Hon. Ambroise-Dydime Lépine, St. Vital

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Biographical Notes:

Date of Birth: 18 March 1840[1]

Place of Birth: St Boniface

Father: Jean-Baptiste Lépine (1792-1876)

Mother: Julie Henry (1807-?)

Marriage: 12 December 1859 to Cécile Marion (1841-?)

Occupation: farmer

Member of the Provisional Government of Assiniboia; Position in Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia:

  • Honourable Member for St. Vital
  • Adjutant General

Other Positions in Provisional Government:

  • ‘Leader of the guards,’ 2 Nov. 1869 at Pembina
  • Adjutant-General of Louis Riel’s executive council (27 December 1869).
  • Convention of Forty member for St. Boniface.



Date of Death: 8 June 1923, St. Boniface

The Winnipeg Evening Tribune (8 July 1940), 3.

[1] La Socièté historique de Saint-Boniface, ‘Ambroise-Dydime Lépine,’ Family Group Sheet (11 August 2010).


Family Ties:

1. LEPINE, Jean-Baptiste. Born 9 January 1792, St. Jacques, L’Achigan, Quebec, to Joseph LEPINE and Angelique PETERIN; settled as a farmer at St, Francois Xavier, Red River Settlement, 1822; HBC career; died 15 April 1876 at St. Francois Xavier.

Scrip affidavit for Lepine, Jean Baptiste; born: 9 January 1872; father: Joseph Lepine (French Canadian); mother: Angelique Peterin (French Canadian), an original white settler from St. Jacques L’Achigan, Quebec, settled in Red River Country in 1822 =

— sp. HENRY, Julie dit HONORE ditALLERY. Born 1807 to Alexander HENRY (the younger) and Madeleine (a Saulteaux woman).

Scrip affidavit for Lepine, Julie; born: 1807; wife of Jean Baptiste Lepine; father: Henry (English); mother: Indian; claim no: 1295; scrip no: 10239; date of issue: Aug. 21, 1876; amount: $160 =

2. LEPINE, Jean-Baptiste. Born 19 January 1824; married 1848; member of the Red River Settlement Guard, from July 1869; member of the military tribunal that tried Thomas Scott 1870, voted against a death penalty; in company with Andre Nault, met with William O’Donoghue to learn of, and report on his plans for a raid, 1871.

Scrip affidavit for Lepine, Baptiste; born: 19 January 1824; father: Baptiste Lepine (French Canadian).; mother: Julie Allary (Métis); claim no: 1851; scrip no: 10748; date of issue: Sept. 20, 1876; amount: $160 =

— sp. PARENTEAU, Isabelle. Born 1830, St. Norbert, to Pierre PARENTEAU Sr. and Josephte Lambert LAURIN/LAURENT; died 1872.

Scrip affidavit for Lepine, Isabelle; born: 1830; wife of Baptiste Lepine; father: Pierre Parenteau (French Canadian); mother: Josephte Lambert (Métis); claim no: 1852; scrip no: 10749; date of issue: Sept. 20, 1876; amount: $160 =

3. LEPINE, Josephte.

3. LEPINE, Joseph.

3. LEPINE, Pierre.

3. LEPINE, Margurite.

3. LEPINE, Rosalie. Born 2 January 1849, St. Boniface, Red River Settlement; 1st marriage 1870, St. Norbert; 2d marriage 27 August 1878, Ste. Anne MB; died 22 May 1927, Onion Lake district, Saskatchewan.

Scrip affidavit for Lajimodiere, Rosalie, widow of Godfroy Lajimodiere; born: January 2, 1849; father: Baptiste Lepine (Métis); mother: Isabelle Parenteau (Métis); claim no: 727; scrip no: 5657 to 5664; date of issue: June 26, 1876; amount: $160 =

— sp. LAGEMODIERE/LAJIMODIERE, Godefroi/ Godfroy. Born 1848 to Romain LAGEMODIERE and Marie VAUDRY at St. Boniface; died 1874 at Ste. Anne, MB.


