Hon. Baptiste/Jean-Baptiste Beauchemin, St. Charles

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Preliminary Biographical Notes:

Date of Birth: 3 November 1838[1]

Place of Birth: St.-Boniface, Red River Settlement

Father: Benjamin Beauchemin (c.1804/1813-1870)

Mother: Marie Parenteau (c.1815-?)

Marriage: c. 1860 in St Charles Parish, Red River Settlement to Marguerite McMillan (1840-1926).

Member of the Provisional Government of Assiniboia; Position in the Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia:

  • Honourable Member for St. Charles[2] (alongside his uncle, André Beauchemin, and Pierre Parenteau, who was perhaps also an uncle).

Other Positions in Provisional Government:

  • Member of the December Convention, 1869.
  • Convention of Forty Member for St. Charles (he ‘took his seat afterwards as the election was contested’).[3]

Date of Death: 2 December 1900, St. Charles, Manitoba

[1] La Société historique de Saint-Boniface, “Jean-Baptiste Beauchemin,” Family Group Sheet (11 August 2010).

[2] Alexander Begg, The Creation of Manitobaa; Or, a History of the Red River Troubles (Toronto: A.H. Hovey, 1871), 247. See also “Provisional Government: First Council Meeting,” New Nation (11 March 1870), 2; “Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia (1st Session …),” New Nation (8 April 1870), 1.

[3] Begg, Creation of Manitoba, 247.


Family Ties:

1. BEAUCHEMIN, Benjamin. Born 1804/1813 to André MILLET dit BEAUCHEMIN and Charlotte PELLETIER; died 25 February 1870 at Fort Garry; buried 27 February 1870 at St. Norbert, Red River Settlement.

— sp. PARENTEAU, Marie. Born c. 1815 in the North-West to Joseph Victor PARENTEAU and Suzanne, known as a Cree woman; possibly sister to Hon. Pierre PARENTEAU of the Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia.

Scrip affidavit for Beauchemin, Marie; widow of Benjamin Beauchemin; born: 1815; father: Joseph Parenteau (French); mother: Suzanne (Métis); claim no: 1758; date of issue: September 20, 1876 =

2. BEAUCHEMIN, Isabelle. Born June 1828; married c. 1852; died 26 August 1878; buried 27 August 1878.

— sp. VANDAL, Antoine. Born c. 1825.

3. VANDAL, Alexandre.

Vandal, Antoine; heir to his deceased son, Alexandre Vandal; address: Fish Creek; born: 1871 at Touchwood Hills; died: December, 1889 at Fish Creek; father: Antoine Vandal (Métis and deponent); mother: Isabelle Beauchamp (Métis); claim no. 1180

2. BEAUCHEMIN, Marie. Born 5 March 1833; baptized 6 March 1833 at St. Boniface, Red River Settlement.

2. BEAUCHEMIN, Jean-Baptiste. Born 3 November 1838 at St. Boniface, Red River; married c. 1860; died 2 December 1900; buried 4 December 1900 at St. Charles, MB.

Scrip affidavit for Beauchemin, Baptiste; born: November 3, 1838; father: Benjamin Beauchemin (Métis); mother: Marie Parenteau (Métis); claim no.: 871; date of issue: July 12, 1876 =

— sp. McMILLAN, Marguerite. Born 12 January 1840; died 26 January 1926.

Scrip affidavit for Beauchemin, Marguerite; wife of Jean Baptiste Beauchemin; born: January 12, 1840; father: Wm. A. Millen (Métis); mother: Marguerite Dease (Métis); claim no: 872; date of issue: July 12, 1876 =

2. BEAUCHEMIN, Cecile. Born 1842; married 22 January 1867 at St. Norbert, Red River.

— sp. CARRIERE, Charles Toussaint. Born 2 November 1833.

2. BEAUCHEMIN, Philomène. Born 15 April 1845; married 8 January 1866.

— sp. VERMETTE, Alexis/Alexandre. Born 1837.

2. BEAUCHEMIN, Caroline. Born 1845 at St. Norbert, Red River; married 22 January 1861 at St. Norbert, Red River.

— sp. HENRY, Pierre. Born c. 1838.

2. BEAUCHEMIN, Herménégilde. Born c. 1852; died on the prairie; buried October 1865 at St. Joseph, Dakota Territory, United States.


[Credit: The original research on which this page is based was commissioned for the Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia Project, by Aboriginal and Northern Affairs Manitoba. The current page is presented gratis — I have no funding from any agency.]


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