accepted the middle name with no documentation to back it up. Some have claimed it is off a HBC document, but no such document has been presented stating such from the time period. Some HBC records are re-constructed. There has been a weird division between some of the family researchers on the Canadian side of the boarder from some on the US side of the boarder. A large chunk of James Curtis Bird’s children came to the States in 1841. Some more in 1854. Some researchers have tried to bridge both sides of the boarder together to help in sharing documentation and correcting a few errors. I am a descendant from John Bird and Mary McKay. I can tell you Mary was buried at the 2nd HBC cemetery at Ft Vancouver. Her grave has been unfortunately lost in construction of the freeway. Jer son John is buried just outside of Vancouver on what was his and his mother’s property. Her other son Charles is buried here in Portland, Oregon. Nicholas Garry Bird died at the Oregon Soldiers Home and is buried down there. Arthur Bird died at the Oregon State Hospital and was buried down there.

      • hallnjean says:

        Fascinating — many thanks for the insights and information. I’ll update the entry.

  3. Kris says:

    I am looking for information on my ancestor Clara Bird married Henry Little Mabb. She is the daughter of Frederick Adolphus Bird. I would like to know her children’s names. One should be my deceased grandmother but I cannot find any history anywhere on her. This is all part of the James Curtis Bird family.

  4. Eileen Kellner says:


    I just came across your posting.

    Henry Liddle Mabb was the first son of Henry Liddle Mabb Sr.

    The Mabb family came to Canada approximately 1885 and settled near Winnipeg.

    Henry Liddle Mabb married Bertha Mae Mullett and settled near Willow Bunch SE of Moose Jaw.

    Bertha Mae died in childbirth – Elizabeth Mae?.

    After that Henry married Clara Bird.

    After that they moved to Fisher Branch with other Mabb brothers. There is an association with the Barrett family there.

    Henry Liddle Mabb Jr. was the elder brother of my great grandmother Beatrice “Annie” Mabb. She married Thomas Griffiths. Their eldest daughter Violet was my grandmother. She married Stockton Smith.

    My father was Kenneth Billingsley Smith.

    There is a lot more detail. Pleas contact me. I’d be happy to share.

    Eileen Kellner (Smith).


  5. Ronnie burd says:

    Hello my grandfather is Alfred Joseph bird and his father is Thomas James bird and Philip bird is his father. Thomas mom was Mary Kipling . Thomas had lived near onion lake . I’m looking for any info!!! Thanks ronnie burd

    • Ronnie burd says:

      I might have it wrong , my great grandfather is Thomas bird/ burd born at buffalo lake alberta in around 1876. He married a philomene allard from Montana and lived most of there live in onion lake sask. we don’t know the parents of Thomas? Thnx

  6. Kris says:

    Hi Ellen so Clara Bird married Henry Mabb do you know where Clara is from Native band name ,Where she was a member of which indian band

    • kelly barrett says:

      Ellen do think you will know which native band Clara Bird was a member of that married Henry Liddle mabb and moved to Fisher Branch

  7. Lynn Bird says:

    I am looking for information on Thomas Bird, son of James Curtis Bird, who was married to Ellen McDermot. Records show that he went with the Sinclair party to Oregon in 1854, leaving his family in the Red River Settlement. I am assuming that he went to try and start a farm, like the others in the party, but when HBC reneged on the deal in Ft Vancouver and the party split up I lost track of Thomas Bird. Does anyone know what happened to him?

  8. Adelle Adams says:

    Is this site still active? From my research, my 3rd gg, George Bird, was the first son of James Curtis Bird, and according to the above his mother was an Unknown Native. In the book on Jimmy Jock “The Marginal Man” one son was unable to study in England due to not being able to get him to the ship at York Factory. This son might have been George. Also after a harrowing trip with the Simpson Expedition, he ended up as a farmer at Red River. Would appreciate any further information on George.

  9. Deneece Lamb says:

    I am looking for any info on George Bird. He is the son of James Curtis Bird and Little Calf aka Mary Swampy Cree and the full brother of the Jimmy Jock Bird. My Great Grandfather is Frederick Robert Edward Donald Bird who wrote his name as F.R.E.D. as his initials spell Fred lol. My Grandfather is Frederick Willis Bird. My Mother is Betty Arlene Bird Lamb Gutierrez. I am Deneece Amber Lamb. My Daughter is Heather Marie Short and her Daughter is Shea Marie Short. Information on this line would be great. Thank you.

  10. Jasmin kehoe says:

    I am interested in any information on McBeath’s from Red River

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