— sp. NOLIN, Charles. Born 2 May 1838, St. Boniface, Red River Settlement, to Augustin NOLIN (born 1781, Sault Ste. Marie district) and Helene/Henrietta ‘Anne/Nancy’ CAMERON (born 1808 Rupert’s Land to John Dugald CAMERON and a First Nations woman); previously married to Marie-Anne HARRISON, sister of Hon. Auguste HARRISON of the Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia; merchant; died 28 January 1907, Lac Outarde/Goose Lake, Battleford, Saskatchewan.

An interesting historical character, whose political leanings have proven “difficult to summarize.” He exhibited several seeming reverses in position with respect to securing Métis and original settler rights, in both 1869-1870 and 1885 — alienating other activists, fleeing the contested terrain, then afterward seeking to reconcile, while yet testifying in Crown trials against those who supported the Métis cause.  Reputedly, he was known in some circles as “un vire-capot…terrible ce Nolin,” (of fickle loyalties), while others observed “il a eu peur” (he was not particularly brave). Although his behavior suggests he was guided largely by self-interest, he was apparently generous enough to adopt at least two children (while he had nine with his second wife and surviving children from his first marriage as well). [See “Nolin, Charles,” A Handbook of Metis Facts, Fancies & Figures Section N, Metisnet]

4. NOLIN, Andrew. Born 1854, York Factory; adopted.

4. NOLIN, Charles Marie. Born 30 June 1880, Touchwood Hills; married c. 1903.

Nolin, Charles Marie; address: Battleford, Saskatchewan; born: 30 June, 1880 at Touchwood Hills; father: Charles Nolin (Métis); mother: Rosalie Lepine (Métis); scrip cert.: form C, no. 1433 for $240.00; claim no. 928

— sp. BOUCHER, Marie Caroline.  Born 18 October 1882, St. Louis de Langevin, (Saskatchewan) to Jean Baptiste BOUCHER Jr. and Marie Louise ‘Marya’  BREMNER.

5. NOLIN, Ursule. Born 8 August 1904; married 9 January 1923; died 29 September 1970.

— sp. BOYER, Samuel ‘Sam’. Born 31 December 1890, St. Louis; died 26 February 1988.

5. NOLIN, Marie.

— sp. ROYER, Auguste.

5. NOLIN, Jeanne.

— sp. EDE, Cyril.

5. NOLIN, Elvina.

5. NOLIN, Laurent.

— sp. HURTIG, Caroline.

4. NOLIN, Gabriel. Born 18 September 1882, Batoche; baptized 18 September 1882, St. Antoine de Padoue, Batouche.

Nolin, Gabriel; address: Battleford, Saskatchewan; born: 18 September, 1882 at Batoche, Saskatchewan; father: Charles Nolin (Métis); mother: Rosalie Lepine (Métis); scrip cert.: form C, no. 1439 for $240.00; claim no. 929

4. NOLIN, Melanie. Born 6 August 1883, Qu’Appelle district, North-west; married 3 December 1900, St. Michel, North Dakota, United States.

— PARISIEN, Baptiste. Born c. 1881, North-west.

4. NOLIN, Rosalie. Born May/June 1884, St. Laurent (Saskatchewan); died c. 8 March 1889, St. Laurent des Grandin Mission Settlement; buried Grandin Mission cemetery 10 March 1889.

Nolin, Charles; heir to his deceased daughter, Rosalie Nolin; address: Battleford, Saskatchewan; born: May or June, 1884 at St. Laurent, Saskatchewan; died: 1889; father: Charles Nolin (Métis and deponent); mother: Rosalie Lepine (Métis); scrip cert.: form D, no. 1157 for $240.00; claim no. 453

4. NOLIN, Maxime Octave. Born 10 June 1886, Batoche.

4. NOLIN, William. Baptized 7 January 1889, St. Laurent des Grandin Mission; married 1 February 1912, Onion Lake, Saskatchewan.

– sp. PRATT, Christine. Born c. 1891, North-west.

