bibliography 4: Icy Seas History

Northern Canadian Maritime History

Primary Sources

I. Archival

A. Archives of Manitoba

MG1 D15. “Will of William Sinclair (Fl. 1794–1818).”

MG 14 B30, file 38. “Colin Robertson Sinclair Estate, 1898–1903.” Grant of Probate “In the Surrogate Court of the Eastern Judicial District of Manitoba re Colin Sinclair, Deceased,” 31 July 1901.

B. Hudson’s Bay Company Archives

A.1/33. Governor and Committee (London Office). Fair Copies of Governor and Committee Minutes, 1711–1718.

A.1/54. Governor and Committee (London Office). Fair Copies of Governor and Committee Minutes, 1823–1825.

A.5/8. Governor and Committee (London Office). General Outward Correspondence, 1824–1828.

A.6/3 [1-87]. Official General Outward Correspondence, 1696–1715.

A.6/5-6 Official General Outward Correspondence, 1727–1741.

A.11/117. London Inward Correspondence from York Factory, 1787–1797.

A.11/118. London Inward Correspondence from York Factory, 1807–1870.

A.16/33. Governor and Committee (London Office), Officers’ and Servants’ Ledgers, 1790–1797.

A.32/17. Governor and Committee (London Office), Servants’ Contracts, 1791–1809.

B.3/a/3-8, 11-12, 24. Albany Post Journals, 1711–1717, 1722–1724, 1735–1736.

B.42/a/32-47. Fort Churchill Post Journals, 1748–1756.

B.42/b/57. Churchill Correspondence Book, 1811–1812.

B.59/a/1-9. Eastmain Post Journals, 1736–1744.

B.59/b/24. Eastmain Post Journals, Correspondence Books, 1806.

B.239/a/81. York Factory Post Journal, 1782.

B.239/f/1-6. York Factory List of Servants, 1783–1801.

B.372/a/1. Great Whale River Post Journal, 1814–1815.

C.1/346. Ship’s Logs, Hudson’s Bay, 1751.

C.1/360-361, 383, 386. Ship’s Logs, King George, 1751–1752, 1779, 1782.

C.1/411-420. Ship’s Logs, King George (III), 1802–1808.

C.1/627-631. Ship’s Logs, Pelican, 1906–1913.

C.1/781. Ship’s Logs, Prince of Wales, 1814.

C.1/869. Ship’s Logs, Prince Rupert, 1751.

C.1/1021-28, 1053, 1055. Ship’s Logs, Seahorse, 1751–1758, 1791, 1792.

C.3/20. Portledge Books, 1845–1915.

C.4/1 Book of Ships’ Movements, 1719–1929.

C.4/2. Arrival of Ships in London, 1820–1891.

C.6/1. Freight Books, 1844–1875.

C.7/13, 26, 39, 51, 54, 71, 80, 175. Ships’ Miscellaneous Papers, 1792–1910.

E.12/5-7. “My Notebook.” Isobel G[raham] Finlayson Journal, 1840.

G.2/8. Moses Norton, “Draught of the Northern  Parts of Hudson’s Bay laid Down on Indn Informn & Brot Home by Him, Anno 1760.”

G.5/3. Murdock Mackenzie, “Geographic & Hydrographic Survey of the Orkney & Lewis Islands,” 1750.

Biographical Sheets. Online Index. Accessed 2004–2008.

Online Finding Aid. Section C (Ships’ Records)., Accessed 2004–2008.

Search File, Ships, Enclosure No. 1 to C.C.16127. “List of Ships Sailing for Hudson Bay.”

Search File, Ships, Misc. “38. Geo III (1797/98) (Cap. 76).”

Search File, Ships, Misc., Compensation, 1689. “Petition of Seamen”; “The Committees Answer to the Same Petition”; “Co. to Gov. Marsh. (Albany) 6th June”; “Coppy of the Instrument given to ye Seamen of the Dering & Hudson’s Bay Friggtt.”

Search File, Ships, Misc., Convoy. 1693.

Search File, Ships, Misc., Convoy. 1698.

Ships Records Finding Aid [sic], Section C (in two parts). Compiled 1953.

C. Centre for Newfoundland Studies, Memorial University of Newfoundland

(Jonathan Horsnaill for) Hugh Palliser, Order Enclosed with Report on the Newfoundland Trade and Fisheries, April 8, 1765.” Colonial Office 194 Papers, vol. 16. 179—179 B-179v.

Parsons, Alex A. “Our Great Sealing Industry, and the Men and Methods Employed from Time to Time in Its Prosecution.” Newfoundland Quarterly 14, no. 4 (1915): 6–9.

D. Library and Archives Canada

Thomas Douglas, 5th Earl of Selkirk Fonds. Microfilm A.27. Selkirk Papers, vol. 1. Canadian Library Association Ottawa, 1950.

E. Maritime History Archive

Atlantic Canada Shipping Project. Ships and Seafarers of Atlantic Canada. CD. 1998.

Job Family Fonds, 1818–1964. Holdings and Collections. Finding Aid 21.  Accessed 17 May 2007.

II. Published Documents

Beattie, Judith Hudson, and Helen M. Buss, eds. Undelivered Letters to Hudson’s Bay Company Men on the Northwest Coast of America, 1830–57. Vancouver: UBC Press, 2003.

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The Case of the Hudson’s Bay Company. S.I.: s.n., [1748?].

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III. Books

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______. A Short Narrative and Justification of the Proceedings of the Committee appointed by the Adventurers, to prosecute the Discovery of the Passage to the Western Ocean of America and to Open and Extend the Trade, and Settle the Countries beyond Hudson’s Bay… now laid before the publick, for their future consideration. 1744. Facsimile reprint, New York: Johnson Reprint, 1967.

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IV. Newspaper, Magazine and Journal Articles, Pamphlets, and Sheet Music

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