War Years and Conflict: 1600s

‘Small’ Powers => intermittent ‘small’ wars


  • 1601: Savoy vs. France; Ireland vs. England
  • 1642-1651: Parliament vs. King [England]

‘Larger’ Powers => constant attempts to consolidate


  • Ottoman Turks: expansion wars on nearby territories
  • Spain:  1601: invades Ireland supporting Irish rebellion

1609-1614: internal conflict with Moriscos (allege conspiracy with France &/or Holland &/or Turks

  • England: wars with Netherlands,

plus: for 100 years after the ‘Glorious Revolution’ (1688), fears French/Catholic invasion by Stuarts

  • France: 1685: revokes ‘Edict of Nantes’ (=> war on Protestants)

1689-1697: war with England, German States, Spain, Sweden, Austria, and Holland


  • Most Everybody: 1618-1648, joined Thirty Years’ War

– mainly in today’s Germany, but at times in the Americas.

For e.g. in 1629 English privateers (the Kirke Brothers), seized New France (it is returned 1632)

Officially the Thirty Years War only lasted 30 years, but the conflicts continued for 300 years more


Meanwhile in America: 1600s Conflicts

1613 French post at Mount Desert Island (Maine) destroyed

1629 English (Kirke Brothers), seize New France (returned 1632)

1654 English (Sedgwick), take Acadia (returned 1667)

1664 English take New Amsterdam during ‘Peace’ (result: 2d Anglo-Dutch War)

1665 Dutch attack Newfoundland

1672 Dutch attack Newfoundland in 3d Anglo-Dutch War

1673 Dutch recapture New Amsterdam a.k.a. New York

1674 Dutch attack Acadia

1675- 1676 King Philip’s War (Metacomet & Wampanoag vs. New England colonists — issue is land)

1686 Pierre Troyes attacks Hudson’s Bay Company [HBC] posts, Hudson Bay

1687 French and Seneca War. New France (Gov. Marquis de Denonville) attacks Gannagaro (Seneca village)

1688 Iroquois retaliate, plunder Montréal

1689 Abenaki capture English fort at Pemaquid

1690 War of the Grand Alliance a.k.a. King William’s War (William III, England vs. Louis XIV, France), includes American battles (a.k.a. 1st French and Indian War a.k.a. Inter-colonial War)

— New England (William Phips) attacks Quebec; raid Acadian outports; plunder Port Royal

— English of Ferryland attack French of Plaisance (Newfoundland)

— French and Aboriginal forces burn Schenectady (New York)

1696 French and Abenaki take Pemaquid again

— New Englanders (Benjamin Church) raze Beaubassin

— French (Pierre le Moyne d’Iberville) occupy St. John’s (Newfoundland)

1697 French raze Conception and Trinity Bays (Newfoundland), (Bonavista is sole settlement to survive)

— French (Iberville) attack HBC posts, Hudson Bay

— Treaty of Ryswick (truce)


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