4. NOLIN, Alexander Ancelet. Born 4 November 1890, Batoche; batized 17 November 1890, St. Antoine de Padoue, Batoche; died 27 August 1891, St. Laurent; buried 28 August, St. Laurent des Grandin Mission cemetery.

3. LEPINE, Athanase. Born 2 February 1850.

Scrip affidavit for Lepine, Athanase; born: 2 February 1850; father: Jean Baptiste Lepine (Métis); mother: Isabelle Parenteau (Métis); claim no: 2024; scrip no: 12069; date of issue: Apr. 20, 1877; amount: $160 =

— sp. BELANGER, Marie. Born 28 April 1852 to Abraham BELANGER (born 1818 to Louison BELANGER and Joesphte DAZE) and Marie Anne VERSAILLES (born April 1821 to Pierre VERSAILLES and Josephte LETENDRE); sister of Abraham who married Philomene DELORME (born 4 June 1847 to Joesph DELORME and Brigite PLOUF dit VILLEBRUN).

Scrip affidavit for Lepine, Marie; born: Apr. 28, 1852; wife of Athanase Lepine; father: Abraham Belanger (Métis); mother: Marie Anne Versailles (Métis); claim no: 2699; scrip no: 12070; date of issue: Apr. 20, 1877; amount: $160 =

4. LEPINE, Zephirin. Born 1873, Touchwood Hills; married 28 November 1900, St. Daniel.

Lépine, Zephirin; address: St. Daniel, Man; claim no. 1728; born: 1873 at Touchwood Hills; father: Athanase Lépine (Métis); mother: Marie Belanger (Métis); married: 28 Nov., 1900 to Vitaline Guiboches at St. Daniel; scrip cert.: form E, no. 3532

— sp. GUIBOCHES, Vitaline.

4. LEPINE, Athanase Didym. Born 6 January 1876, South Branch; died 16 August 1897, St. Boniface.

Lépine, Athanase; heir to his deceased son, Athanase Didym; claim no. 467; Lépine; born: 6 Jan., 1876 at South Branch; died: 16 Aug., 1897 at St. Boniface; address: Eagle Hill, Sask; father: Athanase Lépine (Métis and deponent); mother: Marie Bélanger (Métis); scrip cert.: form D, no. 1241 for $240.00

4. LEPINE, Norbert. Born 1879, Touchwood Hills.

Lépine, Norbert; address: Carmen; claim no. 1669; born: 1879 at Touchwood Hills; father: Athanase Lépine (Métis); mother: Marie Belanger (Métis); scrip cert.: form E, no. 3493

4. LEPINE, Marie Rosin. Born 9 February 1881, Batoche; died 2 July 1900, St. Norbert.

Lépine, Athanase; heir to his deceased daughter, Marie Rosin; claim no. 525; Lépine; born: 9 Feb., 1881 at Batoche, Sask; died: 2 July, 1900 at St. Norbert; address: Eagle Hill, Sask; father: Athanase Lépine (Métis and deponent); mother: Marie Bélanger (Métis); husband: Isidore Delorme (deceased); scrip cert.: form D, no. 1447

— sp. DELORME, Isidore.

4. LEPINE, Elie Athanase. Born April 1883, Bathoche.

Lépine, Elie Athanase; address: Batoche, Sask; claim no. 1003; born: April, 1883 at Batoche, Sask; father: Athanase Lépine (Métis); mother: Marie Bélanger (Métis); scrip cert.: form C, no. 1557 for $240.00

2. LEPINE, Julie. Born 6 March 1828.

Scrip affidavit for Laderoute, Julie; born: March 6, 1828; wife of Philibert Laderoute; father: Baptiste Lepine (French Canadian); mother: Julie Henry (Métis); claim no: 731; scrip no: 5689 to 5696; date of issue: June 26, 1876; amount: $160 =

— sp. LADEROUTE, Philibert. Born 2 March 1824 to Jean Philibert/Gilbert LADEROUTE and Margaret SANSREGRET.

Scrip affidavit for Laderoute Sr., Philibert; born: March 2, 1824; father: Philibert Laderoute (French Canadian); mother: Marguerite Sans Regret (Métis); claim no: 730; scrip no: 5681 to 5688; date of issue: June 26, 1876; amount: $160 =

3. LADEROUTE,Marguerite. Born 17 September 1843.

Scrip affidavit for St. Arnaud, Marguerite; born: 17 September 1843; husband: Jean Baptiste St. Arnaud; father: Philbert Laderoute (Métis); mother: Julie Lepine (Métis); claim no: 786; scrip no: 6129 to 6136; date of issue: July 12, 1877; amount: $160; =

— sp. ST. ARNAUD, Jean Baptiste. Born 22 December 1847 to Bonaventure ST. ARNAUD and Genevieve CONTRAY.

Scrip affidavit for St. Arnaud, Jean Baptiste; born: December 22, 1847; father: Bonaventure St. Arnaud (French Canadian); mother: Geneviève Contray (Métis); claim no: 785; scrip no: 6121 to 6128; date of issue: July 12, 1876; amount: $160 =

3. LADEROUTE, Elise. Born 1853; eight children.

Scrip affidavit for Normand, Elise; born: 1853; wife of Mathias Normand; father: Philibert Laderoute (Métis); mother: Julie Lepine (Métis); claim no: 1876; scrip no: 10773; date of issue: September 20, 1876; amount: $160 =

— sp. NORMAND, Mathias. Born 1847 to Baptiste NORMAND and Lisette CARRIER.

Scrip affidavit for Normand, Mathias; born: 1847; father: Baptiste Normand (Métis); mother: Lisette Carrière (Métis); claim no: 1875; scrip no: 10772; date of issue: Sept. 20, 1876; amount: $160 =

3. LADEROUTE, Philibert Jr. Born 17 October 1849.

Scrip affidavit for Laderoute, Jr., Philibert; born: October 17, 1849; father: Philibert Laderoute Sr. (Métis); mother: Julie Lepine (Métis); claim no: 732; date of issue: June 26, 1876; scrip no: 5697 to 5704; amount: $160 =

2. LEPINE, Adelaide. Born 4 November 1832/1838; 9 children.

Scrip affidavit for Page, Adelaide; born: November 4, 1838; husband: Alexandre Page; father: Baptiste Lepine (French Canadian); mother: Julie Henry (Métis); claim no: 1379; scrip no: 10323; date of issue: August 21, 1876; amount: $160 =

— sp. PAGE, Alexandre Sr. Born 4 August 1831 to Joseph PAGE Sr. and Agathe

Scrip affidavit for Page, Alexandre; born: August 4, 1831; father: Joseph Page (French Canadian); mother: Agathe Letendre (Métis); claim no: 1378; scrip no: 10322; date of issue: August 21, 1876; amount: $160 =

3. PAGE, Chophee. Born 12 January 1854.

Scrip affidavit for Page, Chophée; born: January 12, 1854; father: Alexandre Page; mother: Adelaide Lepine =

2. LEPINE, Maxime. Born 22 April 1837, St. Boniface; served in the Manitoba Legislature 1874 to 1878; migrated to Saskatchewan, 1882; acted as councillor during the 1885 North West Rebellion; tried for treason, given a seven-year sentence which was revoked; pardoned;  died 16 September 1897, Duck Lake, Saskatchewan.

Scrip affidavit for Lepine, Maxime; born: 22 April 1837; father: Baptiste Lepine (French Canadian); mother: Julie Henry (Métis); claim no: 1321; scrip no: 10265; date of issue: Aug. 21, 1876; amount: $160 =

— sp. LAVALLEE, Josephte. Born November 1838 to Martin LAVALLEE and Marie LAMBERT/ROBERT.

Scrip affidavit for Lepine, Josephte; born: Nov. 1838; father: Martin Lavallee (French Canadian); mother: Marie Robert (Métis); claim no: 1322; scrip no: 10266; date of issue: Aug. 21, 1876; amount: $160 =

3. LEPINE, Josephte. Born 19 February 1859; 11 children.

— sp. TURCOTTE, Norbert. Born 12 June 1855 to  ? TURCOTTE and Madeline CAPLETTE.

4. TURCOTTE, Zenaide. Born 27 December 1886, St. Louis (Saskatchewan).

Turcotte, Zenaide; address: St. Louis, Saskatchewan; born: 27 December, 1886 at St. Louis; father: Norbert Turcotte (Métis); mother: Josephte Lepine (Métis); scrip cert.: form C, no. 1107 for $240.00; claim no. 723

4. TURCOTTE, Michel. Born 17 July 1884, St. Laurent.

Turcotte, Michel; address: St. Louis, Saskatchewan; born: 17 July, 1884 at St. Laurent; father: Norbert Turcotte (Métis); mother: Josephte Lepine (Métis); scrip cert.: form C, no. 683 for $240.00; claim no. 462

3. LEPINE, Celestine. Born 1860.

— sp. REGNIER, Octave.

4. REGNIER, Eliza. Born 4 September 1885, St. Louis, Saskatchewan.

Regnier, Eliza; address: St. Louis, Saskatchewan; born: 4 September, 1885 at St. Louis; father: Octave Regnier (deceased French Canadian); mother: Celestine Lepine (Métis); scrip cert.: form C, no. 881 for $240.00; claim no. 588

4. REGNIER, Delia. Born 25 March 1884, St. Louis (Saskatchewan).

Regnier, Delia; address: St. Louis, Saskatchewan; born: 25 March, 1884 at St. Louis, Saskatchewan; father: Octave Regnier (deceased French Canadian); mother: Celestine Lepine (Métis); scrip cert.: form C, no. 879 for $240.00; claim no. 587

3. LEPINE, Maxime Jr. Born 12 September 1866.

— sp. BOUCHER, Marie. Born 24 November 1867 to Jean Baptiste BOUCHER Sr. and Caroline LESPERANCE; 6 children.

3. LEPINE, Virginie. Born 1869; 6 children.

— sp. McDOUGALL, Alexander Peter ‘Alex’ Jr. Born 17 May 1869 to Alexander McDOUGALL Sr. (born 1841) and Maria/Marie IRVINE (born 1838 to George IRVINE and Collette ‘Polly’ FIDLER).

3. LEPINE,  Patrice Tobie. Born 12 September 1870.

— sp. NOLIN, Lucie. Born 14 November 1874 to Charles NOLIN and Marie Anne HARRISON; 5 children.

4. LEPINE, Edmond.

– sp. MOREAU, Alexina.

3. LEPINE, Exerine. Born 1875.

2. LEPINE, Ambroise-Dydime. Born 18 March 1840, St. Vital parish, Red River Settlement; married 12 January/July/December 1859, St. Boniface; arrested and tried, 1874, for the ‘murder’ of Thomas Scott who had been sentenced to execution by a military tribunal in 1870; found guilty and sentenced to hang, but granted an amnesty by the Governor-General of Canada, with provision that he lose his civil rights; died 8 June 1923, St. Boniface Hospital, Manitoba.

Scrip affidavit for Lepine, Ambroise; wife: Cecile Lepine (deponent); born: Mar. 18, 1840; father: Jean Baptiste Lepine (French Canadian; mother: Julie Honore (Métis); claim no: 749; scrip no: 5833 to 5840; date of issue: June 26, 1876; amount: $160 =

— sp. MARION, Cécile-Josephte. Born 10 May 1841 to Francois MARION and Angelique MOREAU; died 22 May 1908, district of Forget, Saskatchewan.

Scrip affidavit for Lepine, Cecile; born: May 10, 1841; wife of Ambroise Lepine; father: Francois Marion (French Canadian); mother: Angelique Moreau (Métis); claim no: 742; scrip no: 5777 to 5784; date of issue: June 26, 1876; amount: $160 = ; Re: Claim of Mrs. Ambroise Lepine and her daughters and also Mrs. Riel and children

3. LEPINE, Albert. Lived in Forget district.

3. LEPINE, James.

3. LEPINE, Louis. Born 1864.

3. LEPINE, Narcisse.

3. LEPINE, Cleophine. Lived at Wawota (Saskatchewan).

3. LEPINE, Edmond ‘George’. Born January 1882.

— sp. LADEROUTE, Aldina. Born to Maxime LADEROUTE and Felicite NAULT.

4. LEPINE, Joseph George Ambroise. Born 1912; married 1937; died 1942.

— sp. ANDERSON, Amy.

4. LEPINE, Floride. Born 1914; married 1935.

— sp. VAN RAES, Thomas.

4. LEPINE, Maxime. Born c. 1927.

4. LEPINE, Louis. Born c. 1929.

3. LEPINE, Chophase. Born 1867.

3. LEPINE, Jacques.







3. CADOTTE, Pierre. Adopted, born to Joseph CADOTTE and Marie Jeanne Emma CRISE.

Scrip affidavit for Cadotte, Joseph Cecile Lepine; wife of Ambroise Lepine who adopted Pierre Cadotte who is under 18 years of ago; mother: Marie Jeanne Emma Crise, widow of late Joseph Cadotte; died: October 1, 1873; heirs: Children, Pierre Cadotte and Joseph Cadotte =


[Credit: The original research on which this page is based was commissioned for the Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia Project, by Aboriginal and Northern Affairs Manitoba. The current page is presented gratis — I have no funding from any agency.]


18 Responses to Hon. Ambroise-Dydime Lépine, St. Vital

  1. Candice says:

    You left out the son of Rosalie Lepine and Godfroi/Godfrey Lagimoniere/Lagimodiere/Lajimodiere.. Jean Baptiste … He is my great grandfather. You can find the scrip record using the archivia net tool …

    • Wilfred Burton says:

      I am the grandson of Gabriel Nolin. I am interested to find out more about Jean Baptiste Lagimodiere (Nolin), son of Rosalie. Was he adopted by Charles, etc. Any other information about William, Maxime Charles Marie, would also be appreciated.

      • Tracy says:

        Hi, I am the great grand daughter of Jean Baptiste Lajimodiere,,I am having a very difficult time finding any info on him. Have you been sucessfull?
        Thank you

    • Wilfred Burton says:

      Candice, I would be very interested in knowing more about your great grandfather, Jean Baptiste. I am the grandson of Gabriel his half brother. What became of Jean Baptiste? Who did he marry? Who are his children, grand children, etc.? I believe some of the children live in the Cold Lake area but don’t know much about what happened to him.

  2. Tracy says:

    Hi there my great grandmother was married to Jean Baptiste, her name was Caroline Josephine Lagimodiere, he had several children with her and previous to her he was married to her sister Veronique Trottier. My mother was born in Cold Lake and she has many cousins there still. Unfortunately I do not have much information on My great grandfather Jean Baptiste, I have ran into many roadblocks tracing him.

    Would that be Gabriel Nolan that you speak of then? Do you have contact with many relatives?

  3. Wilfred Burton says:

    Thanks Tracy…Gabriel Nolin was my grandfather. His father was Charles and his mother was Rosalie Lepine. I have many relatives in Alberta (Edmonton, St. Albert, Red Deer, Calgary and a sister in Cold Lake and one in St. Paul). I ran into a student at the University of Regina once that was related but in the end she didn’t take my class and I never got to know her. It would be interesting to find out more about Jean Baptiste’s family because (this is hearsay) I think some of the families reverted back to the last name Lagimodiere from Nolin. Is that correct?

    Do you know the names of Jean Baptiste’s children?

    I know which branch of the Lagimodiere’s Godfrey was from, it that would help. He was related to Louis Riel.

  4. Wilfred Burton says:

    I have that Jean Baptiste was first married to Marie Dumont and then Veronique. MMM? He is a dark horse.

  5. Tracy says:

    JB and Veronique’s children:
    Pierre 21 march 1911
    JB Arthur 28 Sept 1912
    Louis 11 January 1913
    Gabriel 04 May 1915
    Alexandre Noel 24 Dec 1916
    Maria Henriette 30 June 1918

    JB and Caroline’s children:
    William George 1 May 1931 (my grandfather)
    Delima 21 February 1935
    Rose Adelina 21 March 1923
    Francis 30 April 1925
    Michel William 28 November 1920
    Marie 24 Dec 1921
    Alice 11 Oct 1926

    I received this info from Saskatchewan Diocese, it may be off as I know there were twin girls as well Nora and Cora.

    Yes, some of them including my grandfather used Nolin and Nolan, on my mom’s birth cert it says Nolan. I’ve been trying to get her métis status but because of her having a different name than her father it’s been hard to prove .

    Romain is the link to Louis Riel right? Do you have info on Godfrey . Birth, death etc?

  6. Wilfred Burton says:

    Godfrey was born in 1848 to Romain Lagimodiere (there are different spellings but I use this one) and Marie Vaudry. He died in 1874 just three years after his son, Jean Baptiste Nolin (Lagimodiere) was born. He was born in St. Boniface and died in Ste. Anne, Manitoba. He married Rosalie in 1870. She was the niece of the famous Maxime and Ambroise Lepine. Her father was Jean Baptiste Lepine. She probably named her son after her father. She and Godfrey were married in St. Norbert, Manitoba. I have all of my genealogy recorded on Tribal pages which you can look at. You just need the password (1885). http://burton1w.tribalpages.com/tribe/browse?userid=burton1w&view=101&pid=130&bview=0&bpid=130&randi=229121288

    My sister in Cold Lake-Grand Centre is Elizabeth Evans (She goes by Liz). My sister in St. Paul is Joyce Croteau. She used to live in the Bonnyville area at Fort Kent. My nephew is Andrew Pilat and he lives in Cold Lake too. Do you know them?

    If you need help with getting your Metis card, you just have to show scrip records, etc. Those are quite easy to find.

  7. Tracy says:

    I don’t know any of them, I did meet a Nolan in school in The Yukon and her dad is Pete Nolin Lagimodiere who lives in Cold Lake, I have a cousins and an Aunt in St Paul! And I do have many relatives in Edmonton. We are in BC

  8. Wilfred Burton says:

    There are a lot of Nolin descendants in BC too. You should join the Nolin family page on Facebook. There are always new Nolins popping up from time to time on there.

  9. Tracy says:

    Checked out your tribal pages!!! Great! Thanks so much:)

  10. marissa lepine says:

    Ambroise would be my great great grandfather. My father is Francis, who’s father is Henri, who’s father is James, who’s father is Ambroise.

  11. marissa lepine says:

    Ambroise is my great great grand father.
    Trying to gather any info on Cecile, ambroise wife’s family tree. As well as any history of chevaudier dit lepine or names from 1300-1500’S.

    • reynald lepine says:

      he llo a vous ambroise lepine est le grand pere de mon grand pere lepine.j ai decouverts ca sur le site mes aieux genealogie.son pere est né a saint jacques de montcalm quebec.j ai beaucoup de recherches de faites sur lui bye reynald lepine repentigny quebec

  12. Wilfred Burton says:

    cecile Josephete Marion was born in May 1841 at St. Vital Parish, Red River Manitoba. She died in 1908 in Forget, Sask.

  13. Gary Wayne Smith says:

    My name is Gary Smith, my grandmother (mother’s side of the family) was Jeanne Phillips and her maiden name was Lepine. she was a direct descendant of Ambroise Lepine, who was her grandfather. Ambroise Lepine’s photo and royal pardon are in the RCMP museum in Regina SK…When I was stationed with the RCAF in Winnipeg, my grandmother had me go to the St Boniface church where Ambroise is buried (same cemetery as Louis Riel) to keep his graveside in order….

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